Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Foam Roll or Stick Roll?

I have a confession of sorts...
First, on my second 5 a.m. run last week I rolled out of bed, brushed my teeth, put a sports bra on under my jammies and went out the door. lol
At least it's pretty dark at 5 a.m.

Second, I have never foam rolled. I hear all these positive things, but the giant foam roller always looks a little overwhelming to me. I do ice, take ibuprofen, and stretch a lot, but no rolling. I am leaning toward buying the stick. It looks a little easier to use in different positions. If you have an opinion or suggestion about the foam roller verses the stick roller, please fire away! I'm open.

My odd sore spot on my calf was feeling great after my seven mile run Monday, but tonight on the treadmill I could feel the little tug again. I just ran three miles on the treadmill and then did my weight training. It isn't as sore as last week though.
I will probably have rest days Thursday and Friday because my hubby is off, that should clear it up, right!?
I have hit my 70 mile goal for the month, but resting for a longer stretch is always hard for me unless I am really ill or in danger pain. This is just odd soreness...

I noticed when I pulled in my driveway tonight those darn Japanese beetles ate all the leaves off my rose bush..sad looking

but BooBoo was waiting for me and he's so sweet, he just makes me smile. All my cats are indoor babies, expect BooBoo, who was a neighborhood stray, and when Hurricane Sandy blew through my hubby let him inside and now we can't let go of him.

Before we let BooBoo in my hubby would sneak him food. We had too many pets already, so I tried to insist we take in no more...but my hubby doesn't listen to me.  
Often I would open my blinds in the a.m. to see this...

BooBoo hanging on screens trying to get someone's attention. 
Sleeping in my hubby's arms during Hurricane Sandy last year

BooBoo loves to mess with my other cats. 

Otto and Tweeky looking out at BooBoo on the porch

He walks out the front door, goes around the house just to sit at the back door and cry, until I let him in. 

Back door BooBoo

We play this game all night, every night...LOL Who has who trained?!

Someone please tell me you rolled out of bed and ran in pj's at least once?! 

If you have an opinion or suggestion about foam roller verses stick, please fire away! I'm open.
Do your pets think humans only exist to serve their needs too? 


  1. I like both the foam roller and the stick (I know that is not helpful). I feel like I can get better pressure from the foam roller because you use your whole body weight, but the stick is easier to use on some spots and travels better. So get both! Kidding.

    1. You know I will probably have both eventually lol

  2. I have a pair of superman pajama pants I intend to wear on a run when it's a bit cooler, nothing wrong with jammies on a run. We have both the foam roller and the massage stick. Agree with EB the foam roller gives more pressure but the stick travels better. 70 miles, great month. Booboo is funny, and very nice of you and the husband to look after him. Oh goodness, pets have us trained so bad. Wine to go outside, wine for food, wine for a run... but if I wine they just stare at me lol

    1. Yaaaa for running in Superman pants!!! You must share that picture lol I lost my nerve when it came to posting my green frog jammie shorts ")

  3. OMG Boo Boo sleeping in your hubby's arms is the cutest thing!!! Cecil definitely has me trained too. Every morning at 3am he wakes me up and I walk like a zombie to the kitchen to give him treats, and then we both go back to bed. I don't turn any lights on or anything, it's just this normal routine we have that I wish wasn't normal haha.

    I like the stick roller over the foam roller. Adam made fun of me at first for buying the stick when we had a foam roller already, BUT ever since I brought it home he's been using it over the foam roller too :) You probably get a better roll out on the foam roller though since your body weight is pressing down, whereas with the stuck you can control how much pressure you put on. I sometimes have to mentally work myself up to using the stick because I know I will be inflicting pain on myself, haha.

    1. My hubby is the cat whisperer, animals love him :) I think it's hilarious Cecil has you trained for a late night snack break lol I chickened out using the foam roller at the gym last night again...I think I am going to get the stick and start tonight at home.

  4. Awww your kitties! Yes, my kitties think WE live in THEIR house! Oh and they know how to rally to get what they want. :)

    1. LOL! Yep, more than one and they can conspire...that's funny, it's nice they let you share the house :)

    2. lol I know. When we open the fridge Christmas comes over and looks in too. It's like he thinks there is something in there for him. Gosh they are so self centered!


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