Saturday, March 8, 2014

Saturday Sun Run

Old man winter finally took a leave of absence here and it's 68 and sunny today, which is a reason to celebrate until you have to run in it. 
So here's the short version..
I went to meet run buddy today and she had a new hair do  :) How cute is that?! A little blonde and pink highlights. 

We decided to do a relaxed pace from the get go...
This really worked for me the first five miles or so, it was very nice to run and talk. Talking really does distract you from the time, your feet, etc..
At mile seven I was getting tired of having the sun blare down on me and I had to slow down. Kasey held her pace and was doing fine so off she went. The sun really drains the energy out of me.  I was happy today that I didn't get nauseous or light headed at all, I just wasn't comfortable. 
I was slow and I am trying to feel okay with it. 

I have a secret fear my body will get used to running that speed and I'll never be fast again. I think that's why last summer I would just keep pushing and then I would end up really overheated and nauseous. 

I ended the run smiling today...

Avg Pace

I hold out hope my 10K day will be a cool one...
and that the progression runs are helping my speed. Accomplished two this week: 

Run 1 (5K) - 9:30 9:18 8:57 and about .20 at 8:41
Run 2 (4 mi) - 9:40 9:30 x 2 8:57 & .25 @8:49

I also have a secret fear my age is catching up to me. Although I wasn't a runner until age 46, I was always a hard charger when it came to working out. I know it's not reasonable to think I can push now like I did in my 30's, so I am trying to accept that for the next six months I can only be speedy on the treadmill.

 I have a secret fear my body will get used to running that speed and I'll never be fast again. Anyone ever have that thought or am I just nutty? It's okay to tell the truth. Thoughts on progression runs? 


  1. It seems a reasonable fear, but if you are still new to running (as in less than 5 years) I think there is room for improvement at any age. Keep up the smart training. It's OK to relax and enjoy some easy running :)

  2. I do need to relax and not make my self crazy lol :-0

  3. I love that pic of you at the end! And those socks!

    The heat is definitely a killer. I'll be doing the majority of my marathon training during the middle of the summer (ugh), but I hope that on race day in Portland (where the weather will be cool) I'll charge out of the gate and feel awesome and fast-ish :)

    1. I hope so too! I really think being in a drier environment will give you a boost. Which event is it?

  4. Reasonable fear but I think you can overcome that and feel comfortable at a pace you feel is fast. I've seen runners at some of our races well into their 70's and 80's and holding their own the entire way.

    I actually have the opposite problem, regardless of my age, I forget I am not in my 20's anymore and I am human lol.

    1. I have always looked at race results to see who the oldest person was lol just a thing I do but it does inspire me. Up until a few years I was just like you, I just liked to push! I still do but my body speaks up now!

  5. Your buddies hair does look awesome! I always worry about how my aging process is going to affect my times. I have always been a pusher too and am learning that the older I get the more I need to take care of my body and make sure I give it rest. otherwise I sure pay for it. Love your post run picture, your hair is so pretty! :)

    1. Rest is something i really enjoy a lot more now lol Thanks, I love your hair color :) Mine is really coming from the bottle now...darn gray stuff was taking over.

  6. I love your running outfit with the striped socks! Too cute! I have mental trouble with the idea of running slow. I always wonder how I will get faster if I am running some of my runs slower than what is comfortable. But I trust in the plan and that fact that running coaches have far more knowledge than me. :)


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