Saturday, December 28, 2013

From Freezing to Overheating Again

The temperature changes continue to confuse me on how to dress. It felt cool when I checked so I put on my lined leggings and long sleeves. It went from 40 degrees this a.m. to the current 62.  My run buddy wanted to do 7 miles today and her hubby got to come since his parents were visiting and stayed with their kids. My simple plan was to run a 10K in under an hour and then run the last mile as cool down. I want to keep chipping away at 10K's in under an hour until March. I signed up for the Monument Ave. 10K March 29th and my goal is to finish in under an hour. 
Today's run turned out to be a challenge because I had a loose route in my head and we kept changing it and that messed with my rhythm for sure. Kasey got trapped trying to cross a street and I looped around, then we didn't do a loop I expected to run, so I was worried about getting the distance in and I never really felt relaxed, so I was happy when 6.2 flashed across my Garmin and it was 59:59. I know it barely counts but my cheeks felt like they were burning up it was so warm, so 59:59 felt like a victory. I was seriously happy just to finish and be able to walk and enjoy the pretty day. 

9:48, 9:21, 9:41, 9:58, 10:01, 9:20, 9:53     7.02 in 1:08:09 
Run buddy & hubby 

My poor choice of attire today 

I think I will actually go back out and take another a walk to close the day it's so pretty out. 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Winter Weather Just in Time for Christmas Day

Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas! Froze my tush off today. These crazy jumps in temperature are too much. 65 degrees three days ago. Today 30, brrrr. My run looks okay at a glance, ran a 15K (9.33) in 1:31:44 but it felt like a struggle the entire time to keep moving. That has been just about all my runs this past month. I just can't seem to get a good groove going. I have to fight to keep my feet moving. I wish I understood why I can't seem to find my rhythm, but in the meantime I keep pushing on. 
9:43, 9:20, 9:50, 9:38, 10:21, 9:55, 9:50, 9:49, 10:15 and .33 in 3:05 

Joining in on recapping my year of running I borrowed the questions from blogs I read, Evelinruns and @MissZippy1 blog, Miss Zippy 

Best Race Experience?
My first half marathon. It was a perfect morning and I am so glad I got to accomplish 13.1 
My first half marathon

Best Run? 
Toss up between my 10K PR - 59:00:05 and any of my (vacation) Montana runs because the crisp dry air and scenery was unbeatable.
Whitefish, MT
Best new piece of gear?
My Garmin watch. I don't have the fanciest one, but it does what I need and I love the Garmin connect web site. 

Best piece of running advice you received?
Don't feel you've had a "bad run" just because it didn't match or better a time you have already accomplished. Run and just enjoy the experience. 

Most inspirational runner? 

I read a lot of blogs and have Twitter and Loseit (app) buddies that inspire and support me every day. 

If you could sum up your year of running in a couple of words, what would they be?

This is my first full year running: challenging, invigorating, rewarding, frustrating, all of these things throughout the journey

Eager to see what the next year brings...

Monday, December 23, 2013

Monday Already?

Saturday a.m. was defying the norm for December weather again. I got together with my run buddy and we ran a 10K. It wasn't a fast one for me, but Kasey busted out a new PR. I actually started to feel overheated (weird in Dec.) about 4 miles in or so and had to keep an easy pace. I started thinking about how the past few days at work had gone and how I broke from my normal habits.  Not only did I pick at some goodies I would normally pass up, but I didn't take my 52 oz. jug I usually fill with tea. I had extra stuff to take with me in the morning and left my jug behind. I also usually drink at least 20 oz. of water during the day and I neglected that. Both days I ended drinking a fountain diet soda at lunch and Friday for dinner I had wine, which contributed to my Saturday morning easy pace (no choice really). Lesson learned = you can't skip hydrating!
I finished about a minute off my target pace. It's funny how a minute or two can make you feel like you are having a good run or a bad run. It's a minute! That's what I keep telling myself and I am learning to relax about it because in the end what really matters is that I completed the distance. Every run can't be a PR and I have to be sensitive to how a few simple choices through out the day can impact my running.

1:01:28 is still an okay 10K -  9:41, 9:26, 10:06, 9:47, 10:32, 9:47, and .23 in 2:09
Kasey gave me a new 32 oz. water jug & I need to commit to drinking it everyday

I just realized it's Monday and I haven't worked out since Saturday. Time to get busy. The heavy rain we've had the past two days is supposed to clear up, Christmas or not, no excuses. 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Trail Time

63 degrees on the thermometer when I came out of work was to hard to pass up! My legs still felt a little sore from my seven and half mile run last night after work so I decided to head to favorite trail spot so it would be a little softer for my knees. I didn't have much daylight left, so I just made one loop and went to straight to my car so I could leave by sunset. 

