Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Run My PR Again ~ Yes, Please!

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If you had a chance to revisit a particular race, and run it again, either because you’d like to train for or run it differently than the way you did the first time around, or you’d like to relive the awesome, what race would you choose to revisit?

I immediately thought about the Richmond Half last year! November 2015
That feeling of running strong mile after mile - I want do it again!

I just wanted a way to freeze ALL the details in my mind. I had a rough first mile because my nerves were getting to me, but then I settled in and my mantra of the day was PUSH! and push myself I did. Half marathon #6 will stand as my best - a 7 minute PR!
The weather was so perfect, my energy was great, just one of those days where the stars aligned.
I was in shock I did it! My dream day in my head had always been a 2:05:00 and I beat that by two minutes ;)

A month later on another gorgeous day, I ran my second best half marathon  race in Fredericksburg, VA 
I really enjoyed the course and I was so thankful to be running. My foot was on the decline and I had not been able to run hardly at all between these races. I was thrilled I ran so strong :) 

December 2015 

I am so thankful I had these two high points last year. It wasn't long after my foot tore, and I ended up off running several months...
I am not sure I will ever get back to those kind of paces for half marathons again, so I am really grateful I was able to enjoy those moments and achieve my "dream races."  

Ever have those moments where you really wish time would slow down, so you could soak it all in!!??

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Run Richmond

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Here goes!
  • Robyn who has run the Richmond Marathon a few times, invited me to the training team's 20. It is the first 20 of the marathon course.
  • My run buddy has been training with the team and I asked her if she wanted to ride with me.
  • We were released in waves based on projected finish time.
  • Robyn was super encouraging this would be good for me, a real rehearsal run!
  • The route is complicated. I had anxiety about running downtown in traffic, and about getting lost! I do not know the city at all. I was so worried when I started my intervals I wouldn't be able to keep up with the group.

  • I had so much anxiety I didn't sleep well.
  • It has been hot and humid all week, and then it rained Friday and the temp dropped overnight. It got super windy. Wind gusts in the 20 mile an hour range aren't the norm here, so I fretted about what to wear. Normally, I would have worn tank and shorts in 55 degrees, but the wind made it feel colder.
  • I took a light long sleeve with me, a tank top, and capris..LOL I wore shorts downtown and made last minute decision to put on my capris.

  • We were bunched up the first few miles so, I stuck with run buddy and her friend.

  • After the crowd thinned out, and I was even more nervous about getting lost.  I decided to not do my intervals, I just kept running. All those turns on the route overwhelmed me!

  • Urban running...we had to stop at cross streets and lights and I started thinking the break standing still for a moment may be enough for my feet. We also had six water stops the training team set up and we planned to take our time at them for a minute or two. SO I ran....

  • I ate sport beans (two packs) early and I am glad I did. My tummy wasn't so good later in the run.

  • I was okay until somewhere around mile 15. I got a cramp in my stomach, that lasted a few miles. My feet started hurting. I started walking a little, but managed to keep run buddy in sight. There were just a few other people near us.
  • I started feeling nauseous from the pain in my tootsies a few miles later, I stopped and just stood still a while. It calmed my foot and I caught up to them again.
  • I felt blank the last several miles. I couldn't really form a good thought, say a mantra, or hear my music because traffic is so loud, it drowns everything out. I was so nervous over the pain, I went as easy as I could.
  • After I stopped moving for about three minutes, and tried to stretch a little, the crampy tummy and nausea feeling went POOOF! Just gone.  I felt great other then my aching feet. Why can't it just go POOF when you are still running??????
  • The last few miles were tough!  I did have to walk a little, but I was too close to give up, and I finished. 
  • I stared at my splits several times! It is a such a long list when there are twenty...mind blowing. Never in my wildest dreams, even a few months ago did I really believe I'd ever see that!!

  • I used intervals to train so I could save my feet, but my dream was RUN the RACE!  At first, I was upset with myself I had not waited until the race to try to run. My plan was to save the real pushing for race day because I knew it would be risky since my feet are so fragile. However, as I've thought about it more, I am glad I tried it during training. I am just praying I recover okay. I do know running flat out will not give me the best race day experience. That is too many miles to deal with pain and fear of injury.  There is no way I could have covered six more miles feeling like that.
  • I am 99.9% sure I am going to interval the race.  I think it will give me the best chance for a strong finish and it will be so much easier on race day with a marked course!
  • I ran for 3:53:22 - my moving time was 3:43:20 - even with that much break time I was hobbling at the end. I now think it is crazy to run for that long LOL just saying...
  • I feel really proud I did it! I was excited to see my watch beep 20!
  • My shower stung soooooooo bad! I missed a spot on my back with the sports stick, or just sweated it off...I don't now, but it really hurt. 
  • The weather for this run was pretty darn amazing, even though TWICE on the Lee Bridge the wind blew my visor off! It was like the cartoons the first time. The wind carried it quite a ways back! I had to run back and retrieve it LOL
  • I lost my visor again near the stadium on the last mile. Luckily, there was a break in traffic, so I still have my visor :)

  • I am so thankful Robyn encouraged me to do this.  I learned some valuable info, and feel so much more prepared for the race!  I look forward to the shady miles near the James River and the views as I run to run across the bridge...and the finish line!
  • I'll be back to later to share  how my recovery went. Tell me what is happening in your world! 

Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday 2.0

  • Friday always gets me fired up because it closes another work week...I started clock watching at 7:10 a.m. Am I off yet?????Am I off yet??

  • A really long run! 20 miles...This makes me super nervous. #1 goal get through training without further damage.I am going to go with the flow and see how my foot holds up.  I plan to go the distance, but I am willing to stop at 18.  I will save that pushing for racing day...

  •  After my long run is done I have eight runs to go. Just eight!! Eight runs! I can't believe it. 

  • I was doing really well with my diet until this week...I just got hungry! I have increased my calorie count just a bit the past few days. I need to reign in it. I need to keep my weight in check for race day. 

  • Did I mention I am really nervous about my 20 mile run. I have two packs of sports beans and plenty of Nuun. Should I take more fuel? I was thinking oatmeal raisin cookie lol because I love them so much! 

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

My 225

A few months ago my heart rate monitor died, I think I sweated it to death...literally. Ewwwww (•~•)

I enjoyed wearing the Mio Link heart rate monitor on my wrist and not having a strap around me, I was sad when it died!! I put my strap back on for a few workouts and thought, nah!! I ordered the Garmin 225 which has Mio HRM technology built in. I love Garmin Connect, so I wanted to stick with it.
Garmin 225

I have really enjoyed some of the features the 225 offers, my 110 didn't have.
Note: You may have seen folks sporting customized home screens on their Garmin. The Forerunner 225 does not posses that option.

  • Syncs with my phone blue-tooth - I don't have to use a charger to upload my data.
  • Cadence  data - very cool to see
  • I like the options are handy in case I ever need to switch over to intervals during a run.
  • Training zone data - a big eye opener! Started me on my mission to get out of the red zone, which helped me survive this summer...and one of the coolest things...
  • Workouts can be programmed into the watch - I really love this feature.

A few things I have programmed into my watch are listed below.

I still use my gym boss timer frequently for 4 x 1 intervals so my splits are in normal mile format, but I do find it interesting and useful to see what paces I am walking and running when I use intervals,. Here is what a breakdown from 3 x 1 intervals looks like:

a sample of 3 x 1

I think 1/4 end of mile pick ups may be my favorite. It gives me a chance to ease back into a little speed work without killing myself. I programmed in a one mile warm up. Mile two starts the picks ups at the end of each mile. I like being able to see what my effort was in each segment.

This is a great way to do speedwork on the street. I will never be super consistent since some picks ups happen on the uphill, and some on the downhill, but that is part of the fun.

The great thing with any customized work out, the screen of my Garmin lights up and tells me whether I am in run or recovery mode and gives me a countdown before each segment with a few beeps. No thinking, just follow the beeps!

I am so technology spoiled, I really can't imagine running without it!

Tell me what you tracking device you run with! 
What is your favorite feature your device offers? 
Have you created your own workouts?

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Danville Half Marathon 2016

So many folks raced this weekend! A big fun weekend for runners :)

I have so much to say about my race, I am not sure where to begin!
I started writing it out and it was like an epic novel - I decided to try to bullet point my thoughts and not craft a tale. Nobody needs a novel, but it still toooo long! I apologize now LOL

Saturday I ran half marathon #11 I kind of recapped the rest of the week in my Friday post.
  • Danville VA is about a 2 hour 20 minute drive from home
  • I had to get up at 4:10 a.m. and aimed to leave at 4:45 a.m. I actually left at 4:55 a.m. but made it in plenty of time. 
  • Packet pick up 7:00 a.m. - 7:45 a.m.
  • The race is held in the old riverfront area. 

  • Since I had two hours in the car, I drank one cup of coffee and 24 oz. with a Nuun tablet. 
  • I did a pit stop at Sheetz about 20 minutes from arrival so I could have a real bathroom. 
  • I have not been drinking much coffee the past month at all - I hoped the caffeine would give me a boost. 
  • When I got to Danville and tried to pull up the map of the start line my phone wouldn't work. Just spinning nothing would load! I was freaking out! I've been having this issue with my for awhile now, but it didn't work the entire time I was on the road. Annoying! 
  • I've run this race before, it was my 2nd half ever- it was 90 degrees that day, I got heat sick, stopped and was heaving for about 6 minutes behind a bush. I ran/walk to the finish in 2:36:59 I was in tears. The experience freaked me out so much, it took me a year to regain the nerve to run another half! 
  • They changed this course last year, so I knew the general area, but had no idea where the start line was. I figured I would look at the map when I got to the area. I just walked, (because my phone wouldn't work) hoping I would bump into someone, and finally I saw a runner LOL 
  • Turns out they moved the start line about three blocks down. 
  • This was half marathon #11
  • Race start 8:00 a.m. started right on time! 

