Saturday, May 3, 2014

Long Runs (part 2) and Personal Walls

We made it! Our hilly 10 mile run was a success.
Smiling because we were done :) 

Avg Pace




1 10:40.0 1.00 10:40
2 10:42.8 1.00 10:43
3 10:56.7 1.00 10:57
4 10:53.5 1.00 10:54
5 10:50.3 1.00 10:51
6 10:45.3 1.00 10:45
7 10:54.4 1.00 10:54
8 10:28.9 1.00 10:29
9 10:26.8 1.00 10:27
10 9:58.1 1.00 9:58
11 :05.5 0.01 7:22 
No stressing about pace, we took our time, talked for several miles, and enjoyed it.
The bonus... I feel great, I showered, went on several errands, cooked dinner, threw in some laundry...and I feel ready to run again tomorrow :)
I am not saying I didn't have moments where I felt like I just wanted a break, or thought of a curse word on a hill, but overall it was a great long run. 
The question - could I have kept going? I am not sure...I was really ready to be done lol  My excitement peaked at mile eight because it was almost over.

When I ran my first half, it was kind of on a whim.  It was a trail race and the humidity had taken a leave that week (Sept. 2013) so I just went. My longest run ever up to that point was 10 miles. I believed inside I could run longer if I had motivation, but alone I was not having success pushing past 9 or 10 miles. 

After I ran my first half  I thought it would be easier to push myself into longer runs...but so far that hasn't panned out either.

I did a second half  last Oct. but it turned into a run/walk because it was so hot that day...Danville Half

In Montana (Oct. 2013) when I was on vacation I planned to tackle 13.1 running again just because I felt so bad about my Danville experience.  I ran 10 glorious miles and even in what were almost perfect conditions, I just couldn't push myself to keep going. I wasn't totally smart about planning it out though either. Day one of vacation I ran 3.11 mi, day two 8 mi, day three 7, mi, day four 9 mi, day five an 8 mi walk, and saved my long run for last. 
lol  I know! You are probably wondering what my IQ is lol 
I should have done the long run first and maybe I would have made it. No worries, all my runs in Montana were fresh mountain air, nature, happiness runs. Montana Post

The week after I got home I attempted a longer than 10 run again and made it...(drum-roll)10 miles lol
The following week in Nov. run buddy was half marathon training and invited me to run a 12 miler with her training team. I jumped at the chance. 2 hours and 3 min. later I had it done. I was so sick that day it's miracle I made it, but I did because others were there. Apparently I really need a group to keep me moving for that long.
I thought once I made it twelve miles I would be good to go! Surely I could bust out at least an 11 miler somewhere in the near future on my own...siggghh...bigger sigh...nope. lol 
Dec. I recorded two 9.3 runs and one 10 miler for the month, but couldn't find anything extra to push any runs longer
Jan. I ran 9.3 twice - one a training run and the other my Frostbite race.
Feb. 9.3 just once
March one 9 miler and one 10 miler
April one 9.3
and currently for 
May one 10 miler

Sometimes think I will never make it past ten miles on my own. There's a little part of me that wants run a marathon by my 50th birthday and there's part of me that thinks I am maxed out - just be content. 

I did sign up for the Richmond Half this November so I am going to complete another half (hopefully running strong) but I am not sure what else lies ahead for me, heck I am not even sure how I am going to train for the half yet. Join the training team or not?  It's a 30 minute drive to meet them at the crack of dawn, but I gain a group to keep me undecided. 

Do you have a personal distance wall that was/is hard to get past? how do you plan an 14, 16, 18, 20 miler? how do you keep from stopping? how do you even pick a route that long? 
I am so thankful you talk back to me :) 


  1. That distance is a double whammy! It's the double digits thing, partly. It creates a mental block. Having a partner to run with really makes the time fly!
    If I have a schedule, I am usually pretty good about following the distance lined out. My biggest obstacle is leaving early enough to get back in time for whatever else is going that day. A trick I like for doing a distance run is to do it out and back. Before my hydration pack, I set the water at the turn around so I have to get there.. or don't turn on any music until I get there. Then I have a distraction once I get to the spot. Having a friend on a long run usually makes it a lot more fun though! Today I went with 3 other people and it was a great party. I'm excited for you to do Richmond!

    1. I need to try to plan some tricks that in to my next long run, I like that :)

  2. Congrats and getting it done! The next time you run 10 miles, when you get to 10, think, "Could I run for 10 more minutes?" If the answer is yes, bust out one more mile! But don't plan it... it has to be on a whim or it's not a mental trick ;)

  3. Congrats on your race, well done. About the marathon, do it! It will be the best present for your birthday. On my 50th birthday I ran my 3rd and last marathon.

  4. Hey don't forget, those 9+ mile runs are still great runs. Since I've STARTED running my longest is 8 miles so you are way ahead of me. I really think that many miles needs some distractions like running buddy or music.

    1. You will get there :) Double digits are a challenge lol

  5. I agree with Richard there - the 9+ runs are still awesome runs! As are the 10+ runs, or 8+ runs, or even 3 or 4+ runs. Any run is a good run (providing there's no injury or pain).

    My own personal usual wall is in kilometres, and its more to do with the routes I run around here. So the schedule calls for 12.8 kms (converted from miles, 8 I think?) but my route, even with my add-ons to try and get it to the full distance is usually 11.8 at most. Oh well. I'm sure I make up the other km at some point during the day, seeing as we walk and cycle to get around.

    Maybe a way to keep from stopping would be to plan an out and back route (obviously better than I did with mine lol), so that when you get halfway there, you HAVE to keep going to complete your distance and to make it home, haha.

    Great blog post, thanks for writing! :)

    1. Thanks!! I have a cheat chart I use when it comes to km lol it's hard to talk running w/o it. I am always thinking how far is brain likes miles :)

  6. I think the double digit mile marker is a common wall for a lot of runners. I still vividly remember when I ran 10 miles: it was a a Saturday run with the LA Leggers (a big running group). I was overjoyed when we ran the 10 miles. I think I turned the whole weekend into one big celebration.

    1. I love that! That's how I felt when I ran the 12 milers with a group - I felt like I had won lol


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