Monday, May 12, 2014

Safety, Running at Dusk - Noxgear Review

This review is unsolicited from the company and just my personal experience with the product. Kasey, my run buddy, purchased this for me as a gift. I will share the link in case you want to check it out...

Kasey purchased the vests so we would have something super cool to illuminate us during our glow run. She also thought by increasing our visibility we would have some safer options for super early or evening runs trying to survive the summer heat.  

Ultimately our Glow Run post (you can see a few more pics here) was canceled, but we picked our own route and tested out the Noxgear Tracer 360. 

We ran a hilly 3.6 miles for our test run. 

Toward the end of our run it was pretty dark, but our safety vests helped light the way

The vest is actually just a soft nylon strap with very thin cords. We are both wearing the small size. It expands and tightens very easily and the strap is very flexible and comfy.  There are little black squeeze buttons to adjust the shoulder straps. 
Initially, before I tried it on, I was worried about how fragile the cords felt and wondered if they would stay securely in place. 
I was pleasantly surprised, once I got the cords adjusted snugly they stayed in place on my shoulders for the full 35 minutes we were running. A few minutes into running I realized the cords, although thin, are plenty sturdy. No bouncing pieces, no need to adjust anything, we both felt like we forgot we had it on. 

We love running gear that doesn't impede our running Ü

I loved all the color settings, including the options that pulse and flash.

This would be a fabulous vest for cyclists who want to be seen - the pack in the back is very lucid. 

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a way to be more visible without getting irritated by extra weight. 
Noxgear gets  5 ★★★★★  :)  from me.

Comment me if you have any questions or thoughts. 
I always respond :) 
 Thank you run buddy for an awesome gift 


  1. that looks awesome! i had one of the mesh reflective vests but i would never wear it cause it shifted around so much. this looks like it would be perfect!

  2. What a great gift- the gift of safety :) I used to have a blinking light I wore in the mornings but it broke and I haven't worn it in like 4 years.

    1. I have the little blinking lights for my running belt I had been using, but I like how bright this is :)

  3. I like that, I think I might be needing one, they really make you stand out! I have a reflective vest but I admit I don't wear it very often, just for relays

  4. That would of been fantastic at my glow run but after reading your post I'm thinking I need one for all my night runs. Even last night there were times I was worried about cars.

    Only question, do you know how much they run in price.?

  5. they have two models, one is 49.95 and the other is discounted a few $$ right now :) I ran four miles in it last night and I really do forget I have it on, it's comfy!

  6. Oh man, this would have been *perfect* for your glow run! I love that it lights up your path in the dark. I have a little light I wear on my shirt when running in the dark. I think it works well for alerting cars to my presence, but it doesn't light my path at all.

  7. That is an awesome gift from your running partner! I haven't had to run in the dark in a long time, so I haven't thought about being lit while running, but it was awesome to read your review.

  8. For safety purposes, high visibility Safety vest and Reflective tape are going to make you far more visible.


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