  • I used the restroom four times before the race started. UGH...this is why I usually only drink a sip or two pre-race. However, when race start is so late, it is hard to do that. My marathon start will be 8:00 a.m. ...practice :) Remember, I am not use to running in sun and daylight, so I have been practicing this more lately. 
  • It was about 55 degrees, cloudy, and the typical morning humidity. It felt pretty sweet :) 
  • It is a small race, 111 finishers. I was 83rd on the finishing order - it is a small speedy race :) 
  • The beginning is a little hilly and mile two has the biggest climb up. 
  • I set my watch for a 1 mile warm up and then 3 minutes run/ 40 seconds recovery
  • When the first beep came I refused to walk because I was going up the big hill - it was a pride thing lol So I did my first interval about 25 minutes in. 

  • I had a stubborn moment where I just wanted to run it and see what happened. My feet were hurting quite a bit Thursday during my 10K run, but they were feeling better. I told myself it was stupid to push. I mean I am not in PR shape at all...just stick to the plan, Karen. 
  • I also heard Kristina's wise quote she sent to me - "If it is good enough for Jeff Galloway, it is good enough for me." These words inspired me to behave and stick with my interval plan. 
  • SO, I was running with nothing in my hands for the first time in five months. No need for a light!  My lifelines I've leaned on all summer, my hydration pack, my handheld...all at home, I felt very odd. I wanted to try to survive with course support. I can't decide if I want to wear my pack marathon day! This was practice. 
  • Water stops were every two miles, most had Gatorade. One gel stop at mile 7
  • I drank water from the first two stops, I was feeling yucky and it surprised me, it wasn't hot but I felt nausea just a bit. At the next stop I gulped Gatorade, two cups, and went easy and started to feel much better. I think plain water makes me feel bad! 
  • At all the stops I only took Gatorade after that and I felt much improved. (they had yellow Gatorade) 
  • I ate the one pack of Honey Stinger chews I brought with me. They are like gum drops! A win :) I may use these marathon day - only draw back, no caffeine in them. 
  • At the 10K point I was at 63 minutes. Not too bad, I really have not been running anything close to that pace until this week. 
  • Oh, before the race I had already run 20 miles during the week. I have never run a race with this kind of mileage on my legs! I hoped I would feel strong at the end and be able to pick it up a bit. Showing up and not being well rested felt really odd! Anyone, ever do this?? 
  • The reality that my legs may feel heavy didn't dawn on me until I was driving to the race. 
  • My legs felt pretty good for most of the race, but no great burst at the end. I did skip the intervals the last mile, because my feet felt okay, but my pace just stayed fairly steady. 
  • Somewhere between mile 7 and 8 I got the urge to go potty...UGH! There are tiny little restroom building on the course. I ducked into the mens room ( ladies had a line) it took me about 50 seconds. Since I am not in PR shape, I decided I didn't want to be uncomfortable but crap! I hate losing time, even that little bit. I do not want to stop during my marathon, but I am getting worried it may be inevitable. 
  • I did try one squirt of the gel - ummmm, no. I just can't lol 
  • About mile 9 the humidity was feeling better, but the sun came out. Uh oh!! LOL I felt fine, but I didn't feel like I could push the pace, my back was heating up. 
  • The last stop at mile 12, I dumped cups of water down my back. It was about 65 degrees when I finished the race, so it was getting warm. 
  • I did not win an AG - I was 6th :) The old gals are fast! 
  • I feel good I went back and ran this event. I passed the spot where I was so sick and emotional a few years ago, and it felt good to be plugging along not having any real issues. 
  • The course changed a lot! They ran us through town some and then down to the river path. We even ran behind a shopping center...it wasn't scenic, but that is fine. I am just happy to have a lane to run in. 
  • Overall, I am happy with how the day went, and I feel good I could still go at a decent pace on tired legs. I am feeling more confident that I will cross the line on November 12th. 
  • Now just a 20 mile run to tackle and I can start tapering. 
  • My official time 2:13:31

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Do you ever use the water cups to splash your hands? I hate when my hands feel sticky- I did this a few times on the course. 
Or pour water on your head or back? 
Anyone feel my weak bladder pain? 

Ever get so wigged out at a race that it caused you take a year off? 
Anyone have crappy phone service like me?? My phone only works if there is wifi. I am so over Sprint. 
Tell me if you raced!!