Saturday, June 21, 2014

Four Miler Queen

So I have this running blog and I don't feel like much of a runner anymore...I don't know how I ever even ran a 10K, let alone thirteen miles, that just seems like some kind of dream I had. Seriously, as of late I have become the four miler queen...

I haven't even been outdoors much lately, unless it's to hike or walk.  
June 11th was my last outdoor run with run buddy in the rain. That's a big reason for my new status as Four Miler Queen, I just can't stay on the darn treadmill. 

I use to invest 5 or 6 hours a week running and maybe 2 hrs. to weight training, the past few weeks it has flipped, 5 to 6 hours of weight training and just a few hours running.

I don't weigh in often, maybe like once or twice a week since it's really hard for me to move weight off, but I did finally lose two pounds, a whopping two, so maybe changing up my routine was a good thing. But seriously, the weight came off in places I didn't really need to be losing it from. I am pretty sure my next bra shopping trip (sorry Schlub- TMI) will be for a training one, and my dreams of a J- Lo booty are not going to happen and yet I still have a lovely little tire around my middle that is hanging on for dear life. It's like my own personal floating device. What kind of ridiculousness is that?! 
Next months focus will be more core work for sure. 
I have been hovering close to my goal weight since late October, being 47 with a slow thyroid will teach you patience whether you want to learn it or not. 

I was really hot even though it was just 72 at 6 a.m. - the humidity was 99% 

I got all excited when I woke up this morning because it so overcast I was sure I could run at least an hour even if it was really humid. My 'long run' was going to be a 6 miler, sigh...such lofty dreams. I ran a 5K and I was dripping, so I walked 20 minutes and finally knocked out one more mile. 
It was odd, my legs felt pretty tired (from what????) and I just couldn't find the kind of motivation I usually posses. I was up till almost 1 a.m.- I know, duh!! I had my timer with me, I could have turned it on and started the Galloway method but I just didn't want to.
A big part of running is mental and I admit my mental game is a bit off, but physically I feel challenged in the heat and honestly, I just don't care to push it. Last summer I suffered and pushed! I did long runs even if it meant leaving at 5:30 a.m. I am not sure what has happened to me. 
I couldn't even see the sunrise there was so much haze this a.m 

I feel like maybe I am experiencing (I hate to say this out loud) my first little running schhhhlump.

I am already signed up for the Richmond Half in November so I know hope know the time will come when I start working on long runs again, but I guess I need to get past August first. My four ten hour work days a week go on until September when school starts. You would think I would feel ready to roll when I leave because of all the sitting, but it seems to do the opposite to me. 

I am going to start making at least one four miler each week a challenging progression run. If four miles is going to be my norm for the next few months I need to make it count.

If I make 70 miles this month, it'll be a miracle, I'll  let you know if I get there. 

The countdown is on...just a few more working days till I switch jobs. I am going to miss this place.
We are looking like Larry, Mo, and Curly 

 I will miss our technology leader, affectionately known as the Ginger god - I was able to be 
there for his first ever race Sweetheart 8K

Am I going to be able to run 13.1 ever again??????? 
(please say yes lol)

Tell me all about your last long run and let me live vicariously!! 


  1. Yes of course you're going to run 13 miles again!! It's ok to have ups and downs with running, and to go through phases. As soon as you have an event to train for I reckon your running motivation will come right back. Oh, and when that awful humidity is gone too that will help no end also. Please don't be hard on yourself! You're working crazy long days and it's hot/humid - it makes sense that long runs aren't going to happen. But doing all that weight training instead? That's great! Have you felt the weight training has led to the weight loss? (It's a great way to lose weight hey, as your metabolism is higher when you've got more muscle tone overall). Congratulations on your weight loss, that's great (if you are wanting to lose weight). I think weight stored around the middle is the last place it comes off, boo... I'm the same - weight comes straight off my (already tiny) boobs, rubbish...
    Hmmm, living vicariously through my last 'long' run? Well, I work in kilometres, so am not sure what it'd be in miles, but it was 21.5kms and the humidity was a killer. Now it's a rest day and I'm fully going to enjoy it (although may do some core work too, as I have definitely been neglecting this lately.)
    Sad to say goodbye to your workmates, but exciting new things and people to come! And good memories of your current school too I guess?
    Have a GREAT rest of your weekend Karen. Oops, have rambled on your post, sorry... :)

    1. I love to hear from you Lou :) I am trying to believe it will be okay to have a "break" but it's hard on the psyche. I am really enjoying my weight training, I have been spoiled with a gym buddy that helps me to push more then I was working alone. I do think it helped push the scale down and I did feel I just wanted a few more pounds off however it does stink you don't get a say in how they come off :) Enjoy your rest day, you strength is amazing and inspiring :)

  2. i feel like i can relate to so much that you said! like, i just ran 13 miles two weeks ago, why was three miles so hard this morning? also, why was this my first run since the half? where is all my interest in waking up early, strapping on my trusty garmin...and killin it. i feel completely deflated and i'm not sure how to get out of this funk. the good news is, i've been through this many many times in my running i know it will pass. but that doesn't make it any easier in the mean time.

    1. Dawn you ran an amazing race! I know isn't that crazy that one day you are running for two hours and now 30 minutes seems monumental. We will get the funk to go away soon and I am glad to hear you say it will pass :) I guess I have this little fear my body will just decide it can't run anymore...I need to block that!

  3. You are doing GREAT! I go through running slumps pretty frequently for someone who loves running. I would say every three months there comes a 1 to 2 week period where I don't want to run and every run is a mental struggle. Being such an experienced slumper I can tell you that you will definitely come out of it and that first awesome run when you do will feel SO good and you'll instantly WANT to run more than 4 miles. I have no doubt that by the time your fall half marathon rolls around you'll be ready! Plus the weather will be much nicer by then, and that will help a lot. During a slump I always have to remind myself to not be lazy and to actually cross train ... but you've totally got that covered!

    PS: I laughed at that "sorry schlub" note because I sometimes pause before hitting publish on a post thinking "oh poor richard, this is such a post for the ladies" haha. But I am sure with a running wife he has heard it all :)

    1. That's so funny Kristina :) I do the same thing about Richard and you are right I am sure he's heard it all lol I am surprised you feel like you slumper like that. I don't feel so alone now, I guess the up and downs are normal :) I did go run on the treadmill today and I felt wonderful just because I went to 4.5 miles lol

  4. Yesterday I headed out for a 4-miler and it turned into 7. It was one of those runs that just felt right and good. Nothing wrong with 4 miles, but don't worry, you'll get your running mojo back.

    1. Those are the best runs! I love getting a day when you feel like you could just keep going :) Love to hear that!

  5. Karen so are so cute in all of your pictures. Try to look on the bright side- all that lifting will do wonders for your running/weight loss. Maybe that is why you were able to tick 2lbs off this week- from upping your lifting frequency. Sometimes it's good to change things up. Oh and I know people who can't even run a mile so you being the 4 MILE QUEEN is nothing to sneeze at. :)

  6. My brain knows it will pay off and i do believe the shift in routine like that really helped, but you know what running does for my brain (that wonderful high) I have not figured how to get that feeling lifting...and I want it! Thanks for the kind words :)

  7. You are doing awesome Karen! Summer is always a hard time to get in longer runs because of the heat and humidity. Just think how much stronger you will be in the fall after all those hot 4 milers. :)

    1. I hope to feel strong this Fall and winter again, I am tying to work on my confidence and just enjoy the phase I am in. :) It does challenge me though


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