Thursday, May 29, 2014

Getting Ready for Date Night

I woke up Thursday morning with an awful headache so I took a few hours sick time and went back to sleep. It's amazing how much better I feel after I get some quality sleep like that. I went in to work half a day, so at least today wasn't a total wash...
Sleep is better than medication for me. I require a lot of sleep and rarely get enough during the week. 

It was overcast and sprinkling today so I ran a quick 5K - it was pretty humid but I manged a decent pace. I will take this weather any day over the past few 98 degree days. 

This time of year at my house the shedding animals get out of control. 

I comb them and the clumps seem to be never ending. I vacuum and it's hair covered again shorty after. I am glad we are going out, I don't have to look at it for a little while. 

Misty is a pretty silver color till it gets all over my floor. 

This hasn't been a spectacular running week. My hubby's days off fell on Wednesday and Thursday so I tend to hang out with him and I've only run a total of 7.5 miles in this far :) I did get a good hour of weight work in Tuesday. 
My plan is to Saturday long run.

My gym boss arrived, I programmed it for 4 x 1, now I just have to get my legs to cooperate.  Hopefully I will have long run success to share with you ") My last long run was May 3rd, it was a 10 miler. 
My next longest distance this month has been 7 miles.
I ran a lot of miles this month in shorter runs. 

Hubby and I are heading out to the hubby is a big Seth MacFarlane fan so we are going to see, A Million Ways to Die in the West, I like to laugh...hopefully it'll provide some ")  

Any fun plans this weekend? How much sleep do you need to feel good? Shedding animals making you crazy yet this season? 


  1. oh, i'm so excited to hear if you like that movie. i've seen the trailers and i can't decide if i want to risk it or not :)

  2. Late night update- movie was bad, bad, bad lol omg, I hate bathroom humor and it went had potential!!!

    1. Ah man, I thought it had potential too. I'm not a big Seth McFarlane fan, but I figured out of the million ways at least 3 or 4 would be funny ;) Oh well.

      Cecil sheds a lot too and he HATES being brushed. As soon as I put his little brush anywhere near his body he starts biting the heck out of it.

      I hope your long run this weekend is fun! I think you'll find the 4/1 intervals help you feel really strong throughout!

    2. There were very funny moments!! I just don't like bathroom humor...that scene in Bridemaids kind of kept me from wanting to see it more than once. My hubby thought it was awesome! I m trying to psych myself up for the run:)

  3. We are having a shed-fest at our house too. If the dog would only let me vacuum her, this would be so much easier. Sometimes I go periods without a 'real' longrun. I think my longest run in April was 7miles-ish. It really depends on what I am training for.

    1. Vacuuming the dog would be great lol I don't know why i worry so much - I am afraid my body will decide it doesn't want to long run anymore if I don't make it.

  4. Thanks for the movie idea! I think this may be one my hubby and I would both enjoy. :) My house is cat hair city!

    1. Your babies do have a ton of fur!! There are funny moments in the movie, I just didn't love it as much a my hub.

  5. Usually about 5-6 hours tops. But then every now and then I'll sleep for 8-10 hours, maybe playing catch up?

    I hear you re: the pet fur! Our puppy leaves us with a constant white hair covering over everything.

    No fun plans as yet. Watch this space. :)


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