Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Dreams and Plans 👣

I am feeling a little anxious as I write this post. The past few weeks I have come up short on my long runs and the pain in my 👣 tootsies is really increasing. This is a concern since the demands only increase from here on out. My heart is saying hold on, my feet are saying fool, let go.

There is suppose to be a lot power in writing your goals down.
  • It ceases to become a wish or a dream, and it actually becomes a plan. 
  • It helps to list out the steps needed to accomplish the plan. 
  • It helps you to break it down in pieces and so you don't get overwhelmed. 
  • It helps you to overcome resistance and doubts. 
  • It helps you to celebrate progress. 

I have been extremely hesitant to say I am training, because I don't want to admit defeat. I am the queen of having to bail at week 7 or 8, and not be able to continue, but the reality is there is a method to my madness, I have a plan. I got through building my base and currently have been checking off the weeks.

Hmmmm interestingly enough, here I am at 8 weeks in again...This my recap of how they have gone.

Richmond Plan
WK 1 6 5 6 17
Actual  6.22 2 5 13.22
WK 2 6 5 8 19
Actual  7         bike 7 14
WK 3 6 5 10 21
Actual  8 6 7.26 21.26
WK 4 6 7 12 25
Actual  6 5.1 10 21.1
WK 5 6 7 10 23
Actual  6.2 7 13.1 26.3
WK 6 6 8 14 28
Actual  6.5 7.5 10.63 2.6 27.23
WK 7 8 7 16 31
Actual  7.26 6 13.11 26.37
WK 8 8 7 12 27
Actual  7.76 7.3 10 25.06
WK 9 8 7 16 31

My basic strategies:
  • Don't over think things
  • Don't look too far ahead
  • Worry about one run at a time
  • Take a break if needed
  • Use intervals for long runs
  • Don't let the snooze button win! Make every steady week day run count
  • If something doesn't seem to be working, rest, then try again.

I admit the 4:30 a.m. wake up call for a 8 mile run has been challenging. If I do not get started before 5 a.m. I can't get that mileage done and get to work on time, but I have been close.

Running three days a week is a bare bones schedule in the running world, but in my heart, I believe it it is enough for me.  I worked on building my endurance the past few months and now I have invested so much time, I don't want to throw it away. Well some days, I do! It has not been easy, but really I don't LOL

I am at a critical point and my unhealthy hooves are starting to feel the wear and tear.

If I am able to continue, I have 8 weeks to go.

I am not sure if this will be a speed bump or the end, but I figured this may be a good time to recap what I have 😍 accomplished so far.

My heart's desire is pretty simple. I want to be able to complete 26.2 using 4 x 1 intervals (or less)

Do you believe in the power of a written goal?

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Decision Time

September so far...hmmmm, mostly off to a pretty challenging start.
I have been a hot mess really.
My motivation is so beat up. I was able to get out of work on time a few days, but I don't even feel like getting on my bike.

I held on pretty well for three months of hot, but a fourth month of it? I got nothing...

Parched Seven 7.76 mi 1:22:37
Cool Down 0.11 mi 0:05:48
Warm Up/Leg Lifts 0:20:26
Upper Body 0:36:01
Quiet Seven 7.30 mi 1:19:44
Cool Down  0.10 mi 0:03:00
Circuit and Stretch 0:55:03
Decision Day 10.01 mi 2:04:30
My Walk of Shame
3.22 mi 1:03:45

Last week was one thing after another...

My recovery from my half last weekend wasn't easy. The pain and tenderness is increasing in my feet, it put me in a funk, I missed my mileage goals this week and last.

My phone service was on the blink all last week and I even had IG issues, nothing would load for a few days.  - WTH? Technology is pain when it doesn't  work.

Tuesday I walked out the door and realized my handheld was inside. My house key is in my hand held so I was locked out.  My hubby (who wasn't home) got me in the house and I only lost a few minutes.
I got to work just barely, with wet hair and my comb snapped. Very sad, I've had the crazy comb for years and I've yet to find one that will hold my hair as well when I twist it up, and I looked crappy all day!

Tada! genius...that's me locked out LOL 

Then I got a bad stomach bug. I can't even tell you how awful it was. I wish I wouldn't have had dinner on the 15th...I sure didn't digest any of it.  Pains in my legs, and violent heaving, BUT after everything was out of system I did feel better, just weak. I think I had food poisoning, but who knows??
This bug broke my work out streak. Several years ago, I made a life goal to work out at least four times a week. The last time I didn't meet that goal was in 2013 when I had an allergic reaction to the flu shot. I will start fresh this week trying to hit four workouts each week again for life :)

I tried to go out for a really easy paced run Sunday.
Haze the entire run. It was so hot,  I was so thankful it wasn't sunny.

