Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Huummmp Day

Monday after work I needed to blow some stress off and ignore that bump sticking out of my foot. Mission - run hard! It was such a nice day and sometimes after a run like Sunday's I need a quick 5K to feel revived. 
I pushed hard and was rewarded with a good time and the awesome feeling that I am just completely spent. 
That's speedy for me :) 

After a six minute recovery walk  I was ready to roll again, mostly because I had run one direction, away from my house and didn't want to walk that far back. I didn't push as hard and enjoyed myself. Always rare to say I enjoyed myself on a Monday, but a quick run fixes much. 9:41, 9:15, 8:57 I can't maintain those kind of miles very long. 

Tuesday- too much happening at work and my pesky bump needed rest. 

Wednesday- I headed to gym to do some short speed work. I warmed up and ran an 8:34 pace for 3 min. x 4 because I knew it would feel tough and honestly I didn't want to spend more than thirty minutes on a treadmill. My heart monitor readings look pretty cool. 

I did about 30 minutes of back exercises, leg lifts, and crunches. Then headed home to my fuel my other addiction, hot showers. 
Still needed this week - a great arm and chest workout! 

Random - look at the cool cord my hubby gave me to charge my IPad.
 I love ♥ the lights. 

View from the treadmill - boring
Note how far the TV's are -yeah, I can't see them

How's your week going? 

Till next time, 


  1. Whooo for the speedy 5k! Your tv's are really far from the treadmills! I wish I went to a fancy gym where they have individual TVs on each of the treadmills. When I went on a cruise last year the ship's gym had them and time flew by!

  2. Such a GREAT feeling to be completely spent after a run! Yeah, we runners are a little bit weird huh? :)
    Love that charger cord for the iPad, what a great gift!

  3. I am still dazzled by the cord lol That used up feeling is addictive :)


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