Thursday, December 19, 2013

Trail Time

63 degrees on the thermometer when I came out of work was to hard to pass up! My legs still felt a little sore from my seven and half mile run last night after work so I decided to head to favorite trail spot so it would be a little softer for my knees. I didn't have much daylight left, so I just made one loop and went to straight to my car so I could leave by sunset. 

 I couldn't believe I was the only one taking 
advantage of the awesome weather

My legs were challenged for sure, but I still made it through the hilly trail for a pretty good workout. Hopefully it will help work off a little of the past few days indulgences. I am having a battle with my self control right now and currently I am a pretty weak opponent. You can't out run poor food choices so I need to get off the brownies and doughnuts ASAP. Tomorrow is a new day! 

Secretly I can't wait till the holidays pass so everyone will stop putting tempting treats in front of me all day at work. 
Trail run - 5.03 miles in 52:16 average 10:24 pace 

Happy trails till next time, 


  1. I am having the same problem at work!! This morning alone we had donuts, bagels, and chocolate covered pretzels!

  2. I love chocolate covered pretzels :) Actually I love it all that's the problem.


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