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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Meeting Some Blog Buds!

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Join in the fun and share something from your week! 

Last week started off strong. A few days in, I was kind of in a funk, but, I still had some high moments. 

Meeting Deb and
Meagan was a high note :) My first real life meeting with virtual friends. These ladies are both so sweet, and I really enjoyed chatting with them. 

They were in town to run Ragnar at "my park" where I often run and bike. It was a rainy mess the day before and the drizzle persisted all Friday morning, so the ladies did not have the most favorable trail conditions, but they are tough gals! 
They should have some fun recaps coming soon. 

A lot of tents at Ragnar

This week not the norm for me. No longer work out, no biking, and no rest...just a little something each day. 

Morning 4 4.01 mi 39:30

Cool Down 0.14 mi
Warm Up
0.10 mi

Wake Up Run  2.01 mi 21:26

0.13 mi
Circuit Training

Core Work

My First 225 Activity
1.60 mi 21:54
Treadmill Warm Up 1.01 mi

Upper Body Weights
3 Miler
3.01 mi 30:32

Cool Down 0.29 mi
Warm Up 0.58 mi

Four Will Do 4.01 mi 38:51

1.06 mi 14:21
Elliptical 1.00 mi

Leg and Core Work 59:03

I woke up Monday and ran at 5:15 a.m. It was a good run, the kind that keep you coming back for more. I chose to go the hillier route and took the climbs and stayed pretty steady. 

The last mile home was fairly flat, and I cranked it up and felt pretty awesome, just one little stabbing protest from my foot. 
Why can't they all go like this?! My legs felt so good :) 
9:42, 10:15, 10:21 9:05

Tuesday I knew I was going to the Doc after work, so I got up and just did a short run. I can't even tell you how much I was feeling the hills and the speed from the day before. It was an easy does it two miles, 10:36 and 10:44. I couldn't have gone faster if you dangled money in front of me. 
At my doctor appointment that afternoon, he made an adjustment to my orthotics. 

I try not to judge the change immediately, but by the next day I was worried we had taken a swing in the wrong direction. 

 I did the circuit at the gym for 35 minutes 
and got in 20 minutes of core work. 

I got home and my new Garmin had arrived, so I wanted to take it for a test spin and try to figure out the buttons.
 I had just eaten dinner. Ugh, made it 18 minutes lol  ...See my amazing, "Oh, my tummy is toooo full pace!" 

The cool thing about the new watch is how it breaks down how much time was spent in each heart rate training zone. 

I was really bugged by the adjustment to my orthotics during this very short venture. I was still hoping I just needed to get used to the feel.  The rolling out I was experiencing did improve, but the pressure to my toes changed, and my heels are slipping in my shoes now...

I woke up to run and it was pouring rain...ummm, nope...I am not training, I am not going out there! 
Kenny and I went to the gym later and got our upper body work done.

The drizzle was happening, but it didn't keep me from running. My feet were not happy the first two miles. That adjustment continued to mess with me! I got three miles done and all of it felt really challenging. 

My watch gives me cadence.  Cool stuff! I love charts...the more stats the merrier LOL 

I woke up (after 10 hours of sleep) and headed out to run with a different cut sock and my Nike's. My heels were still slipping a little and when I started mile three, my feet felt fatigued. The burning started under the ball of my foot and I called it a day at four miles. I am trying to be patient with the adjustment to my orthtics, but this really isn't working. While my feet do not roll out, the bottom of my feet burn again and it seems there is too much padding. The Nike's I ran the half marathon in, now feel cramped. 

I was so annoyed with the whole situation, I went grocery shopping in my Clark's, which are really comfy, and left my inserts home. 

I am 100 plus days into this recovery process, with two months completely off running, and it took about 15 minutes before my left foot felt like bone was scraping the pavement. The tissue under foot, still isn't healed...maybe it will never be, I don't know what to think. 
This is the first week in the injury/recovery journey I can not mark progress. The set back came with the adjustment and I just need time to navigate through it. My budget is busted, too many shoes, too many doctor visits, the orthotics alone were, $340. Insurance denied covering them. I really want to be done with all this. 

