Wednesday, October 30, 2013


It's hard to believe how fast this month has flown by, just one day left in October. Just a few weeks ago I was on vacation visiting my mom in Montana. Fast forward to now and I am counting the days until Thanksgiving because it's an extra two days off. 
Me enjoying Montana

Looking over my stats for this month (I am a nerdy stats loving gal)  I saw I was at 98.50 miles. So all day at work playing like a scroll across the bottom of the screen, in my head "I have to push that over a 100". Seriously, how nutty that I obsess about such things lol, but I do.  After I munched down a yummy garden-burger and sweet potato fries (I needed a break from eating healthy) at Red Robin I headed out to right the situation. A quick 24 min. run that ended at an odd 2.6 miles because that's all I needed. 

October is my favorite month of the year. I love the smell of pumpkin spice, the red and orange hues, cool air, caramel apples, costumes, Halloween decorations, and seeing the sunrise as I drive to work. It's been an enjoyable month and I am thankful and content as we roll into November. 

Monday, October 28, 2013


Today at work I was thinking I better run, mostly because I ate all day yesterday. I just had one of those days where I never felt satisfied. I was battling a cold and feeling rough, drank almost a gallon of tea and consumed too many calories. By the time I arrived home and it was time to actually put on my running clothes my motivation was in question, my legs still felt tired even though I rested my legs Sunday and just did a quick weight lifting session at the gym.

After I flipped through the channels one too many times I finally got my procrastinating self out the door with barely an hour of daylight left. Subconsciously I  think i didn't want to run more than a 10K tonight. I decided for some reason to try a little different route which is more hilly, but I am getting bored of the same exact route over and over. Hills are made to be tackled right.  I tried to lay back and warm up the first mile, my legs were feeling a little sore (Saturday's kick butt 10K). Mile two I started picking it up a little. I have been pushing myself to try to spike my heart rate and than drop back a little to recover. Overall it's giving me faster laps than I am used. Sometimes I need about .30 or so to "recover" and I start pushing again. That seems to work pretty well for me. I need to spike my heart rate and maximize my calorie burn. That darn efficiency problem (still reading information about that).

I ended up running a 10K in under an hour again. Cold air and less humidity are making a huge difference for me and I guess the treadmill intervals are contributing to my new found speed (speedy for me). I may be peaking too soon though, the 10K I'd love to record a good time for isn't until April. lol  I don't like even thinking about spring and dealing with heat again.

I also have been working on breathing while I am running. Thinking about it distracts from thinking about my feet and seems to help my lap times as well. I have lots of allergies so my nose feels stuffy most days. I catch myself breathing through my mouth so I have been working on taking a double pull through my nose and pushing out my mouth. Sort breaths lead to side cramps for me and that really affects my lap and the motivation to keep going if I can't get rid of the cramp.

There is a construction area on part of my route now and I love running when the dirt is all packed down like this. It's so soft and no tree roots to trip me up!

Running feels so good when I am done. I came back and devoured the rest of my favorite snack. These are the best pumpkin seeds ever. I really have to stop eating though or I may get back some of my "junk" I lost.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Injury Free Saturday

I got a surprise in the mail today. The half marathon I ran September 7, 2013 mailed the award for third place in the female 45-49 division.  It was so nice of the race organizers to send them out to those who didn't hang around for the awards ceremony. I only to had compete against five, so I really just lucked out.

I slept in today and it felt really good. I am embarrassed to say I didn't let my feet hit the floor until 11:25 a.m. I cleaned all day and got my run in about dinnertime. I pushed myself after the first mile to see how close to an hour I could run a 10K. I did it! 

Finnnnnnaaaalllllly, I got it done in under an hour.

I honestly didn't believe I had it in me to maintain the pace required for 6.2 miles in sub 60 min. I pushed pretty hard and would drop back and recover for short times. I guess all the interval work has paid off. The entire time my legs were feeling a bit heavy and I kept playing with my stride trying to get comfortable, but it really never felt easy. My legs feel used up tired now. I love that feeling, fatigued but not sore.

