Sunday, June 8, 2014

Bad Blogger

What a week!  The last few weeks at school are always a little extra crazy. Closing out senior grades, making sure all the home bound, online, and random grade issues are correct, phone calls from parents, schedule questions about next year, grade changes from teachers...

This year we are losing our data base on June 26th for summer. We are converting to a new program that should go live in August for next year so it's crucial our data is in order and we run every report known to man as backup just in case something doesn't go correctly during the conversion process. We already know parent contact data and phone numbers are an issue and fully expect to have to re key some information when the system comes up, but that's no all bad - it will be like practice to navigate the new layout. 

Sadly I may repeat my bad blogging behavior again this's sad, but I barely found time to read blogs let alone write one, but I will catch up with you all soon. 

I've been focused more on weight training these past few weeks. I have a gym buddy that helps spot me so I can push more weight. Building muscle will help in the long run (right?!!)
This week I felt extremely challenged fatigue wise. My only lovely run where I felt pretty perky...four treadmill miles. Saturday when I ran outside I only made it to a 5K and felt the fatigue hit my hamstrings and glutes especially. 
I day dream when I run outside of how crisp it felt when icicles hung on the trees 

I switched to the 4 x 1 method and ran a little over three more miles. I plan to go run a few treadmill miles today after I write this so that means just one rest day this week for me. Last week I took just one rest day also. I usually do four work outs a week. Trust me I am feeling it! 

This week: 
Warm Up Mile - 1.25 mi 0:12:06
Weight Training - .00 mi 1:29:27
3- rest 
4 Mile Treadmill Run - 4.00 mi 0:38:13
Stretching - .00 mi 0:10:58
2 Mile Treadmill Run - 2.01 mi 0:19:58
Treadmill - .34 mi 0:06:08
Weight Training - 1.14 mi 1:08:26
Warm Up Lap - 1.00 mi 0:10:13
Weight Training - 2.25 mi 1:29:02
5K - 3.12 mi 0:30:41
Walking - .43 mi 0:08:19
5K - 3.23 mi 0:33:07
Walking/Stretching - .34 mi 0:14:47
8 - Planned gym treadmill miles after I post this ") 


Last week...
Treadmill 3 Miler - 3.39 mi 0:35:14
Treadmill - .30 mi 0:06:36
Stretching/Leg Lifts - .00 mi 0:17:25
Treadmill Warm Up - 1.09 mi 0:11:03
Weight Training - .00 mi 1:05:19
28 - rest 
5K - 3.14 mi 0:29:34
Walking/Stretching - .23 mi 0:11:04
Warm Up Lap - 1.25 mi 0:12:04
Weight Training - .00 mi 1:20:58
10 Miler - 10.02 mi 1:45:42
Walking/Stretching - .74 mi 0:20:21
2 Miler Trail Run - 2.01 mi 0:20:03
5 Mile Trail Run - 5.02 mi 0:54:02
Walking - .33 mi 0:05:28
25.92 runningmi

The past few years I have done very minimal leg weight training (most of what I did was like toning) because so many moves seem to really aggravate my knees, however this week I found a short routine that didn't cause any pain so I guess it's time to try to start upping the weight. Building up my quads is something I really need. I am toying with dedicating July to really trying to build muscle and try to relax about how that will impact my running....but it's hard, I get nervous thinking about it. Always that little voice nagging me that my body will forget how to push and run. Sometimes I think I must be certifiably crazy to seriously believe I can make changes to my almost 48 year old body, but I don't want to give up. 
“When I was suddenly thrust into what everyone calls menopause (Orchids) earlier than my body planned, I decided someone needed to take charge on so many levels. It was time to not only change the vernacular, but to speak up and say "Hey! This isn't an old lady's disease! We aren't old! We are strong, and dammit we are beautiful and sexy too!” 
― Lisa Jey DavisOrchids: The New Black. How to Get Over Your Ovaries & Make 'The Change of Life' Your Bitch ( Love this quote and I want to believe it!)
I've noticed getting older is just like being a kid...flipped. Do you remember how after summer in elementary school you could see big changes to your friends? Well that's what happened to me after 46...the wrinkles, age spots on my skin, and gray hair are showing up in force now. Make the most out of your 30's and 40's and enjoy your hotness...that's my best advice. 