After my shopping trip, a new pair of shoes arrived I had ordered. I actually ordered two pairs, so I could compare them. I still really need something more supportive than the Nike I was using. The sole seems just right on these, and my inserts fit in them just fine, but I can't decide until the New Balance arrive (and get the orthotics fixed).

More rain! Ugh...Honey and I went to the gym and knocked out a quick work out :) Leg day - check! and home to watch the race. 

Next week may be a very low key week, I need a break (again!) from wrestling with all this. I am hoping the rain will go away so, I can get back on my bike. 
I have not given up, but I am tired of this mess! 

My post about the Galloway method is coming soon. I am having trouble weeding through my thoughts.

Do you feel your weeks are pretty routine, week after week, or do you mix up how much rest you take? 

Anyone running with the Garmin 225? 
What was your best run of the week?! 
Do you love stats and charts? 

Thanks for reading! I hope you have a wonderful week ❤  

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Capturing Race Moments

Race, I have some bad ones!
In all my races, I only have a few that are okay. These are from my Petersburg Half.
I like to have at least one photo from an event...

This one cracks me up- I look like I am in lala land...a second sooner or later and it may have been a good pic LOL see the soldiers in the back ground!

I may buy this one..idk...maybe not, I don't love it

These three were all finish line approach. I smiled when I saw the camera, then I tried to get back to business...that is a gritty face lol

My feet were sore after my race for sure, but Sunday they felt improved, and seemed no worse for the wear, but I know I pushed them a bit past what I should. 
Monday morning this was all I could handle! Good thing, it was Boston Monday :) It was my little way of paying homage to the race. 

Tuesday I walked some our students to take water samples. It was a beautiful day, and it is just a mile and half round trip, but it was nice to get out.

I got a new bike helmet, with a good reflector on it! This one is really nice has a wheel adjuster, and fits much better than my old one. Now, if I could just get motivated to get on my bike!

Wednesday I ran again, and did that Galloway thing :)  That method helps me get further before my feet really hurt. Up to this point, I did most of my short runs regualr, but after using this method for both of the races the past few weeks, I thought I should try it for my shorter runs. That minute walk really helps reduce the impact. A post will come later this week about my feelings on this method. 

I like to walk the track on my break at work. I won't be able to do this much longer, it is getting tooo flipping hot now :( I do not like going back to work feeling sweaty. 
I have only run one lap on this track. Every time I walk it, I wish I was running...but they lock it after school hours. 

I got new glasses, bifocals...ugh! I can't see close up anymore either, and I felt like Mr. Moogoo all week, now everything is blurry! I am not sure I am going to get use to this. I may have to go with two pairs, one for distance and one for close up. 

Someone I work with turned the big 5-0 this week, I will be there soon enough...

I was excited to get out Saturday and run. The weather wasn't so great though, it had been raining all night and it felt really sticky. I was wiped out from the humidity. Hello summer running, I didn't miss you. 

I thought waiting until almost 8 a.m. was late enough to let the fog burn off, but that didn't happen until my walk home...of course Sunday when I woke up it was gorgeous out, but these feet are not ready to handle two days in a row. My feet were pretty tender on the bottom after 7 miles. I probably should have just stopped at 6, but I was feeling over confident at mile 5, and decided to do an extra loop. I ended up with a half hour walk home. I went from okay to burning, like a flipped switch. 

Once I get out there, I can't seem to find the discipline to keep it short. This week I will try to handle it a little better. 

Check out my yummy refueling after my 7 miles. Tastes even better when you are rungry! 

Sunday, I discovered my heart rate monitor is dead...big sigh...
My Honey and I worked hard, but I have no chart evidence LOL Ugh...I still tracked my time though lol ...hopelessly addicted to my tracking. I ordered a new one, problem should be remedied this week. 

