Sunday, September 7, 2014

I Blinked and a Month Went By

I am not sure where to begin...

I spent over a month at a temporary location for work while the new building was getting ready. When we first moved into the new building we had constant internet issues, but finally we have students in the building and things seem to be rolling along nicely. My lap top at home was also experiencing issues, which my hubby seems to have solved, so hopefully I will have regular internet access now. 

Running, well I managed to keep my mileage up all summer but my stamina has certainly changed. 
July (81 miles) and August (85 miles)  I ran similar mileage, but not doing long runs for so long has really impacted my endurance.  I was feeling it on my last few runs, my stamina for long runs has really (sadly) slipped away.

July, I still manged to make a few longer runs and I didn't feel dead from it.
August, I ran for an hour a few times but most of my runs were shorter and the dreaded loss of endurance shifted in. Amazing how fast that can take place :/ The only thing I can hope is that I can build it again and that it doesn't kill me. 

Last week I attempted to run for an easy pace hour and half and I barely survived an hour and 10 minutes, granted it was very humid and I am not use to much outside running, but I have to get my half marathon training rolling and I feel like I am starting from scratch. 

One of my rare attempts at a trail run in August - I did manage an hour of running that day

My next event is November 15, the Richmond Half, and my second half is the Princess Half at Disney in February. I loaded a training calendar in to my Garmin calendar and I love the easy easy accountability of checking off my workouts, but right now all it's showing me is how behind I am.  I chose a three runs a week plan because I do seem to need rest and still plan to get some weight training in each week.

The plan is set up to help build endurance, it's not really a speed orientated plan. I am not really stuck on a time goal for either event.  I haven't been able to keep up with the plan already and if the temperature and humidity doesn't take leave soon, I am going to be a nut case. The temperate did drop from the upper 90's for the first time today, but it's still that sticky stagnant feeling when you walk outside. I just want to feel some cool dry air.  I plan to try to run for at least an hour later, it should be an hour and half run...who knows, maybe once I get rolling I will feel energized, yea probably not.

This summer really changed my routine as far as working out goes. 

I only took two complete no activity rest days in July.  In August I only took 5 rest days all month. The past year it's been the norm for me to work out four times a week, every once in awhile I would throw in a fifth day, everything I did was built around my running and increasing my distance

The switch this summer to primarily weight training and shorter runs more frequently, felt strange at first, but I have grown to enjoy it, especially living in humid, hot VA where six months out of the year are a challenge for me. I love a/c...just saying :)  

I am really excited to tell you hubby and I both got new bikes and he is going to start going on some biking adventures with me. I really ❤  a bike ride around the neighborhood after my work out. 

Hubby's new bike :) 
Treated to a nice view on  my last bike ride 

So to sum it up - 
I've been active, my weight's about the same, I got a bike and I love it :)  I don't feel like much of a runner anymore, I love my new office and most days I have internet working so hopefully I can get back into a regular routine and not drop off the face the earth for so long. 

I have been starting to read through blog posts again and I am enjoying catching up on what everyone is up too, but I still seem to be experiencing the comment issue quite often...I get a blocked message at work because of our filters...very frustrating!

Oh and here's what I spend a large amount of my time doing now. I am just passing this along in case it ever happens to you. 
Tweek, my toothless wonder

has decided in his old age he doesn't want to get in the litter box to tinkle anymore,  so I change pads several times a day 

This is just a tip in case you get a moody cat who decides getting in the litter is too much work. The pads are really absorbent, the brand Wal-Mart sells is not nearly as absorbent. 

I hope I have good running news to share with you soon! Tell me anything, I 'd love to hear from you  
Cheers - 


  1. Yay!!! Welcome back Karen!! So excited for you and hubby with your new bikes! Enjoy, and don't stress - am sure you're not really starting from scratch with your running endurance. Looking forward to hearing all about your upcoming training for those events too. :)

    1. I will try to be more steady now I really missed you all! I am loving the bike hubby and i just go very easy pace, but it is so nice and enjoyable. I hope the training gets better I feel like I forgot how to run lol

  2. Heyyyy welcome back! I was wondering where you went. :) Hey I wanted to tell you, Jelly is OBSESSED with Winter Birds- that vid you shared with me. I thought he was obsessed with my computer when he was into my screen saver, but Winter Birds has taken it to a whole new level. We watch it like twice a day!!!!

    1. Awwww, I love it! My hubby holds it for cats and it is funny to watch their reactions lol I am glad Jelly enjoys it! I feel out of the loop I am glad to be back :)

  3. Yay Karen! I am so impressed that you take so few rest days. Maybe I take too many of them! The summer is killer on endurance. It's really hard to get out there and log long miles without dropping the pace. You've got plenty of time to build back up for your halfs. Welcome back! :)

    1. I will be checking for your Snakebite post! I hate to be whining so I hope I can get it together soon and really start running. I really did miss you all :)

  4. I think you will be surprised at how fast your endurance comes back. Biking is great cross training. I am ready for the cooler fall air too!

    1. Fingers crossed :) Hubby and I are getting our bike rides in!

  5. WELCOME BACK KAREN! You have been missed!!! :)

    You will get that endurance back and fast as soon as the weather cools down a bit. It will give you renewed energy for getting out on long runs! I know just tonight the weather here dipped down into the 80s (brrr it was downright cold! haha) and it made my run feel so amazing!

    Tweek is adorable :) I had a kitty who demanded puppy pads too. The things we do to make our cats happy!

  6. I missed being here and reading my blogs regularly. I am still playing catch up...I hate missing stuff lol I was trying to be chill about my running woes, but I barely could run 4 miles the other night outside. Hoping for a temp drop here soon.
    Tweek is killing me lol It costs a a crazy amount weekly, but I don't know what else to do.

  7. I have an old toothless cat too! She still gets in the litter box, but her day's coming. Great tip!
    Your long run endurance will come back. It usually only takes about 3 longer runs a few weeks in a row to change things. Have fun with the bikes!

    1. It always makes me giggle that my toothless wonder continues to gain weight lol I hope that's so Raina, that would be a blessing if I could start to feel a little happier running. I will keep pushing on :)

  8. Welcome back! I figured you were just busy! It happens to all of us. But your blogging community will always be here!!


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