Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dear Diary,

Dear Diary, 
My legs are really, really tired today. I need a few rest days before my next long run, but I can't seem to make myself stop,kick my feet up, and enjoy the rest. 

Inspiration by Megan
"Borrowed" this little piece of inspiration from Megan
I have been eating pretty healthy lately (except for pizza night :/), but my portions, well they are bulging at the seams...I can't seem to reign it in. That's partly why I hate to stop and rest, I worry the extra pumpkin seeds, the late night pizza, will all turn into love handles instead of fuel. I am going to squash that thought and relax tonight. 

I ran 45 minutes on the treadmill last night because it was too sticky outside to enjoy a run after work and my legs felt heavy like tree trunks.  It's been five days since my last long run (which I felt great on) and I thought I should/would of felt fabulous last night, but guess what?! Yep, sometimes there is no logic, the legs just don't cooperate, but I pushed through it. 

Ran 10 miles
Ran 7 miles
Ran 2.5 miles
Ran 1.6 miles
Ran 4.6 miles
Bike ride for an hour
Hour session of upper body work
Bike ride a little over a hour - hilly
Hour session of upper body work
15 min. 
 Plan - easy pace bike ride w/hubby
Walked 20 minutes
Walked 30 minutes
Stretched 10 minutes

I am going to rest my legs until Saturday and hope that will put me in shape for a decent long run. My training guide thinks I am going to run for two hours...I am little worried I am not there yet, but I am determined to get at least 10 miles done. 

I will probably do some kind of weight training/core stuff  Friday and leave my legs out of the mix. 

Last week it was so easy to rest. I savored the rest days I took and felt great about it. This week...well it seems it could be a little underlying obsessiveness...but I am stronger. I choose to take this evening and relax. 

Anyone else struggling to just stop and take the darn rest days even though you feel tired?  Work out because you may have had an extra slice of pizza? 


  1. I totally believe in taking a break regularly. I think of it as a way to appreciate the times we are working hard... if we worked hard all the time (exercise, eating healthy, work), then we'd never know how hard we DO work!

    I've had days where my legs have felt like lead and that's when I know I'm overtraining. Hope your break til Saturday gives your legs the refresher they need!

  2. I used to hate a break, but I am learning if I don't it really catches up with me. I struggle with portion sizes too.. I really like to eat!

    Looks like a great week though!

  3. Since your running is picking up it makes sense that your portion sizes should increase also! No worries!

    I used to hate rest days, but since I started marathon training I have REALLY looked forward to and enjoyed them. Some days I still weight trained or did some other form of cross training, but a lot of weeks I took my rest day off and completed rested!

  4. I definitely know the feeling of needing to rest but then eating too much and thinking I CAN'T rest, I need to workout. I tell myself to reign it in a *little* on rests day but it doesn't always happen! I hope you have a wonderful long run this weekend!

  5. I have been anxiously awaiting my rest days during this marathon training session. I REALLY needed them! On my rest day yesterday I did NOTHING, but I did fuel by having 2 bowls of mint chocolate chip ice cream!

  6. First off, pizza night is my favorite night of the week!

    Take the rest days. They won't hurt and you will run even stronger afterward. I've learned (slowly) to love them. :)


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