Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Finally...a longer run and I didn't encounter the invisible force field that wants to keep me from moving forward the whole time. Cool air works miracles for me. 

I was off work Monday and thankfully it was a lovely morning :) 
It wasn't all roses and rainbows, or a speedy run, and a few times I felt challenged to keep moving, but I finally got over the hump and had a few decent miles near the end.

Avg Pace

The first few miles of the route are hilly, so I tried to take it easy and not wear myself out. Mile four I felt exhausted and I worried a little, but I squashed that and told myself...

I took a power nap after I ran and enjoyed my day off.  We had a busy weekend and I needed a day to recover. 

It's amazing how my perspective changed after one run. I admit I was a little (okay, more than a little) discouraged last week, it was still really hot and I never ran outside, only 11 running miles logged last week. It's only 52 days to race day and I was feeling like maybe I shouldn't have signed up for 13.1 again. After Monday, I am feeling much more optimistic. 

Over the weekend I had a delightful time biking with my hubby, its been years since we visited the beach. Seriously...I forgot how wonderful the waves sound. 

The boardwalk-the bike path is on the left 

This is how we roll 

We rode a few hours Saturday, my legs were a little tired Sunday. Glad I waited until Monday to try a long run

We had fun buzzing up and down the path - I love biking because hubby and I can do it together :) 

Night shot of hubby walking the beach :)

Tell me anything  :) 
Do you have any other activity you love as much as running? 


  1. Is that VA Beach?? YAY for a nice, strong long one. I understand- if I have a few bad runs, even if it is due to weather, I wonder whether I lost my mojo. But nope. Our mojo always comes back. :) Hmmm activity I enjoy as much as running... Does eating count??? :)

    1. Yes, it is VA Beach :) I feel like after almost 3 months on the treadmill so much I had no pavement mojo left. Hopefully, I am on the right path now. I guess we all have rough runs, but the last few attempts outside before my run Monday really sucked the hope out of me. I love eating too lol and biking :)

  2. So glad you could make it out to the beach, especially since you haven't been in awhile...

    And congrats on keeping your head up on running. I would be frustrated, too, if most of my summer running had to happen indoors!

    1. I was so happy to visit the beach again. I am glad I got through the run, and hopefully no more whining from me about not being able to run outside lol

  3. Great long run, Karen!!
    The beach is wonderful. Here it is always about 10-20F cooler than inland, but dependably windy. We go for the fun of the sand and the waves, and the smells.
    Glad to see you are spending time with hubby riding the bikes!

    1. Thanks! It was a very windy day when we were biking,some of the gusts were pretty powerful. It's amazing how relaxing it is :)

  4. Awesome re: your long run, nap, AND day off! Monday sounded a great day. Love the getting perspective part too. You're going to do GREAT in your upcoming race!
    I love cycling too, almost as much as running! Your beach and cycle paths looks a lot like the beaches and paths of Newcastle, Australia (north of Sydney, New South Wales) so now I am a little 'home'-sick for Newcastle.
    I love your self talk of 'you feel fabulous' too - I will add that to my mantra list methinks. :)

    1. Why can't everyday be that like?! right lol I am working on your idea of a picnic in bed day- I love that. Australia sounds awesome, one day you will return and miss China :)

  5. We like to bike too but haven't been doing it for exercise lately, just as a form of transportation to get back and forth to the beach/oceanfront.

  6. I like the thought of normal commuting being exercise :)

  7. I like biking with my husband, too! Running in the heat is hard. Glad it was cooler and that you had a good 10 miler!

    1. Biking is easier to do together :) I will not miss summer for sure!

  8. GREAT job on the 10 miler! In the past when I trained for 13.2, the farthest I went was 9 miles--I always planned on adrenaline carrying me the rest of the way!
    I would like to like biking more than I do, because my husband LOVES it. But there is just something so simple about putting on your sneakers and heading out the door running. Luckily, he likes to run too! (He is just challenging to keep up with!)
    I think I would like biking more if I tried to switch gears more often...
    The cool, fall air has done wonders for my spirits and times too!

    1. That's great the whole family runs :) Last winter I maintained a base of 9 miles but when summer came I lost it, trying to recover it for me that's the perfect distance.

  9. YAY Karen! The power of cool weather is right! I'm sure you will have no trouble with that half. The beach look beautiful! Growing up near the ocean, I miss the scent. It reminds me of home. :)

    1. The ocean does have a special scent, hubby and I could smell it on everything even after we got home :)

  10. Way to go, Karen! 10 miles at a really good pace! You will be beyond fine for the Disney race, you're gonna kick butt and finish with a great time even with stopping for pictures!


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