 I couldn't believe I was the only one taking 
advantage of the awesome weather

My legs were challenged for sure, but I still made it through the hilly trail for a pretty good workout. Hopefully it will help work off a little of the past few days indulgences. I am having a battle with my self control right now and currently I am a pretty weak opponent. You can't out run poor food choices so I need to get off the brownies and doughnuts ASAP. Tomorrow is a new day! 

Secretly I can't wait till the holidays pass so everyone will stop putting tempting treats in front of me all day at work. 
Trail run - 5.03 miles in 52:16 average 10:24 pace 

Happy trails till next time, 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunshine Rarely Makes Me Roll My Eyes

A few more pictures from Tacky Light Run
Tacky Light Run ropes 
Very sparkly but hard to spread out

Sunshine rarely makes me roll my eyes this morning however, it was just slightly irritating that today was 51 degrees and as bright as it gets after my Tacky Light Run turned Tacky Drench Run last night. 
From bundled up to running skirt in less than 24 hours

I was fairly sore this morning because I didn't stretch last night at all. When I was done running it was a mad dash to the car, then to the shower, then to dinner because it was after 8 p.m. However, I couldn't resist the urge to get out with my run buddy this afternoon since I hardly ever see her. A few miles in my legs were achy and I told her she may have to go on. I didn't want to hold her back, our goal was five miles. 
Look at run buddy go! I was lagging a bit

I tried to keep it going though because seriously, I need to toughen up! I also need to let my pace stop bugging me, I am still getting the job done right.  It's funny, no matter if it's a 10:00 minute mile or a 9:00 minute mile my calorie burns are about same. I need to relieve myself of the nonsense I need to go out and run under 10:00 miles every time. 

10:17, 10:33, 9:56 10:30 9:07  which averaged to a 10:03 pace
I finished strong because I dug into my bag of tricks and relied on a little fear to make it happen. Our usual routes through the neighborhoods are moderate traffic, but we turned and ran down a much busier road that connects the neighborhoods together and that always makes me run faster. I discovered that this summer. I only turn that direction now when I feel like I may not be able to complete my goal distance. I guess I get nervous and just go faster. 
I think a rest day may be penciled in for tomorrow. 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tacky Light Run

Rarely have I set out to run a race with my biggest worry being that I may drown. It was raining unbelievably hard, thankfully it was about 39 degrees so at least it wasn't totally freezing. The park where we started was set up with lovely lights galore! I met up with Catherine who is married to a co-worker of mine. We have only met briefly a few times so I was glad she was willing to run with me. It was extremely crowded even though the weather was dreadful. I think all 5,000 participants showed up. We placed ourselves in the runners group and waited while we got soaked. 

It was so crowded when we started you could hardly move. The event was actually a 6K - 3.7 miles but we ran 3.6 because we had no choice to walk the first .10th. The start/finish lane was roped in with lights, super sparkly pretty but you couldn't spread out. I didn't start my Garmin till we could actually run some. It wasn't a timed event. Obviously folks paid no attention to the groups: Runners, joggers, joggers/walkers, walkers, etc. We had people in front of us walking from the go, which wouldn't have been so bad but several were groups making lines and families were all holding hands and you couldn't get around. That really irritated us both. 

Since it was raining so hard we had decided our goal was to get it over with as fast as possible.  Our first mile was 10:45 because of the crowds. 
10:45, 9:37, 9:34, and .60 at 9:03 pace we finished strong even though our feet weighed about 50 lbs. My shoes were actually filling up with water. I couldn't see clearly enough with my hood up to dodge folks, so I ended really soaked all down my back. 
Overall we had a good time talking and running and the light displays were great! There was a great amount of neighborhood groups cheering everyone on. I am so thankful Catherine ran it with me, she kept me moving and motivated. I think if the weather was better I truthfully would have slowed down and just enjoyed all the sights. The organizers did a great job with the shuttles and lots of fun booths and extras. It's sad it ended up being on the one rainy day this week. Of course tomorrow there's supposed to be lots of sunshine!

Love the race bling 
Wore an old pair of trail shoes and blinged them up 
Thanks to Freda, a twitter runner I follow, I checked Wal-Mart and found my shirt. 
My only time tonight I was dry 

Friday, December 13, 2013

The Grinch Takes a Quick Run

T.G.I.F. I needed my run today after work. I had to make it a short one since tomorrow is my Tacky Light Run, but I enjoyed the sunshine and milder temperature and just ran an easy four and a half miles. 
The dreaded r (don't speak it) word is in the forecast for tomorrow, but I am holding out hope it'll be fine by race time at 6 p.m. I picked up my race packet tonight and the start line is already decked out with decorations. 
Crossing my fingers....

