Monday, June 2, 2014

A Brief Brush with Ice

This morning was so nice...I just wanted to run. Never mind that my left knee was aching, enough that I had to ice it all morning under my desk. 
I want to run when it's cool - not work! 

Grumped all through my morning. Running is a serious addiction, I can be in pain and still be sad I missed a cool morning run opportunity. 
Here's how I ended up icing....
Saturday I ran until I hit double digits....just because, and when I made it to mile ten I did ask myself, "Could I do this 10 more minutes?" (thanks Megan) but it was not that day. I could feel the fatigue in my knee and it was getting really sunny. I will ask myself that question the next time I get going a little earlier. 
Sunday I went to my favorite trail spot just to take it easy and shake out my legs.
Parking to trail head 

I love the shade

I managed seven miles, but the loop is eight. The first mile - awesome, which surprised me because I just knew I was going to be tired.  The beginning of the trail is fairly flat, so I just sailed along...mile two when the hills start I could feel the fatigue hit my legs.
I pulled out my gymboss and started the 4 x 1 on mile three.
The 4 x 1 helped, but I probably should have stuck to a short recovery run. 
I am growing attached to this 

Over the hills and through the woods...

Thoughts mile by mile...
Mile 1 - 9:39 (sailing - whistling) 
Mile 2 - 10:19 (not bad, but legs feel heavy already) 
Mile 3 - 10:47 (4 x 1 is working ")
Mile 4- 10:32 ( I can do this) 
Mile 5 - 10:16 ( I feel sore, keep pushing it'll end sooner) 
Mile 6 - 11:29 ( oh crud, my knee hurts, slow down, you can do this really easy pace 2 more miles) 
Mile 7- 10:50 ( Yep, sore. I really don't need to run that last mile) 
and I didn't, because you just have to know when to stop.  

I hit went to the gym tonight and ran an easy pace 12 minutes just to get warmed for my upper body work out.  My knee was still feeling sore at the gym, but much improved. I worked out with my gym buddy and spent a good hour on upper body and even tried a new leg machine (new to me) for my hamstrings I have been unwilling to get on :) Next workout I will start trying to toughen up my legs. 
Just a few short hours after working out, I feel ready to roll again. Ice is a wonderful thing. 

Does anyone relate to my craziness? Sore and pouting because I can't run. Ever had a similar run? 


  1. My knee is bothering me right now too! I took lower body stuff today so hopefully it stops irritating me soon. I'm over it!

    1. Dang frustrating! Hope your knee behaves soon :)

  2. ABSOLUTELY! ! I was battling a cold sun and Mon and all I could think about was "I think I can still run" lol. Keep up the great work and watch that knee.

  3. WOW 10 miles on Saturday and 7 miles on Sunday!!!! !

    I am always pouty when I can't run. Pool running really helped me feel like I was doing *something* two weeks ago when my heel was bothering me. I know how silly it is, but every time I take two consecutive days off running I think "what if I never run again?!?!" hah!

    1. So do I!!I swear I think my legs will just refuse me lol Your pool looks awesome!

  4. ugh. i was sick all last week and was it was made worse because i couldn't run. must. have. endorphins.

  5. It stinks you got so sick, my run buddy just went through that too :( Cheers for coming back strong!

  6. Just now I don't run because I understood that I have a triple fracture!!! I feel bad not for the fractures but because I cannot run. However take care and don't push. All the best.

    1. I am sorry to hear you are still battling injury! Wishing you all the best

  7. I love the pouting My Little Pony! The minute I'm finished with one run, I start planning my next one, so I know EXACTLY how you feel!


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