Thursday, January 9, 2014

Track Sprints

Track Sprints by Kareninva at Garmin Connect - Details

I have never ran on an indoor track until this evening. I went to my running buddy's (Kasey) gym and we decided to give the track a try.  I wasn't thinking and had my Garmin set for indoor activity, ummm because we were indoors, so it tracked my heart rate instead of my miles. We started running to warm up at our normal pace and because it's small, I mean real have to go around 16 times to make a spend a lot of time turning. It was kind hard on my ankles, so I got the idea to run as hard as I could on the straights and slow up in the turns. It ended up being a really cool experience...totally different feeling from the treadmill intervals I normally do. I wish I could have seen what my short sprints were because I ran really hard! I was too challenged to time it and figure out my speed, but I was dripping after 30 minutes (smiles). We got in a good upper body work out for about 30 minutes when we were done. Cheers to trying new things!

Does anyone ever run a track?

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  1. Oh my goodness, 16 times around for 1 mile?! That would drive me crazy! I can barely handle four times around on a treadmill "track"! :)


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