Monday, October 28, 2013


Today at work I was thinking I better run, mostly because I ate all day yesterday. I just had one of those days where I never felt satisfied. I was battling a cold and feeling rough, drank almost a gallon of tea and consumed too many calories. By the time I arrived home and it was time to actually put on my running clothes my motivation was in question, my legs still felt tired even though I rested my legs Sunday and just did a quick weight lifting session at the gym.

After I flipped through the channels one too many times I finally got my procrastinating self out the door with barely an hour of daylight left. Subconsciously I  think i didn't want to run more than a 10K tonight. I decided for some reason to try a little different route which is more hilly, but I am getting bored of the same exact route over and over. Hills are made to be tackled right.  I tried to lay back and warm up the first mile, my legs were feeling a little sore (Saturday's kick butt 10K). Mile two I started picking it up a little. I have been pushing myself to try to spike my heart rate and than drop back a little to recover. Overall it's giving me faster laps than I am used. Sometimes I need about .30 or so to "recover" and I start pushing again. That seems to work pretty well for me. I need to spike my heart rate and maximize my calorie burn. That darn efficiency problem (still reading information about that).

I ended up running a 10K in under an hour again. Cold air and less humidity are making a huge difference for me and I guess the treadmill intervals are contributing to my new found speed (speedy for me). I may be peaking too soon though, the 10K I'd love to record a good time for isn't until April. lol  I don't like even thinking about spring and dealing with heat again.

I also have been working on breathing while I am running. Thinking about it distracts from thinking about my feet and seems to help my lap times as well. I have lots of allergies so my nose feels stuffy most days. I catch myself breathing through my mouth so I have been working on taking a double pull through my nose and pushing out my mouth. Sort breaths lead to side cramps for me and that really affects my lap and the motivation to keep going if I can't get rid of the cramp.

There is a construction area on part of my route now and I love running when the dirt is all packed down like this. It's so soft and no tree roots to trip me up!

Running feels so good when I am done. I came back and devoured the rest of my favorite snack. These are the best pumpkin seeds ever. I really have to stop eating though or I may get back some of my "junk" I lost.

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