It seems like every house I pass looks like this...
Not my house 

Mine looks rather plain, not even a wreath....hence the Grinch label. 
Hoping the Tacky Light Run fills me with a little Christmas cheer. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sunset and Heavenly Smells

Darkness is good motivation for picking up the pace. No choice but to go out and go hard. It seems something always comes up at work and getting out late means very limited daylight. I was determined though to not run on the treadmill again so I changed and ran out the door. It was pretty chilly which I guess I missed trying to rush into the house. I just wore a long sleeve shirt. Brrrr, I kept pumping my arms faster and faster trying to get warm but I probably could have used a jacket because I never really warmed up until almost three miles in.

6.2 miles in 59:12 

This was the first run in a loooong time I didn't have a mile in the 10:00 minute range. These don't happen to me often! The trick to a PR I guess is going out late and under dressed.

9:32, 9:43, 9:17, 9:27, 9:27, 9:36, and .23 in 2:08 

I enjoyed an early lunch today about 10:30 a.m. because of a meeting. By the time I ran my tummy was about on E. The smell of dinners cooking while running through the neighborhood was very distracting. 
You know what other smell I catch often when I am out and about I love. Laundry, when someone is running the dryer. Is that weird?lol 
Nope, it's not the moon it's my Garmin.

An idea struck me tonight. Garmin needs to make a night running feature. The light on my watch is so nice and bright but it only stays on for a second. Wouldn't it be great if it stayed on and I didn't have to carry the clip on lights. 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Icy Sunday

Today it's been hovering around freezing all day so that meant a trip to the gym for the second day in a row. I really needed a decent calorie burn, but staying on the treadmill is not my strength. I brushed off my doubt, found a few new songs, put them on repeat, and ran a treadmill 10K. I actually stayed on the treadmill 63 minutes. I even did some weight training and leg lifts when it was over. 

I needed the calorie burn because I have not been staying in my limits as faithfully as I should. It seems the last month personal discipline has been a challenge for me. However, it feels like I am turning (slowly) in the right direction. My weekly mileage last week was 17 miles, this week I hit 20. My goal is to stay as close to 20 miles a week for December as possible. 

Saturday the treadmill defeated me and I hopped off after a 5K.  I did get some upper body work accomplished, but I know I didn't push as hard as I could have. The gym will never be my favorite place, but the weight workouts are needed. I still would like to lose a few pounds, but my love of wine seems to be winning out for now. 

Friday I ran outside before the rain and sleet started 7.03 miles in 1:08:44 
9:41, 9:27, 9:58, 9:24, 10:11 9:52, 9:55 
I don't now what it is but that fifth mile is usually where I dip a bit.
I love an outside run and all the stats my Garmin collects.  

The run breakdown 

My Garmin Forerunner 110 is a prized possession. I haven't entered the smart phone era yet so it has been a great tracking device that doesn't come with a monthly payment attached to it. 
The Garmin Connect feature gives me a monthly view 

The icy weather should be gone by Wednesday and hopefully I will report my running resumed with a long run. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I Must Need a New Plug

The past few days I haven't been bubbling over with enthusiasm so I rested. I told myself it was to give my finicky hip time to rest because it's been very achy, but in truth my motivation has been on break. Tonight I knew I had to move myself out the door to the gym. 

The plan for the treadmill is usually intervals and I tried to accommodate my motivation level. 
8:49 x 4 with 10:54 x 2 recovery.

I warmed up for about ten minutes and knocked out one at an 8:49 pace. 
The next three I ran at 8:57 (sigh). I ran it out until I hit four miles at an 9:40 pace. My headphones died about 15 minutes in so that wigged me out a bit. I was seriously tempted to just hop off the treadmill, so just staying on it was an accomplishment.  

I stretched out a long time and did some crunches and a few planks. Why are planks so challenging? I try to hold them a minute and I am always talking myself into the last 15 seconds. 

I have a chord to charge up everything in my house: IPOD, computer, phone, camera, Garmin, but what I really need is one for me. 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

December Already?!

I got my 70 mile goal wrapped up with a 29:38 5K on November 29th. Talk about cutting it close. November was a rough month health wise so I am ready for December in hopes of better times ahead. December is another break from work so that will hopefully mean extra running for me.

Today I ran 5 miles with my running buddy. I was not feeling particularly energetic and my 51:29 reflected it. I am glad she made me run, I have a feeling on my own it probably wouldn't have happened. She gave me the cutest headband. A half crazy one :) I will have to wear it my next outing and snap a pic. 
9:59, 10:25, 10:19, 10:30, 10:12  
At least I started the month out with some running.