Sunday, July 6, 2014

Seven Things

Lou - Running Through China nominated me for a seven things you don't know about me post.
It's funny after you blog for awhile you think you have shared everything there is to share, but there are lots of things I haven't put out there yet. 

One of the rules of being nominated is to pick someone who inspires you.  All of you I read regularly inspire me for many different reasons on a daily basis, but many of you have done a post like this recently...I started thinking about nominating everyone again, and realized we could keep this circle going forever lol. 
I am passing this most inspiring award to Elisabeth she's a strong runner, has a very witty sense of humor, and I have been enjoying following her training for her first Ultra event.  
Post when ready EB :) 

Before I get rolling, check out the race description...
I looked this up because Elisabeth from qualified for this event with her June half marathon times. One of the best race descriptions I've ever read, made my knees knock for sure.


1. I love painted toes, but can't stand how nail polish feels on my fingernails so my hands are always "naked".
I love black & white polka dots, sometimes I do red & white ")

2. My first job ever was in a bakery in Baltimore, it cured me from wanting donuts, but I do enjoy these delightful treats to this day when I go back to Maryland. I was putting the fudge on these when I was 15 :)

3. As a kid I was picked on constantly for being overweight and pasty white. I always thought it quite unfair I was cursed with my uber paleness, weight issues, and never growing past the training bra stage...geesh, I could have dealt with one thing off the list, but all of it just seemed overkill to me. I was quite an emotional mess till I was in my 20's and started sorting it all out.

4. I LOVED (still do) Twilight. I went to the all day marathons all by myself. I couldn't find any real life friends goofy enough to enjoy this pleasure with me so my hubby came and ate lunch with me during the lunch recess. I love the soundtrack to the original movie, I listen to it on my IPOD all the time.

My all day Twilight pass lol and blonder hair, when my hair first went gray I tried going lighter
I switch colors quite often
Just in case you are cleaning house and need music. I love the opening two minutes...I use to listen to this hiking through the park near my house all the time. 

5. In the early 90's I fell in love with dcTalk. I have always loved music: country, christian, rock, rap...I spent hours listening to Elvis as a kid. True story, I saw Air Supply and AC/DC in concert the same year lol

Toby Mac, Michael Tait and Kevin Max had incredible chemistry together. This was at a concert at George Mason University 
Colored People, In the Light, What if I Stumble, the list of great songs goes on and on...
 Colored People - dcTalk (this song has a great msg- worth the click) 

Michael Tait (L) - Toby Mac (R)

6. I am so old, I actually participated in Hands Across America. I remember being thrilled we had a cute police officer posted near us and flirted the entire time. 
Hands_Across_America Info

7. I have been a Tony Stewart (Nascar) for a long time. Back in the 90's a fan site had a chat room and I spent lots of time chatting with these folks during races. We decided to meet up and sit together at South Boston speedway to watch Tony run a truck race. It turned out to be a blast and no one was an ax murderer... to my knowledge anyway. My hubby was upset I was going to meet up with online folks, but it turned out fine.
Goofy me in the black 
I'll be back later this week. I tried to run this morning, but guess what?!  An hour on the treadmill Saturday and several leg exercises left my legs to fatigued to run this morning. It took everything I had to squeeze out three slow miles...
Have a wonderful week everyone ") I am hoping to do better with the knotted feeling in my tummy at work, but honestly I am a nervous wreck. 

What was your first job? 


  1. My first job was at our family owned bait and tackle shop. Exciting! My toenails are almost always painted (to cover up my runner's toes), but fingernails rarely are because it chips to easily on my fingers.

    1. That's a fun first job :) It's good for us to pamper our running tootsies lol

  2. I was so proud of myself for not fan girling all over Kellan Lutz this weekend! I somehow never noticed in the twi movies but his voice is so sexy!

    My first job was as a Beauty Advisor at Walgreens. I worked the makeup and perfume counter. The cosmetics section is the only area of Walgreens that makes commission and I was consistently ranked #1 or #2 in the district lol. It was a point of pride for 17 year old me, haha.

    1. Awesome girl!! I love you kicked butt at the beauty counter :) Kellan is a hot dude!

  3. Thanks for picking me Karen! You are so sweet! I love these list awards because as much as we share on the internet about running and fitness, I know we are all really interesting people outside of that as well.

    I had a paper route as my first job. There were some chilly mornings delivering the paper at 5am in Maine! I don't miss it. :)

    Now to come up with 7 things! :)

    1. I love getting to know all my blogging buddies :) I feel like everyone has so much to offer! A paper route was a cool job when I was kid, but they always hired boys - the girls were back up only lol can you believe that?! 5 am. in Maine was surely chilly lol

  4. I loved reading the fun tidbits about you! I think we all have our story about teenage angst but I can relate to some bits of what you shared.

    My first job was a newspaper route. I lasted all of two months before I realized it was hard work -- way too hard for me!

    1. Those teenage days seeeeeem very long ago now (for me) lol Growing up can be tough stuff, but there's always something to laugh about. That's so cool, another newspaper gal :)

    2. Yeah I loved seeing that EB also had a paper route. Also forgot to say that I loved the Twilight series too (i was doubtful until I read the first book and couldn't put it down). I would have gone to the movie marathons with you!

    3. Well darn we could have munched popcorn together ") I read it a few times and the Midnight Sun draft is favorite of mine. I loved Hunger Games as well :)

  5. I also loved the Twilight movies! I don't know why.... they are so emo but I like them hahaha. Wow it would take me 3 days to run Pikes Peak. :)

    1. I am so glad I am not alone with my Twilight confession lol Pikes Peaks sound very scary to me! Can't wait to see if EB runs it lol

  6. My first job was working on the ranch for my dad. I loved it :) I always hated having pale skin, freckles and a training bra for life too, I could care less about it now mostly, except I still hate sunburns and wouldn't mind filling out a bigger bra but it sure isn't the end of the world anymore.

    1. I love that you got grow up on a ranch, I think that's amazing! Your kids are going to have great memories too. I am with you sunburn kills me, but I feel more confident now. You are beautiful Christy!

  7. EB is a great pick, I love reading her blog also. I always enjoy reading these "didn't know posts" because its always great to learn more about the writers that I like to follow. Makes me feel like I know them a little bit better.

    First job was at Walgreens, actually a really cool job.

  8. Another Walgreens employee ") EB has some fun adventures!

  9. Thanks for sharing these Karen!! I love the polka dot nails! So cute and groovy. :)


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