Look my sprinklers were off - I couldn't get a dip :( 

My body was not feeling strong enough to endure the elements. I stopped running as soon as I felt fatigued. I had a three mile walk home.
Mother Nature has not been kind.
When I started walking, Megan sent me a funny snap chat which snapped me out of teary mode and Kristina, thank you for talking me off my ledge. I am trying to not make a hasty decision, but all signs are saying I need to give this mission up, as much as I don't want to.
Running and trying to not cry, it is a sign, right. 
I am upset with these failing feet, they aren't holding up to the longer runs week after week.  I do not want to damage my feet more and not be able to run a few times a week. I need my morning runs.

What I do love from this past week.
  • A flash of what could it could be like if it would stop being  70+ degrees every run. 
  • It reminded me I don't want to be out injured when it is finally nice out. 
  • It is dark and peaceful in the mornings, the moon and stars look amazing on my morning runs. 
  • I am getting a new pair of orthotics. 
  • Megan trying to teach me snapchat - I was quite challenged lol I am karenrunsva if you dare lol  I warn ya, I am a little slow. 
  • My Cat From Hell may be a new obsession
I am linking up with my awesome running gal pals for the Weekly Wrap

Join in with Holly @ hohoruns and Tricia@ MissSippiPiddlin  

What does this upcoming week hold? I have zero plans for now, but I do know I don't need another funk like last week!
Ever have weeks that just won't quit?
What do you have going on this week? 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Base Building

I am lying in bed watching My Cat From Hell trying to recover from a nasty bug. I have not been sick like this in a long time. I am feeling weak, but I can keep things down today, so hopefully the other symptoms will clear up soon. My legs have been the worst, a lot stabbing and shooting pains, my calves are still tender to the touch this a.m. 

I was sad this morning when I woke up, of course it was a nice morning for a run, but I was completely exhausted just from a shower, so no running today. I am feeling a little anxious I am getting so off schedule this week. The past few weeks have been tough, I was rolling along pretty well, but the past few weeks the pain in my feet really started increasing. I don't have that many weeks to go, but the demands increase greatly now. I feel like phase 2 isn't going as well as I hoped, but I am trying to relax and focus on what I have accomplished. 

I figured out during phase 1 trying to sneak a fourth run in wasn't really working for my feet, so three runs became my focus for the phase I am currently in. 

Phase 1 started back in June and this is how it went...

Base Building
WK 1 6 5 6 17
Actual 4 3.11 4.48 5 16.59
WK 2  6 5 6 17
Actual  5 6.23 4 15.23
WK 3 6 5 8 19
Actual  5 4.11 3 8.51 20.62
WK 4  6 5 8 19
Actual 6 5.5 8.69 20.19
WK 5 6 5 9 20
Actual  6 3.5 7 16.5
WK 6 6 5 9 20
Actual  8.26 5 1.2 9 23.46
WK 7 6 5 10 21
Actual  5 6.5 9 20.5
WK 8 6 5 11 22
Actual  5 6.5 1 11 23.5

I did have issues with the snooze button a few times and wouldn't have time to get all my miles in. A few runs were cut short due to foot pain, but overall, I really did feel stronger at the end of these eight weeks. These eight weeks built my confidence up after several months off running and gave me confidence to keep pushing on. 

How did you deal with sickness during a critical point in training? 
When was the last time you were so sick you couldn't get out of bed? 

Monday, September 12, 2016

High Bridge Half Marathon 2016

I am linking up with my awesome running gal pals for the Weekly Wrap to tell you about the half marathon I ran this past weekend. 

Join in it is fun! with Holly @ hohoruns and Tricia@ MissSippiPiddlin  

I ran a half marathon and it was hot! That is the short version.

Race start time was 7:30 a.m., so it was about 78 degrees.
Guess where that old dew point was sitting - 70 at the start of the event and 72 by the end. It got even more rain forest like as I ran LOL ugh!!!!

The plan for this race was multi faceted. 

  • Test the trail surface and see if my feet respond better than on pavement.
  • Try to do a pace run for what I hope to run for my Nov. race hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  • Anything under 2:23 would have made me ecstatic 
  • Add a few miles at the end to get back on my long run schedule. 

I woke up at 5 a.m. cleaned up my kitty litter, got everyone happy, drank lots of ice tea and water, ate a deviled egg, showered off, put my sunscreen on, and got out the door by 6 a.m.

