Saturday, March 22, 2014

Weekends - Never Long Enough

Some weeks feel like they will never end
Most weeks lately feel like they will never end...
Weekends go by so quick! 

Friends I haven't seen in about three years popped into town and I spent a really fun Thursday evening with them.

I really miss John and Margie
I ran a great progression run on the treadmill on Tuesday night and Wednesday after work I ran my last training run at speed. The best part...I did not have to ice. I was a little tight the next day but not nearly as sore as in past weeks...SO I am adjusting! I will keep alternating progression runs and intervals on the treadmill through the summer since my outdoor pace will be tanking when the humidity rises.

4 mile progression run 37:17

10K ( it was an overcast day) I feel so much better when it's not super sunny.
If I can't pull this off for the 10K it's going to make me sad

I had lots of rest days this week so I expected my Saturday work out to kick butt. You know how you have some days that are amazing...
...and some where you need a reset button. 
Saturday treadmill run 

My Saturday treadmill run was a rough four miles. I ran a 9:22 pace for most of it. I did end going up to 8:40 about the last half mile, but I felt like I was hanging on for dear life. 
That's one thing I will never get, sometimes after rest days I feel like a superhero and sometimes I can't hardly sustain my pace. I did get a good 45 minutes of strength training in, which always makes me feel better. 

I hope this means tomorrow I will have a great run. I am only planning about an hour. Run buddy told me I better taper this week and be well rested so we can cruise next Saturday...we'll see! 

Going to try to eat healthy and drink lots of water this week...does my favorite snack count as healthy? 
Dark chocolate on a strawberry...these are a few of my favorite things :) 

What's your favorite snack? 
Do you ever think you feel fine then struggle in your work out? That's the one factor of races that worries me. I trained, I can make good choices in my diet and get enough rest, and still just have an off day  :/  Trying to not think about that! 

Have a great week :) Send speedy vibes my way! If this upcoming week is like last week I may not blog again until after the race. 


  1. I have those shoes and LOVE them, good luck with your 10k! I am sure you will do awesome, just don't go out too fast!

    1. The Torin's are awesome! I will remember that, I don't want to burn out before mile 3 lol

  2. I'm on the exact same page as you with regards to the first day back after a bunch of rest days. Last week I didn't run at all, so when I finally did on Friday I thought my legs would be raring to go. Instead I barely made it two miles before heading home, but then on Saturday I had an awesome 10-miler. I think sometimes our legs just need a bit of a shakeout after a break to get back into the swing of things!

    1. I think you are right. I should probably run 2 miles a day before the race so my legs feel ready to go!

  3. You just have to close the book on a run and get ready for the next one. I do have to agree with shaking out your legs, havent run since Wed and my legs felt realy tight, last night I was able to do a little running and they felt great afterwards. Keep them loose for your race and dont worry, you are going to do great at the race.

  4. Glad to hear the pain is much better! Very exciting. Hopefully you are adjusting your stride to speed work. I agree, somedays I have it and somedays I feel like I really have to work for it and I can't figure out what makes the difference. Good luck in your race!!!! I'm cheering for you! :)

  5. Oh, and I love all snacks. I just can't seem to pick a favorite!

    1. always make me think about donuts lol

  6. You are right, the week ends are always too fast! Sweet cookies are my favorite snack.
    Glad that you don't need icing. I think your buddy is right, better to taper the week before the race. Good luck.


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