Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wednesday Already?

It's Wednesday and I am just recapping last week...

Last week recap -
  • Mon. rest 
  • Tues. ran 4 miles avg. 9:33, walked a mile, ran 2 more avg. 9:40 
  • Wednes. ran a 3.1 mile progression run avg. 9:25, lifted weights for 70 minutes 
  • Thurs. and Fri. rested because I had the Sat. race 
  • Sat. ran 9.3 miles avg. 9:44 and ran a little over a mile between warm up and cool down 
  • Sun. walked 2.5 miles, ran 3 miles 9:32 avg. overheated, walked another 1.5 miles
I took off work Monday and thought (woooo!) extra long run day...but my legs felt a little sore when I woke up and said no. I ran 22 miles last week, which is about my average mileage but my legs have felt a little extra tired lately.

This week so far- 
  • Mon. - shopped! walked 2 miles 
  • Tues. - 3.1 mile progression run and 45 minutes weight training 
  • Wednes. - working - reading blogs so far
My plan is to long run Friday. I am going to keep repeating this until it happens :)
Blog reading has me reminiscing this morning ...

Kristina took a trip down memory lane
Meg got me thinking about how I felt about myself

First, I am really old "/
Second, when I see pictures now I don't know why in the heck I thought I was so fat...argghhh.
My throwback pictures are scary lol
V05 in full use in 1989
Ohhh the time spent on my hair lol 
1993 - Andrew is the absolute delight of my life :) 
Who is all grown up now

That's me behind the sign in the pink cat eye glasses and plaid dress
My super handsome hubby before he retired - I saw this flipping through pics and I just like looking at him :) 
Junior was one of the cutest babies on earth
Okay sorry I got off track! 
My plan is to long run Friday...My plan is to long run Friday...My plan is to long run Friday...

Happy Easter everyone! I have a wedding to go this weekend :) Trying to rework my plan to make sure I get in four workouts this week. 
Do you have a number you always commit to or strive for? or do you vary each week? 


  1. What a lovely walk down memory lane! I love reminiscing. I'm a scrapbooker and because of that, I have way too many photos to remember the years by. Loved seeing all your photos. What fun!

  2. Ahhh my mom and I have one of those old timey bar pictures too :D

    Junior is such a cute little baby!

    I try to do 5 workouts a week, but if I only get 4 in I'm okay with that ... and if I get 6 in I consider it a great week!

    1. The old timey photos are fun to dress up and do :)

  3. Going over old pictures is always great fun. Thank you for sharing.

    My schedule varies each week. I try to run six days a week but it really comes down to how my body is feeling.

    1. It's smart to listen to what your body needs ;)

  4. Your hair was AWESOME. And Junior.... what a cute little babbbbbyyy!

    1. ROTFL - I do miss the hair! Junior is still so cute!


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