Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sweetheart 8K

It was an overcast chilly 30 degrees for the Sweetheart 8K. My sweetheart drove me and ate breakfast while I ran. I was warned the course was hilly and it delivered. There were hardly any flat parts, you were either moving up or down it seemed. Saturday I had a pretty rough run so I was a little worried when I woke up today. My plan was simple; run as hard as I could until the hills got the best of me then run whatever pace I could tolerate. I really need to build my hill strength!  
A few minutes in I realized I was feeling better than Saturday so I pushed myself until I got tired. When I passed mile marker 4 I saw the end was going to be an uphill climb and it deflated me a bit. I just ran a comfortable pace and when I got to the start finish line I never really kicked it up a notch I just trotted on. It wasn't a chip timed event. My official time was 48:13 so I missed my goal by 13 seconds. Carlton, a co-worker running his very first race, and his wife Catherine (who's a marathoner) started with me near the rear of the pack. Starting in the back of the pack is tough when it's gun time.
My Garmin recorded 8:50, 9:05, 9:37, 10:09, 10:17  so on my Garmin I made my goal...does that count?
At this point I was thinking, "Why didn't I just run that last stretch faster?"

On the course - when the sun isn't shining it just feels colder.

After we were done Catherine (left)wanted to go again. 
Carlton (center) finished his very first race and was still smiling

Hills seem to kill my ability to pick up my knees after I get tired. I tried tackling them two ways, early on I just kept my pace and I was lifting my knees my normal gait. Toward the end I tried little tiny steps, almost like walking but faster. I just get sloppy when I get tired. I was envious when a few people sailed by me at the end. I like to finish strong. 
Hill advice anyone? 
My hubby walking by while I was taking pics
we didn't get a picture together :( 

My shoes are feeling pretty good. The Altra Torin's feel very different than my Brooks Ghosts and my legs are feeling tighter in places they usually don't. There is plenty of cushion under the ball of my foot and the light weight feels great. It just odd that changing a shoe can make such a difference in the muscles you use. 

I am trying to decide what shoes are going to be better for my 10K run March 29th. 


  1. Great job Karen, esp on such a hilly course! My stride gets sloppy when I get tired too. I have to focus on it to make sure it doesn't get too sloppy. Your legs might have also been tight from the hilly-ness of the course. Practicing hills is the best way to get more comfortable with them. I forget who said it, but "Hill workout as speed workouts in disguise". I try to keep my effort consistent when going uphill, which means I go slower, but I am not totally zapped when I get to the top!

  2. I love that quote. I do really need to start working on hills more and take hills a happy attitude...a few too many hills and I nose dive.

  3. Great job out there! Hills are TOUGH! I don't have any advice, because they kick my butt, too. :) Beating your goal on your Garmin totally counts - especially since this wasn't chip timed. :)

  4. Awesome job! I DEFINITELY think you should go by your Garmin time, I'm sure it is much more accurate since you said you started at the back. Congrats! What a great day for all three of you!


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