Saturday, December 28, 2013

From Freezing to Overheating Again

The temperature changes continue to confuse me on how to dress. It felt cool when I checked so I put on my lined leggings and long sleeves. It went from 40 degrees this a.m. to the current 62.  My run buddy wanted to do 7 miles today and her hubby got to come since his parents were visiting and stayed with their kids. My simple plan was to run a 10K in under an hour and then run the last mile as cool down. I want to keep chipping away at 10K's in under an hour until March. I signed up for the Monument Ave. 10K March 29th and my goal is to finish in under an hour. 
Today's run turned out to be a challenge because I had a loose route in my head and we kept changing it and that messed with my rhythm for sure. Kasey got trapped trying to cross a street and I looped around, then we didn't do a loop I expected to run, so I was worried about getting the distance in and I never really felt relaxed, so I was happy when 6.2 flashed across my Garmin and it was 59:59. I know it barely counts but my cheeks felt like they were burning up it was so warm, so 59:59 felt like a victory. I was seriously happy just to finish and be able to walk and enjoy the pretty day. 

9:48, 9:21, 9:41, 9:58, 10:01, 9:20, 9:53     7.02 in 1:08:09 
Run buddy & hubby 

My poor choice of attire today 

I think I will actually go back out and take another a walk to close the day it's so pretty out. 


  1. 59:59 counts! GREAT job!

    The weather here is kind of crazy too. When I left on my run it was about 80 degrees and when I got home it had dropped about 10 degrees. I guess because I was sweaty that drop in temperature which was accompanied by a breeze actually had me feeling kind of cold... even though it was still about 70, haha.

  2. you crack me up Kristina :) Once you are sweaty it's hard to warm up when you stop running!


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