Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Yep, Crazy Race Pictures and Day Dreaming

As predicted I have a few more crazy race pictures to add to the collection. Click here to read about my Frostbite Race : http://moreclutterfromkaren.blogspot.com/2014/01/frostbite.html
Mile 3 of the race - Fists clenched, still feeling a little chilly.

Reminder to self: next time I will not pin my number over my zipper. I didn't want to lose time trying to unpin my bib so I just slipped my arms out. Live and learn...
Mile 7 - I was working hard 

Yesterday I went to a neighborhood that has a paved trail. A small portion is near the county reservoir. It's really pretty but also the most congested so it's hard to run it. The rest of the path just travels through the neighborhood, it's hilly and challenging, but it has shade so as it gets hotter it may be a good option. Anyway, walking in the area by the lake after my run, I just started thinking about how awesome it would be if a huge path was built all the way around it. Heaven!
I like to dream big - I want a path around the whole thing

I just wished counties/communities planned better for those who want and need places to work out. 
Running options are pretty limited near me so I am trying to branch out. Sometimes I get runner's envy as I am reading blogs seeing all the cool places everyone has to run. 

Do you enjoy a stroll when you are done running? Do you day dream about where you can run? or am I just loony?


  1. I daydream all the time when I run. Makes the miles fly by. I'm insanely jealous of those that have miles and miles of paved paths to run on. We have zero but some pretty fantastic scenery on the coast.

  2. I am glad it's not just me with a little runner's trail envy ")

  3. Great pics! I definitely day dream about running. Our biggest obstacle here is actually that most of the land is locked up as privately owned. I would love to run along the river on a trail :)

  4. Here too, I really shouldn't use any of the trail because I am not a resident, but I need options! So fun you are getting to meet up with a blogger run buddy! I want to see a picture :)

    1. If you can get away with it, great!
      I'll make sure and take some pics -and I'm sure she will too! It got postponed to next weekend because of my Hubby's work.

  5. I like your photos! I always look angry or way too serious. :)

  6. lol that's how I feel, usually my mouth is hanging open. :/ Thanks!


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