I also feel my consistent lack of sleep this past month has really impacted my energy levels. I like 9 hours, that's the magic number for me and I've mostly been running off  5 and 6 hours a night. Today I woke up at 6:30 a.m. got the cats settled and went back to sleep until 11:00 a.m.and it felt wonderful. I woke up feeling refreshed for the first time in a few weeks. 
I guess we all have spells where life just kind of rules you, but I need to get off that train! 
What do you think, take a month or two and really focus on weight training? Stop stressing about becoming the short run queen for a few months? Any tips or thoughts? 


  1. You always look so beautiful in all of your pictures. I think you are much too hard on yourself!!

    Lack of sleep stinks and it affects everything! I was so sore most of last week after squatting, and then after getting one good night of sleep I woke up feeling great! I hope you're able to get your 9 hours more consistently this week!

  2. xoxo - thank you Kristina :) I am trying to age gracefully, but it's a girl's hard!
    You are so right, after a hard work out if you can get a good nights sleep is sure does help. You are squatting a lot of weight, it will take me a long time to work up that.

  3. Work stress and lack of sleep are tough to work through but you did it, got out for your runs regardless, be proud of yourself. Also good job on the strength training, it will definitely help in the long run. Your actuality helping me, I've fallen off with my strength training and need to get back at it so thank you.

    Hopefully you'll find time to write this week, I'll miss your posts. I'll keep coming back to check regardless lol.

    1. I'm glad you keep in touch! I always look forward to your posts :) I will say it's hard to balance strength training and running!

  4. It's never too late to build muscle and weight train! That is awesome you found a program that doesn't aggravate your knee. I did a few lower body lifting sessions since my surgery and all of them has aggravated my leg. It is sad. I wish I could do what I used to do. Someday. Weight training will HELP your running, not hurt it!! You will be at less risk for injury and you will build up your fast twitch muscle fibers- which means you will get faster. :)

    1. I hope soon you can get back to old routine Meg :) I guess it took time as my legs have gotten a smidgen stronger they can tolerate more. I need faster!

  5. Lack of sleep is the worst. It's so hard! I find I have a lot of trouble getting good sleep when I travel. It always takes a few day to get use to a new place and by then it's time to go. I'll be struggling with it a lot this month! Hope things start to slow down soon for you!

    1. Sleeping in a new place is hard! I hope you have a good month EB :)

  6. I love the cartoon you posted -- haha! Your running mileage looks great considering you've had other priorities driving your week. I hope you get more sleep, too! As you know, I've been sleeping a whole lot lately.

  7. Ha! I look like that every day lately lol Sleep well Marnie and I sure hope you feel better soon!

  8. i think strength training is super important. building muscles is always worth it! i have a hard time getting up in the morning to "just" go lift weights though. it just doesn't seem to wake me up the same way running or cardio does....

    1. I am the same way until summer hits, the hot mornings are not motivating like winter did lol

  9. I found useful both weight training and swimming. Less runs and more cross trainings: I lost a bit of distance but not the speed.

    1. I worry about the distance, but hopefully I can build it again when it cools and I will be stronger.

  10. I think, don't be hard on yourself if you can't fit any planned exercise in (be it a run or weight training). When things are less busy and the weather is cooler you'll have heaps more time/energy/inclination to get out there! But yes, strength/weight training is a great complement to runners, and good for your whole body, as well as being a stronger/faster runner and helps keep our metabolism up high during the day, even when we're finished training. Win win. :)
    More sleep is AWESOME too. :) (I am guilty of never really getting enough slep, then every now and then I guess it catches up with me.)


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