Boston Day :) - 2.62 mi 0:26:50

Cool Down  0.18 mi 0:07:10
Galloway 5 5.01 mi 0:52:07

Cool Down 0.11 mi 0:07:39

Stationary Bike  2.75 mi

Upper Body Weight Training
0.00 mi 1:02:06
Stationary Bike - 7.00 mi 0:36:00

Core Work
0.00 mi 0:20:00
Warm Up 0.62 mi 0:10:50

Galloway 7  7.01 mi 1:13:53

Walking  1.56 mi 0:26:37
Treadmill Mile
1.00 mi

Leg and Chest Work 0.00 mi 1:14:06

I've always had a hard time "waiting" until Sunday to run, even when the weather is bad. I just want to get up Saturday and get that longer work out done. 
Do you prefer one day over the other? 

Any progressive or bifocal wearers out? How long did it take to get used to it?  
Did you watch any of the Boston race? or have someone you tracked? 
Do you get excited to see your race pics? 

Linking up with my gals, Holly @ hohoruns and Tricia@ MissSippiPiddlin for the weekly wrap up.

Join in the fun and share something from your week! 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Signing Up While You Are Still High ")

All runs have some tough moments.
Sometimes you finish up and feel like, Whew! Thank goodness that is over! Sometimes, regardless of the tough moments, you just can't wait until the next run!

You know you had a good run, when the high lingers,  and you forget all those tougher moments!

After my half last weekend, I was on a pretty good high. I almost signed up for another race. Luckily, I talked myself off that ledge and didn't do it, but it is weird how that works! I bet you all have done that :)
I mean seriously, I am not even supposed to be running long distances, and I am looking at half marathons LOL crazy...

Way back in November and December I decided to was going to race more, and I picked a bunch of races I wanted to do before it got too hot.

March should have been my marathon month, and April was supposed to be my 'big' month, three half marathons and one trail race. Park to Park Half Marathon is one I planned to run at the end of this month, but I got injured before I signed up. You know if I sign up, I am probably going to try, even if it is not the best thing for me.
I swear I looked at the web site a zillion times after I got home from running plus, a few others.

There is a 15K I really wanted to run next month! 15K has always been one of very favorite distances and it stinks I am going to miss it, but I guess this just wasn't meant to be my "racing year" like I planned.

How many races do you think you signed up for while on a runners high?

Monday, April 18, 2016

Petersburg Half ❤ 2016

I ran the inaugural event last year and really enjoyed it, even though it threw some challenges at me.

Last year, I was still in recovery mode from my tibial stress fracture, so I didn't get to formally train. I had not run any long distances, just a 10K and few 5 mile runs, but my short runs were going great and I really thought I might be able to knock out a good finish.
It ended up being freakishly humid and hot, very swampy like, and I ran a 2:14:51. I turned on my timer at mile 7 and used the Galloway method and survived.

I signed up for this year a few days after I ran last year, hoping I would be able to kick butt this year!

Yet, here I am recovery mode with no training, so I had zero expectations going in to this.

The course is laid out so I could cut across at several points, and have a short walk back to the car if anything went really wrong.

This year our weather has been great and race morning it was an amazing 32 degrees and 100% humid, but you can't feel it when it is that cool :) The temp was quickly climbing, the humidity dropping, and it was sunny and clear. ❤ 
It was 54 degrees when I finished.

The course goes through rolling hills in Battlefield Park as a civil war reenactment is happening, and then through old towne, Petersburg. 

I took an extra tinkle break and started behind the crowd...the whole crowd. I was 1:40 seconds behind the clock. 

