Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bouncing Back

Sunday I woke up sore from my Saturday run, but I need to get my mojo back so I headed out to accomplish a short run. Those darn lead weights were in my shoes again. My legs felt soooo heavy it was almost like I was tethered to the pavement. I could hardly lift my knees and my lap times reflected that. It was a long 3 miles.

10:20, 9:41, 10:16 and .10 in 1:00 because I always try to run a race distance.

Monday I took a rest day.

Tuesday after work it was time to check and see if my mojo was back. I wanted to get at least an hour done and once I got rolling I decided I had just enough daylight to get 7 miles in. I can't say it was easy, but it was better than Sunday's 5K so I guess that's progress. I tried to vary my pace and work on finding that sweet spot, but alone I seem to have a hard time staying steady. I can do it if I run with a group but alone I feel the need to push and recover with a slower lap if necessary. It's funny that mile 5 in a lot of my runs is typically a slower paced lap.

10:20, 9:54, 9:40, 9:51, 10:27, 9:41, 9:43  7.05 miles in 1:10:03

Tomorrow a little cross/weight training and hopefully by the weekend I will be ready for a strong long run. 
My legs are so white they glow - no worries that I won't be seen as the sunsets 

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