My splits 9:56, 9:23, 9:24, 9:33, 9:46, 9:29, and .22 @ 8:25 pace. 

Saturday turned out to be much better than Friday.

The division medal 

Crossing the line in Farmville 
I can't believe it!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Flop

I had a new experience today, the ill-fated, unfortunate thump of me hitting the ground.  I landed hard on the dirt tonight. I have been running and walking on the same trails for several years and tonight was the first time a root got me.

It was easy to miss seeing the root with all the leaves

Falling stinks. My pants got all tore up and my knee even more. The palm of my hand is swollen too. When I got off the ground I was moving slow for a minute, but I didn't want to stiffen up so I did start jogging again, slowly. I had almost two miles back to car and not much daylight.

On the way back to my car I went through a whole crazy cycle of emotions.
Annoyed and Sad- because it hurt my knee and my pride.
Frustration- I wasn't going to even come close to my planned two hours.
Irritability- over my torn pants.
Worry- I really popped something (I am pretty old).
Determination- I decided to start jogging some and hopefully loosen my leg up.
More Sadness- because I figure if I share my pain someone will say, "I told you those trails are dangerous".
Defeated- I am going to be chicken to fly around the trails next time.

The first seven miles 9:58, 9:39, 10:29, 10:16, 11:01, 9:59, 10:00 (it's hilly)
That's a good trail pace for me and I planned to do the next hour very easy pace.  You know the rest of the story.

My shower felt great after the initial stinging. I am about as addicted to hot showers after runs as I am running. Hopefully when I wake up tomorrow my leg won't hurt. I wasn't sure about showing my gross picture.  I took it so I could show my son when I got home. It's going to be a nice bruise but it actually looks a lot better already.

I always say I love trails because they are so much easier on my knees lol yea...not tonight.

I should have stuck to the big grass field I ran earlier this week. Running grass was tougher than I expected! It's a massive field. I went around the perimeter twice which was just about a mile.

Mega Field

Friday was a flop for sure. I wanted to go for a calming run and wear off my worry. My son's car died this week. I needed to replace it cheap and quick. Short story we found a car (to replace the Honda that had 350,000 miles on it) with low miles even though it's a 95 and it was in my desired cheap range. The man who sold it to us purchased it from an estate sale of someone that passed away. I saw the paperwork but didn't realize DMV would want all of it and the death certificate before they would allow us to transfer the title. 
So it's been three days of worry...worry about getting the money back or the right paperwork.

I try to keep my blog focused on the up and downs of my running, but sometimes life events can overtake you for a few days.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cheeze It's and Rest

Somehow in my mind Cheeze It's have become synonymous with a rest day snack. There are a few vices I just can't give up, those darn square little snack crackers and a fountain diet Pepsi. I know it's bad for me, but I am currently enjoying both while I type. 

Usually I eat healthy looking food like my salad for tomorrow: cranberries, sunflower seeds, raw almonds, scallions, couscous, edamame, spinach, carrots, cucumber and other yummy veggies. 

Sometimes you need to rest. I ran 4.5 miles Saturday, 4 miles Sunday (and weight lifted), 7 miles Monday, and 4 quick miles Tuesday night and a 3 mile walk. My Tuesday run was fun. I ran with my running buddy. It has been so long since I ran with someone I am having a hard time remembering when that last companion run was. 

Running buddy

Tuesday I had a crazy day for many reasons. I ran in the house changed and went to meet Kasey for our run. I forgot I had not drank anything for several hours. We planned to cover four miles and started with just a half hour of daylight left so we had no choice but to knock them out quick. Darkness is good motivation to pick up your pace. Thirty nine minutes later mission accomplished. The last mile I was getting thirsty. Alone, I can almost guarantee I would have ended running a 5K and stopping, but with a friend and the agreement of four I kept pushing. A running buddy is good if you have had a particularly crazy day.  

Snacking is also good motivation to run, but I am trying to limit that. 

A New Blog

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