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Thursday, March 26, 2015

I Want To Be Present

Another week just rolled over me! Easier paced days in life and work, are coming, at least I hope so :/

My brain feels cluttered and foggy. It's like being deep underwater; I can see the surface light, but I can't kick upwards fast enough.

My running miles are a bit sad this month - 27 miles, I run that in a week (or more). Once upon a time, I ran about 20 miles every single week. Trust me, I am dreaming about having a good run right now. My leg was really sore after my PT session last week, and I just had to cave and rest. It would be crazy after all this healing time, to risk a worse injury, but it has been exasperating. I am tired of not being able to do what I want. 

I did cycle 72 miles so far this month (indoor/outdoor mix)
Spent about 4 hours doing the elliptical
and dedicated about 7 hours to strength training activities...yet, I feel like I have not "worked out" enough because I couldn't run.

My self medicating with Girl Scout Thin Mints is out of control.

My leg is feeling considerably better...will this finally be the turning point? 

My goal this weekend...

Tell me what you are presently excited about? Or planning to do this weekend? 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Blurs and Breakthroughs

I had my heart carved out and handed to me last week, it's hard to recover from it, and at a few points I didn't care to get out of bed, it just seemed kind of pointless. I wish I had some magical healing power to make it all better, but I do not. I don't feel like much of a mom anymore. 

As always, fitness is a huge way to for me to cope, and a way for me to work to exhaustion so I don't have to think.
If I didn't have my hubby I wouldn't have any reason to try to keep on, luckily he is with me.

(I need a new Monday sign- snow booo!) My only run was Monday. A 5K in 30:26, then I took a little walk break and ran two more miles in 22 minutes. I was feeling great and thought my running was back on track. 

Tuesday I went to the PT. He worked on an area of scar tissue and my leg was on fire for a few days after that. I was not happy. I haven't been able to run since. 

Then my life kind of exploded around me, and the next three days were a blur. 

Saturday hubby took a 4 mile walk with me and I started to feel alive again. I ran about two minutes, but I was nervous to keep going while I could feel that soreness in my leg.

Sunday we took our bikes to our favorite trail. A little 31 mile spin ensued. 

Saw some cows along the way - we stopped to chat with them for a spell 

Found this sign along our route - seemed very suiting for the week we had

We kept seeing vultures over head - we saw some on our walk too. Kenny was convinced they were waiting for him to drop from all the activity.

Hubby is looking awesome, he has lost quite a bit of weight since December. 

Being active always helps me in so many ways, but being active with my hubby has been my saving grace lately. Fresh air and sunshine can make me feel a whole lot better. 

How do you cope when life throws crappy things at you? 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Virtual Run and Leg Lifts

Kristina -  sponsored a virtual charity run, as part of  Team Paws fundraising to run the Chicago marathon. 

My virtual run was a fun one, 57 degrees out with humidity at 23%. Perfect running weather.

I signed up for the 5K because I am trying to keep my runs short for fear of re-injury. I took a mile walk to warm up and picked the least hilliest route I can run around here and took off. 
I was pretty consistent, but since I haven't run for so many weeks I am not quite as quick as calculating my finishing time off my pace, so I ran the quickest stride I could for .11 just to make sure I would hit my time goal.

Avg Pace

I haven't consistently hit these paces in quite some time. I am thrilled at how strong my leg feels when I am running. A whopping 13 miles total last week, and they all felt pretty great. 
Friday I woke up and I could feel a pulse in my leg, I was a little worried I may have pushed too hard, so I deemed Friday a lazy day and rested with compression sleeves.  I have experienced some interesting sensations in my leg after runs; a pressure, a pulse, a dull ache, but it all subsides pretty quickly. 

Saturday I woke up and my leg felt strong and ready...but I wanted to rest it anyway, 
SO I headed to gym and hopped on the cycle to go up pretend hills again. As soon as I started pedaling, I discovered my legs had some lingering fatigue in them, even after a rest day. I geared down a little and went about my workout. 

I forgot what tough stuff somewhat speedier running is. 

