Friday, July 4, 2014

June Wrap Up

June is over...really?! It's July 4th? Happy 4th to everyone ") 

My son shares a birthday with our own family hero...Robert Bayne, my father-in-laws older brother was placed in an unmarked grave for decades and was finally returned home a few years ago. You can click the link if you would like to read more :) 
....The infantryman volunteered for the risky mission crossing the Rhine in March 1945. Three of the four American soldiers on that foray were killed, but only two bodies were identified at the end of the war.
Dental records from the third body did not match those that the Army had taken ( a mistake)  from Bayne at his induction. So the remains were classified unknown and interred in an unmarked soldier's grave in northern France.
Soldier at Rest (click)  (this is my favorite article) So many precious lives lost since our country was birthed, I feel grateful for my freedom. 

I wish I could just fast forward the next few months. I started my job and I am s-c-a-r-e-d to death. So many new things...what was I thinking?! My tummy is in knots, the first few days the knots felt as big as watermelons. I am trying to relax and tell myself one day at a time.

Facing the next 8 weeks of ten hour days makes me really nervous. I am so wiped out feeling when I leave, but I still want to maintain my four workouts a week goal. More than four is a always my mantra. 

June I stomped it, mainly because I had some time off work and that always makes things easier! Just 8 rest days last month, totally out of character for me. 
Week endings: 
June 7th - 25 miles (all in shorter runs ) 
June 14th - 13.5 miles 
June 21st - 18.6 miles (all in shorter runs ) 
June 28th - 31 miles (included my longer outside runs) 

I managed 88 running miles for June, which I really didn't expect. 70 miles is my usual target each month. I was riddled with doubts early in June that I would ever hit 70. 
I have considered dropping my mileage goal to 55 for July and August since I will be relying primarily on shorter treadmill runs and no time off. 
I am not really training for anything and I don't need to stress my self trying to meet unrealistic expectations. 

During June I invested about 17 hours to strength training, that is WAY more than my usual. I owe that to my gym buddy , having a spotter and someone to push me really made a difference. Gym buddy and I will be on different schedules now that my hours are so late, so I will mostly be on my own. I hope I can continue to make progress. In order to not frustrate myself I am going to set the goal at 3...well maybe 4, weight training hours a week. I figure something like this:
abs/back -  I really need to focus more on this
the few leg machines I can do/random day - probably more abs and core floor exercises
Those are my thoughts anyway, hopefully I can stay motivated without my work out buddy. 

Health Report: Saw my endocrinologist on June 30th - I still run low in the vitamin D and potassium dept., but I did improve my numbers in the last 6 months. Continuing to work on that daily :) 
Thyroid is still slow, not slow enough for meds yet, but I saw no improvement, so I have just resolved that I need to be careful about how and what I eat unless I want to put a lot of weight on. It is what it is... 

Best purchase this month: I splurged and purchased a Lululemon skirt. Pretty sure it was the most I ever spent on anything other than shoes, but it was so worth it. Super comfy, I love how it feels on, so yaaaa for feeling like it was a good splurge ") 

Streaking: Enjoying the Course - Streak Challenge Clarinda and I share a birthday (Aug. 10th) so I will attempt my first ever streak starting July 5th - run a mile each day...we shall see if I can do it! 

Random tip I learned this month: Never go to CVS on a Friday night and purchase wine and batteries at the same time. You will get strange looks.

Cheers! July is already in full swing...tell me anything, 


  1. I have lots of naughty thoughts about why you might want wine and batteries but I will keep them to myself hehehe! CUTE SKIRT. I have never worn a running skirt but they look cute!

    1. ha! the kid checking me out had quite a grin, it took me till the car and then I realized how sad that must look..old lady buying batteries and wine LOL I just needed the remote to work :) I am loving my running skirt, I have a hard time finding shorts!

  2. Great job Karen. Way to log some miles in the last week. And I am totally impressed with how much strength training you do. I need to get on it. I really like that Lulu skirt, I just wish their stuff was a little more in the budget. :)

    I once went to the store and bought only wine and TP. I got a few strange looks as well.

    1. TP is very important when enjoying wine or brew-skis :) The Lulu store is so expensive, I keep washing and wearing my skirt I really love it lol I started out very weak so I am not doing any real impressive weight but it's starting to do its job and I am finally firming up some.

  3. Thanks for linking to my birthday challenge. I'm excited you're doing it with me! Wine and batteries. Lol. And that Lulu skirt is adorable. The only times I've ever been to a Lululemon store was for free yoga classes. :-)

    1. Thanks Clarinda :) I am going to do my best to get that mile in. One Lulu is worth it. Bday coming up ")

  4. Wine and batteries ... *wink wink*


    Speaking of things to wink about, I thought of you this weekend when I ran across Kellan Lutz during my travels! :D I can confirm that he is very handsome in person, not that his looks were ever in question!

  5. LOL!! I hope you have a picture of him, geessssh those muscles


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