Monday, May 19, 2014

Exciting Running Experiment

Karen and Kasey - getting ready to rock the Galloway method on a Monday night 

Run Buddy got a gym boss and started trying out the Galloway 4 X 1 method. I was a total skeptic, but I told her I'd give it a try.
I had a list of worries in my head:
If I walk am I going to want to start running again? (this was the big one)
Am I going to run fast enough to still have a decent pace?
Will it feel like a regular run or less of a work out?
How can walking be good for me when I want my body to run?
Total skeptic, that's me...Kasey has been enjoying it though, so I was willing to try. 
laced up and ready to roll 

So off we went at 7 p.m. on a Monday evening. At first I had a time trying to gauge how hard to run, how long four minutes was going to feel, and about the third walk break in what I feared happened...I heard the gym boss beep and I did not want to run. I was really enjoying walking, it sure is a lot easier than running, but that's why it's good to try with a friend...Kasey had the beeper on her side so I had to go. I pushed my mental whining aside and started running again. That was truly the only moment I had that feeling. A few miles in the rhythm started to feel easier and it became really easy to guesstimate how much to push and when to relax. The four to one is a very smooth rhythm to get used to.
The beeping boss
I loved that I could plan which sets I was going to take it easy on and which sets to hit it a little harder. Toward the end at mile six I hit my best sprint, because by then the sun was about down and in case you haven't heard me whine enough about sun and heat, I have a little aversion to the sun and once it went down I felt fabulous. We did get extremely blessed with a very cool, low humidity evening here in VA tonight, so our test run was in near perfect conditions, but I feel confident this would help me survive longer runs this summer for sure.
I never dreamed I would enjoy the workout as much as I did. I felt like I could have run a bunch more miles pretty easily.  I really think this would be a great method to use to run the Princess Half if we make it in this year. It would be easy to stay together this way and still get a great workout.

I am a I need to order my own gym boss lol
I don't think I will use this for every run, but I am excited to try it on a double digit run and see if I can blow past that 10 mile wall I always seem to hit.
The final result...
Avg Pace

Looking through my stats on 7 mile runs this is actually a really good run. I have a few I ran right at 1:08 this winter but I have a bunch from last summer that took as long as 1:11 and 1:12. 
Since I wear a heart monitor I compared calorie burns also...most of my 7 mile runs average between 660 - 680, my Garmin calculated this to be 625, but honestly because of  the speed work I think my muscles got a great workout and I feel like that little bit is nothing to worry about.
Look at my cool pace and heart charts...I am so nerdy

Galloway is a genius...
Done and happy

All I can say is thank goodness run buddy makes me try new stuff ")  I would not have executed this as well on my own.

What a great way to start the week! 

Have you ever tried the Galloway method? Skeptic or believer? Do you think I am creating a bad habit by taking a walk break?


  1. Yay! I tried the Galloway method during 26.2 with Donna because all of the pace groups were doing it (I guess I'm a follower). Mentally for me it was hard to be ok with walking so early in a race, but I definitely saw how it would be beneficially especially in the late miles.

    1. The idea of makes me crazy lol but once i got the rhythm going I can see how it would be great for a long distance :)

  2. I think if walking works for you, it works for you! When I'm running "easy", walking does not bother me and I have no trouble starting up again. However, I did have to get used to the walking thing before I was fully okay with it. Now, if I'm running a race where I am REALLY pushing myself, I can't stop. Not even at a water stop. My legs cramp up!

    1. I had a hard time with the idea walking lol That was me in my last 10K race I just wanted to push and I wish I would have! I took one cup of water at a stop and ended up with a cramp and it messed my pace a bit. Sometimes you just have to push!!

  3. Never heard of this before. I would be a skeptic as well but based on your time and heart rate it seems to work. I walk/jog on my recovery runs so I could see this helping me on those runs.

    1. It was very cool and a gym boss is fairly inexpensive - it would be a great way to interval train.

  4. I use the Galloway method on almost all of my runs over 5 or 6 miles because I actually end up with a faster long run if I do! The walking breaks really help me readjust, and mentally I guess I feel better pushing myself if I know a walking break is coming up. I can run a full minute per mile faster on long runs if I use the Gallaway method! On my shorter runs I try to just run straight through. Honestly, to me if it's good enough for Jeff Galloway, it's good enough for me! haha

    1. That's awesome Kristina! I had no idea you used that method, how did I miss that? lol It is easier to push if you know a break is coming :)

  5. Another runner I talk to online says she runs the 1st whole mile and then starts the walk breaks.. I can see where this is a good idea especially during races so you are thinned out before starting your breaks.

    1. I think in a race situation I would probably want to run even the first 3 miles, of course every event won't be as crowded as our 10K lol but that would be a challenge in a race. It was really fun ")

  6. Not so bad, eh?! I just love the fact that you have a buddy to run with! Most of my runs are solo and I really appreciate the runs with friends. I think you have found away to break through that 10 mile wall. :)

    1. I do love running with Kasey, it really helps when my motivation is waning! I do a lot of solo running as well, it does make you appreciate the fun runs.

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