The elevation gain was 438 ft. Hilly for sure, but not too crazy ;)

My official time was 2:10:11

I have run that pace when I have trained, so I 'll take the result and be thankful, but the course was short! It bugs me!  ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶
If I had been running this as my very first half, or run a PR, I would have been really ticked.  I'd rather run long, than be shorted any day.  At the finish line, I chatted with a few runners and their Garmin's were reading 12.92, and 12.90. A few folks heard us talking and they were just a tick less...I was the shortest by far, so again, like my trail race, I must be good at cutting corners (or my Garmin is wearing out) lol 

I was too tired to go run to make it up though, my feet were done. The reality is I should probably add a few minutes to this. 

So there you go! Now the nitty gritty stuff. 

I am icing my feet Saturday afternoon as I type (most) of this. 

10:05   9:48   10:19   10:21

The first mile was very crowded, and I felt claustrophobic. That is what I get for starting in the back. There is a lot going on back there! Groups walking the start, lots of strollers, just a thick wall of folks. I passed a lot of people.  I did't turn on my timer on until mile 2, I just needed to get to a space that wasn't so crowded. My plan was to use 4 x 1 intervals. 

I forgot my gloves, but I had a throw away jacket on, and I let it hang off my shoulders so I could wrap my hands in it.  I didn't need the jacket, if I had gloves on, I would have been 100% comfy. 
I carried a flimsy water bottle with a Nuun tablet in it, so I could collapse it as I drank.
I ditched my jacket and water bottle around mile three, I did not want to deal with holding anything. I only drank a little of the Nuun; I just wasn't feeling thirsty. Miles three and four are all uphill, no break, 36 ft and 59 ft. Running uphill made me warm enough. 
Mentally, I was bouncing all over the place. Happy to sad. I was passing spots on the course remembering how hard it felt last year in the oppressive heat. I marveled at how wonderful I felt in the present. I was sad I wasn't in shape to take full advantage of the great day. 
I wished I could run faster and push myself, but I knew that would be a disaster. I stuck with the Galloway method (4 x 1), and tried to replace the frustration over the last three months of injury, with positive things.  

Man! It was beautiful out! 

9:53   9:45   10:23   10:32

At the mile 6 sign, I was close to an hour (and the mileage was close on my watch). I was elated! I also realized I better slow down.  I ate a few jelly beans at this point. A mile later I ate about eight more, and that was it for fuel. I didn't feel like digging in my running belt anymore. I didn't even take out my phone to take pics during this section.  

The battle reenactments are fun to watch.  This section is shady, you can smell the gunpowder, dressed up civil war soldiers are everywhere,  it is very hilly, very enjoyable, yet the injury frustration kept creeping in...

Mile seven, I started to pray. I was determined to shed the negative and enjoy the run. I thanked God for my family, that I ran a good first half, that the day was perfection, that I was out there moving, and that my feet had given me minimal protesting. 

Mile eight takes you out of the battlefield section, and back on busy streets, but runners have their own lane to run. I felt a boost as I passed the spot where I saw my hubby on the course last year. I told Kenny to stay home in bed this year, his foot has been hurting quite a bit lately, and I didn't want him to have to stand around. Just passing the spot made me smile though. 

9:43   10:49    10:37    10:37  and I finished running with a 9:15 pace...

I started praying for my hubby when I thought about him, and I was so engrossed in my thoughts, I ran right through my walk break :)
This part of the course is really busy. There is traffic on the roads, and the course goes through neighborhoods where folks are hanging out, and there are lots of cheerleaders waiting for their runners to pass. I felt a little pressure on the top of my left foot, but it was manageable. The right foot however was feeling tender on the ball, and it is more of problem now than my original injury, so I slowed up. I dismissed that nagging voice that said, "GO!" 
I had run a good race to that point, but I needed to let the pace go and ease up, so my feet could chill.

At mile 10, the course gets narrow.  I was surrounded by a group of tutu friends, a stroller a couple was pushing, and another group of chatty friends all running in a pack, and it was like a rolling road block. It was good for me! I slowed down. I chatted with one nice tutu runner, and I thought we might stay together, but I lost her after just a few minutes. I also chatted with some men who were interval running (3 x1). We talked, intervals, pace, timer, etc...
I passed the 2:15 pacer and I realized I would beat my time from last year. That made me grin. 

