Saturday, April 26, 2014

I Love That, I'm Off That

Ever get a song stuck in your head after a workout? All day I’m hearing Mr. Worldwide...

Song Lyrics 

I went to a beautiful wedding on Easter 
on a delightful April day
and Brian’s bride is a runner, I love that!

Russ, Debbie, (dear friends), me, and my son Andrew (I love that) 

My sweet boy

Driving 300 miles in one day though did wipe me out, I’m off that…

Mon. - rested

Tues. - hubby off so I rested again

Wednes. - took a quick 6 mile hilly run because another rest day just would have been ridiculous.

I picked a route in my neighborhood I rarely run that includes a whole mile that is all uphill, I figured it’s good for me, I love that.

I really needed a break from all the speed work and a new route was good for the soul, but the bugs are out in the evening and I did swallow a little bugger -iiccck, I’m off that!
Thurs. - 5K on the treadmill - varying speed and inclines - getting crazy up in here! Just hitting the buttons with no plan. I love that!
Bounced through an hour weight training session and did some ab work for about 10 minutes
After I drove home I ran a cool down lap around my block (it’s 1.2 miles) and went in and stretched for about 10 minutes

Fri. - date night, I love that...The Other Woman - Funny, I love that!!! and eating, oh my...blew the calorie budget -  way in the red, I’m off that (I can’t do that two days in a row)

Sat. - ran a virtual 10K with run buddy so we could earn our bling, I love that! and we ran it sub 59, I love that!

A few matters from the past week -

Perfectly good running shirts ditched because the arm pits turn that awful dark color - I’m off that,

which prompted a change from roll-on to stick deodorant. What do you think, will it help save the shirts?

Ever get to the point where you are tempted to just “nip” the ends of your hair? Yep, I’ve let it go a little too long, but I mustered some self control as soon as I started chopping, so luckily no noticeable damage.
I can’t even cut a piece of paper straight, this stage of hair frustration is always dangerous lol Cutting hair, I'm off that.

Sunday I have a 5 miler on my calendar, which will put me right at 20 miles for the week. I love that...

So far...75 miles for the month
333 miles for the year, I love that.

How about it?! Got anything you are off or love? roll on verses stick opinions? sucking in a bug, is it still okay to consider myself vegetarian?
Hummm's my own version:
Roll on, I’m off that
Cleaning litter, I’m off that
but clean house, I love that ♫♫
Eating bugs, I’m off that
Sleeping in, I love that ♫♫
Have a great weekend :)


  1. HAH! Yes, I think it is okay to still consider yourself a vegetarian :D

    I use a stick deodorant but I mostly run in sleeveless tops. Have you tried that? It will keep you cooler in the warmer weather, which is an added bonus!

  2. I have a few tank tops but I feel so self conscious about heavy I look in the arms it has sometimes distracted me. Guess i still have some body image things to get over lol

  3. I get so sad when my favorite shirts get nasty! I needvto get some of that sports detergent. Love your knew song you wrote haha!!

  4. ha! I am bad about making up lyrics lol I like the sports detergent stuff, but you can only use a small amount w/regular detergent. It has an odd smell, I thought it was suppose to take the odd smell out. It does seem to work if you mix it though.

  5. I have "do you want to build a snowman?" stuck in my head and I confess to having made up some of my own lyrics to it. it is a pretty catchy little song. I use stick deodorant and don't seem to ruin any shirts with it.

  6. I am going to check out the song on itunes :) I love catchy tunes like that. Good to hear the stick may be the answer!

  7. Great run week and the wedding looked awesome. I use stick deodorant but I think the stains are inevitable lol. Hey great month so far, keep up the good work.

  8. When I hear songs from my running playlist at non-running times (in the car, at work etc), I always get twitchy to run. Obviously I associate them with running at this point!

    Great week of training!


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