Sunday, May 11, 2014

What's Not Fun About Glowing?!

You know what's not fun?! When you don't get to glow and run (sad ๏̯̃๏ face). Yes, our long awaited Glow Run canceled because a strong storm rolled in.
Thunder and lots of wind came with all the wet 

We tried to be optimistic and get ready -

Kasey and I had been checking the radar and we knew the big green dot was almost past...but when we arrived at packet pick up they had tried to setup equipment too soon and it was damaged. Show canceled...we were pretty bummed. However, at packet pick up we chatted with lots of ladies (I took lots of group pics for folks) who had driven from as far as Pennsylvania (4hrs) Lynchburg,VA, and Washington DC and had hotel rooms for a girls over-night out and were decked out in special made glow t-shirts, we were fortunate we lived just a 30 minute ride away.

We picked up our shirts and took a few pictures by the sign...
It was still windy, but no rain 

The yellow straps around our waist are our super glow vests

Which looked like this in the dark 

No glow Zumba 30 minute warm up, no DJ, no brewski's at the after party, no face painting, but Kasey was determined and said, "Oh, we are still running!" LOL  Gotta love a running buddy who makes me suck it up and work a new plan. 
We were dressed and body glided up, we thought about downtown, but there were some shady characters roaming about and it was almost dark, and driving down there stressed me we did the 30 min. ride toward home and ended up running 3.6 miles in a neighborhood by her gym before it got totally dark.

We worked up a sweat so we still earned our bling...
...and enjoyed a late dinner around 9:30 p.m. and a few cocktails :) We did swap out our sweaty tanks for our race t-shirts so at least our shirts were dry for dinner. 

I was really looking forward to another a happy glow picture in the black light tent. This one made me smile all last year...
♥ We still salvaged some fun though ♥ 

and my hubby left me a mother's day treat I am enjoying as I write this...

he's working today, but this was the perfect way to make me feel appreciated

I will review those Noxgear fiber optic light vests we are wearing in a post coming soon :)
No questions today, just leave me any thought that pops to mind :) 


  1. so sad that you weren't able to have all the fun with glow-i-ness. sounds like it was still a good time with an awesome friend!! love it :)

  2. I was going to say what a bummer that the run got cancelled, but it looks like you two had a blast anyway! Hope you had a great Mother's Day!

  3. Thanks, I relaxed all day :) and it really did turn out okay for us!

  4. First thought was "that stinks" but then you ladies improvised and totally found an awesome way to make the best of it. Those vests are awesome wish I had one for our glow run. Way to go hubby, very nice little gift left for you.

    1. The vests are really cool. I am going to post more about them soon :) I love chocolate strawberries :)

  5. Wow, you and Casey are the epitome of dedicated! Sorry to hear that your run got cancelled. I am super impressed with how you two made the best of a not-so-great situation. I've never had to deal with a cancelled run, so this was really interesting to read!

    1. I think run buddy is more dedicated than me ;) I may have bagged w/o her!

  6. Oh what a bummer! I love how you rolled with it and had fun anyway.

  7. Big bummer, but you guys made the best of it and had great glow flair! :)


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