Here's my new spin on leg lifts. I have been trying to get rid of the roll in my middle for so long, and I am only making slight progress (the joys of 48), but maybe this move will help. 

Thanks Kristina for hosting the virtual run. One more medal to add to my newly displayed running memories...
Run buddy gave me the hanger for Christmas. Hubby blew up the picture and hung my running ribbons this week -  love my honey :) 

Do you do leg lifts? 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

It's Not Freezing Anymore!

Spring has finally arrived in VA 

I hope you are experiencing some relief from the snow packed winter as well.
I don't see my PT until the 17th, but I was given a few rules to follow until then.
Returning after injury: 
Rule #1 Hills are bad...mmmkay
Up and down hill put a little additional impact on the tibia bone, so walk them, or go very easy and be sure to pick up knees, and never let your feet pound. 
Rule #2 Use run/walk intervals 
Rule #3 Keep your stride small
Rule #4 Speed  Stay at a pace where exertion feels easy

Sunday I ran outside!

I walked a few minutes after I ran this and ended up jogging one more slower mile. It felt heavenly, sun, shorts, warmth...
All those rules went with the wind once I started moving, I just wanted to push.
I did make an effort to be very conscious going up and downhill, to be light on my feet, to lift my knees, but I just could not bring myself to stop and walk for a short run. 

Monday I decided to try again. It's pretty dark at 5:30ish a.m., so I figured I would be a bit slower. 

It's like walking through the dessert and finding water, you want to drink it, dip in it, pour it all over lol

I didn't push as hard as I did Sunday, but I just couldn't bring myself to walk during a 5K.  A little part of me just needs to know I can still do it, so hopefully I have that out of my system.

Basically, I get about a D+ for following rules. 

I suppose this is how folks get injured again, reigning it in takes some discipline. 

I did take 10 days of rest after returning home from Disney 

This morning was 98% humidity - this pace felt challenging 

Currently, I am caught up in one of those very busy phases of life. Too many tasks, not enough hours...I blink and three days have past. I hate it when I can't keep up with my blog reading, I really do miss my blog buddies, so as always, I promise I will catch up soon! 
Until then...

Why is it always easier to say you will do something than actually do it?  

Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Fun

Friday morning - I wasn't happy to see snow usher March in, BUT
I did get a day off over it, so it isn't all bad. Sleeping till 7 ish was great :)

I really am getting the itch to start doing some short runs though, so this is killing me. Since returning home from Disney, I've only accomplished one run, a whopping two miler. I slipped on some left over ice patch during that run and it made me nervous. I really do not want to undo all this healing, so I will wait. The weather peeps have promised warmer temps next week, and Spring is only days away, it's time for this aggravating, freezing, atypical for VA weather to go away.

I have been having fun looking over my Disney pictures.

#1 I got to run with Rapunzel
#2 I was actually running, not hobbling in a boot!
#3 I was feeling warmth and sunshine
#4 Fireworks!
#5 Smiles, smiles, and more smiles

I seriously have never smiled this much while running, nor have I enjoyed a course quite as much. It's so funny, that my favorite half marathon is my slowest one :) I do wish I had more character pictures, but this is the most documented race I've ever had. Picture overload!

I apologize now for the deluge of photos...
Jitters, jitters, jitters...will my leg hold up is what I was thinking right before we took off

 Then the fireworks started! Woohoooo :) and I was in wave F so I got to see a bunch

Only 13 seconds of this - wish I had more video - there's a balance to trying to capture something and just enjoying it live, and this was a really fun moment - talk about energy pumping through you! 

 The Castle has a majestic feel - very enchanting

Epcot - I was getting hot, the sun felt strong, but I wasn't stopping, we were almost done.
I turned on the timer about mile 7 - (4 x 1) the Galloway method is perfect when coming off an injury or trying to thrive in heat

 I made it after five weeks in a boot and I felt flippin' great!

Seriously, you know what I was thinking here...
I could still run my marathon in March lol 

Rapunzel (a.k.a. run buddy) had a great finisher photo

Tell me about a recent run or your planned run! I feel like it has been ages since I've run and I miss it!