My mantra at this point was progress, walking or running, you are still making progress. I said that to myself several times. 

My right foot felt a little better after going easier, so I decided when my watch beeped at mile twelve, it was go time.  I was booking along as fast as I could and as I turned the corner toward the finish line. I braced myself to run across the rough cobblestones, but I didn't have to!  The finish line was much closer than last year, and I guess that accounts for some of the distance loss. My feet were grateful, because the cobblestones hurt last year, but I was freaked out to see my run shorted.

I chatted with my my fellow interval runners to see how they did, and they said just take the official time and don't worry about it! 
Good feet were tired.
I am proud of my finish, I did the best I could. 

I saw my friend Carlton and his wife. (I use to work with him) This was his first ever half!

I drank a bottle of water and walked back to my car. 

There was amazing food, but I just didn't want any, I just wanted a shower!

Kenny and I went to Waffle House after my shower, and it was a yummy eggs and cheese recovery meal :)

Like my trail race, I have no regrets about running this event untrained. 

I enjoyed it!  I would rather try and have to bail, than not try at all. 

The Galloway method got me to the end and I felt great other than my feet. My legs were ready to roll!

Here is a link to my finish video :) I love these!
Karen's Finish

I am ready to take a step back now, and try to weed my way through what next. I do want to run, but I don't want to run always worrying about what kind of damage I am doing. 

I wish I knew if they were going to get better than what I feel now, only time will tell. 

I appreciate you all hanging with me through this journey. I know you are sick of hearing about my feet, and I am very tired of them as well. Too bad they are attached and I am stuck with 'em. 

Thanks for reading! I hope you have a great day 

Progress, walking or running, you are still making progress.

What do you think of my new mantra? 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Bling! Yes, Please :)

I got new shoes last week and I couldn't wait to run in them!
They are light and flexible, but feel supportive enough. 

I ran Monday, 3.66 miles morning, two days after my trail race. I made it further than I expected!

Tuesday I cross trained with my honey. 

Wednesday I rode until my butt hurt. 
Why can't bike seats be more comfy? 
I spent a lot of time stretching when I was done. 

Thursday I went and picked up my bib for Saturday. 
They had the medal on the table...
I decided I really wanted one, even if I had to walk a lot. 

The race shirt is really nice :) I thought about wearing it to run in...haha, I remember from the blog talk a few months ago, that is a no-no.

There was a place next door to where I picked up my bib...

It smelled good, the donuts were fresh and warm. 

Friday I wanted to work out, but I really needed to conserve energy. I took a half hour stroll with some of my work peeps. A beautiful day in VA. 

Saturday, I did it! 13.1, well not exactly, but I earned my medal. (recap coming very soon-I already wrote it!)

Sunday, I realized I didn't lift one flipping weight all week! 
I probably should have went to the gym, but I opted for a hilly little ride on my bike. 
It was another beautiful day.  
Besides, Misty likes to come outside 
while I put my bike away and stretch. 

My legs felt pretty darn amazing! It is just these darn feet holding me back. 

Morning Run 3.66 mi 0:37:39

Walking 0.46 mi 0:08:47
Biking Around The Neighborhood 28.22 mi 2:22:51

Stretching/Cool Down
0.16 mi 0:18:41
Wake Up Run 
2.02 mi 

Walking/Stretching 0.09 mi 
Petersburg Half Marathon 12.88 mi 2:10:14

Petersburg Walking 0.35 mi 0:18:35
Biking 11.13 mi 1:02:14

Stretching 0.04 mi 0:06:08

Oh, and hubby found another fun app! 
We are easily entertained folks! 
 #Keanu...we like stupid comedies, what can I say?!

Ever heard of Duck Donuts?
How did your week go?

Tell me anything!

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