The trail (limestone) is an hour drive, and I kind of knew my A goal was going to be out the window. 
My B goal was to Not pass out and just shrug off the $60 I wasted. 
I confess I was regretful that I signed up for this and that I was missing the pre-sunrise hours. I probably would have got my 15 miles in if I started running by 5:30 a.m or 6 a.m.
During my drive I gave myself a pep talk about how good it would feel when this was over. 
The little town of Farmville does a nice job with this race. Parking is easy and plentiful, bib pick up easy, plenty of rest rooms, everyone is friendly, easy to find start line; the race is on the state park trail, plenty of after race bananas and snacks, and 8 water / Gatorade stops on course. 

I like the shirt but it is boxy

The race director got things rolling right on time. 
I took off and ran a mile before I turned my timer on. I decided to be optimistic and try to stay right under an 11 minute mile. I opted to use to use 4 x 1 intervals. 

10:19 10:59 10:24 10:45 
Since I never run this fast anymore, I felt like I was rocking it! Even though the sun was up, there was a good amount of shady spots. I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone just a little. Right before mile four, I opened my sport beans and started fueling. I entertained myself by checking out people's tattoo choices. 

10:52 11:05 11:21 10:59 
I continued to feel pretty strong. My Garmin was beeping right at the mile marker signs and I tried to ignore the slower mile when I saw it, and get back to my 11 min. a mile goal. It took a whole mile to get all my sport beans down. The course was an out and back, so at this point the leaders were flying by me. Those 6:00, 6:30 pace peeps amaze me...how the heck do you run that fast in the heat!? It was awesome to watch them flying by...only in my dreams...
I dumped all water from water stops down my back, as I was wearing my pack. 

10:55 11:34 12:13 11:49 
This was my last rally. Had it been a 10 mile race I would have called it a win! I was drenched in sweat at this point, I could tell chafing was happening in all kinds of places, and I felt like I couldn't lift my legs more than an inch off the ground by the time mile 11 rolled around. Heavy, heavy legs. I tried to rally a few times. I said little tiny steps to myself and tried to be light on my feet, but it didn't last. I chanted the word progress. Even slow movement is still progress, right. Then I started feeling wonky. Too much sun. I wondered if a second pack of sport beans would have made a difference?? 

12:36 and 59 seconds for the last .11
I completely lost my timer rhythm. I was walking tooo much and my feet hurt, something weird was going on with my left orthotic, and I was starting to feel overheated...I had Nuun in my pack, but I couldn't drink. I was having an acid re-flux kind of thing...
During this long last mile, I realized I wasn't going to run the additional two miles I needed for my long run. The medics rode by me and quizzed my alertness, one kept telling to pick my head up LOL I must have looked a fright. I considered crying for no reason. I was concerned about a young boy running near me, he was about 13 and had hardly any hydration at the stops.

I was very bummed I couldn't hold it together the last three miles, I felt very disappointed in my performance. I didn't want to take the AG place when they called my name, but the reality is there were only seven of us old gals there, so 3rd...it is what it is.
My official finish time 2:26:47.

The lady that took this pic finished in front of me. She had a dog waiting for her at the finish that looked a lot like Meranda's Baylee. The dog had that adorable happy Lab smile, I think that is why I smiled :) it was sweet to watch all the happy tail wags. 

After I walked to my car I did consider running those two miles I owed my training schedule, but my orthotic was doing something strange in my shoe. When I took off my shoe, I realized it broke. Seriously, too heavy on my feet much!?....apparently so. I really think all the pounding when the inserts have been wet, took a toll.  All the sprinkler runs and even when I have no sprinklers, my socks are soaked after a hot run. Anyway...
I found a rest room after the race and splashed water all over me and changed clothes before I drove home. It felt so good to get out of my wet clothes! 

I think I quit running forever a few times while I was driving home.

I was so so hungry on my way home. Often I lose my appetite especially after a hot run, but I had the rungies for some reason! I assume it is because I was working so hard. Even with the walk breaks I was completely in the red zone, my heart rate barely came down the entire run.
I feel like all my brutal heat training let me down a bit. I expected to get to the end feeling strong at least, but what are you going to do ¯\_()_/¯

It's a fun race when it is a tick less humid, this was actually where I ran my first half marathon ever. I thought about that first half a lot while I was running :) I had a very different experience that day!

When I singed up for this, I really just wanted to use it as a training run and not have to do another long run alone, however as the event got closer I really did want to have a decent finish time. I really should have used 3 x 1 intervals because it was so hot and let go of a time idea, but I just couldn't do it...
So, total fail on the training idea, but it turned out okay, I'm still standing!

Ever have that strange sensation when you are so hot  and thirsty, but can't get anything down? 
Hottest race you've ever run? 
How do you do with the whole race as a training run thing? do you still set a time goal? 
Ever plan to run extra miles after a race and bail? 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Purple, Pink, and Orange...oh my!

Scant Six  
6.51 mi

Cool Down
0.21 mi
Warm Up/Leg Lifts

Leg Work 0:51:59
Loopy Seven 7.51 mi

0.29 mi

I hope this isn't bad mojo for the month.
2.60 mi
Upper Body Work
Warm up
0.46 mi 0:08:01

1/4 Mile Pick Ups for 8
8.00 mi 1:24:19

3 x 1 for the Rebel Toe
2.63 mi

1.63 mi
27.46 mi
It was a drop back week, but it didn't really feel like it lol 

At a glance that was my week :) I keep trying to shrink my chart and can't figure out how lol 
I don't want this to be a monster post but I have so many little issues popping up, concerns, things I am questioning...I had a hard time getting focused. 

Last week started with me getting up in plenty of time to run, but I couldn't get my headphones to pair. I fiddled about 10 minutes, (there are no extra minutes before 5 a.m.) got out the door late, and five minutes into my run my watch started beeping into power save mode. I forgot to start my Garmin. I was sneezing and feeling kind of blah, but I did it. Ugh! I was supposed to run 7 miles, but had to stop at 6.5 to make it to work. I was treated to a gorgeous sunrise because I was running SOOOOOO late LOL
mostly in the orange zone :) 

Tuesday, I went to the gym after work to give my legs some love.

Wednesday when I woke up I could feel all kind of muscle soreness and fatigue in my legs, but I was determined to run. It was so humid and I finally found a sprinkler about half way I could dip in. Struggle fest but I did get 7.5 miles before work. That's a snoozy button win!!

Thursday I could feel all kind of muscles soreness every time I ran up and down the steps at work. I did not feel like I worked my legs that hard, but wooowza were my legs messed up.

Friday, my legs still feeling sore, and it was so hot, but I decided to squeeze out a short run because the hurricane was supposed to wash out Saturday. I thought just a few miles would loosen up my legs and hold me over until I could run Sunday. My watch wouldn't connect for the first time ever and I turned GPS off and started running.
I did it again...five minutes into my run power save mode beeping...ugh, I started my watch after I had been running about a half mile. Crazy.
I varied the intensity, and really tried to push the pace and when I looked, it was my same old "easy pace". What?!! I was 100% in the red zone. How can you feel like you are pushing and have zero results lol - ugh!! Anyone feel this joy ever? 
The beauty of darker mornings - I can sports bra run again. There is really too much of me to do this but I am so frickin' tired of being hot - I don't care.

Friday's run 
If you are my IG buddy - you saw my Friday sunset pic - it was a lovely night. Send me a request if you want to connect! I do have my account private due to spammers, but I want to connect with my real run buds. IG is what keeps me going when I don't have time to blog.

Saturday at the gym during my warm up on the bike I realized I forgot to start my watch! What is wrong with me. Do you think this is a sign of early dementia?
Anyway, I had slept in, had coffeee, and thought I will be ready to rock.

My legs felt fatigued the entire time...so weird. I stretched between sets. How did one freaking leg session impact my whole week?

Sunday - long run day! I took extra time to warm up. At different times during my run I felt some tightness in my left calf, and overall my legs felt a bit heavy. Heavy legs is becoming a theme in my life!
I actually felt better when I picked the pace up, as far as my stride and feeling a little lighter on my feet, but I don't have much stamina, I can't hold a faster pace for very long. My right foot, toe two to be specific, was screaming during the last mile of my pick ups, so I switched to 3 x1 intervals for a few miles to finish up. I thought I was going to get away with skipping intervals this week, but what the feet want, the feet get. I'll be back to intervals for my long run next week.

This is how my .25 miles pick ups went...
I can't find much consistency but I hope it will come. I felt pretty wiped out when I as done, but this is really my favorite work out right now.

I felt like I was treading trying to keep my head above the water the entire week. I hope to feel like I have it together more this week, but it is the first week with kids at school!! SO probably not LOL

I am linking up with my awesome running gal pals for the Weekly Wrap

Join in with Holly @ hohoruns and Tricia@ MissSippiPiddlin  

I hope you have a wonderful week! Did you enjoy a long weekend? It was my hubby's birthday - we went bowling and shot pool :) 

Do you ever feel you are letting the feet hit the ground too hard? But can't muster the energy to fix it?