Thursday, October 9, 2014

Not So Long Ago

Not so long ago I would have freaked out over the statement I am about to make...

I am not freaking out though, I am trying to remain calm and map out a plan. I did my long run on Sunday (12 miles) so, Monday after work it was destined to be a weight session for me. I got a good one in ツ
Two hours of all my upper body stuff, plus I did the leg press and calf machines. I did a quick 7 mile bike ride when I got home from the gym.
I love my bike so much because I can eat and get on it right away. I was so hungry when I came home from the gym, I was shoveling food in my face trying to get out the door so I could ride a little before dark. Sunset is getting really early here...6:42

Not my pic...

Tuesday - my hubby was off and I had hit it hard for two days, time for an all out rest day! We went to see Gone Girl- LOVED ") I have not read the book, so I loved all the surprise twists I wasn't expecting. 

Wednesday - hubby and I biked up to a local restaurant, ate dinner, and biked home :) Just 45 minutes of biking, but it was fun. 

And so it's Thursday and I've ran one mile. Monday, I ran a mile on the treadmill as warm up to my weight session. My hope is to run today after work.  According to my training guide I missed a 45 minute run of choice (easy pace or tempo). If I knock that out today it would put me in a good place to long run Saturday morning.

I am working on visualizing myself running after work today and mapping out the rest of the week...isn't writing your goal down supposed to help you achieve it? 
Just FYI- I always start a week with Monday because my Lose it app (I log daily) runs a week beginning Monday. 

So here it is...
Planned 45 minute run
Planned upper body weight session
Planned long run
Planned easy pace run w/run buddy
core work 

I am curious how you make it all happen in your you plan your workouts ahead of time, or do you just wing it according to how life is going? 

Do you ever plan based on how your body is feeling each day?


  1. When I'm not training for anything specific I run just based on how I am feeling that day!

    Do you do a lot of your weekly runs based on time instead of a set mileage? I have been thinking about playing around with that for some of my easy runs!

    1. The training plan I picked is more focused on endurance, so it is about time instead of the miles. It works well for me, especially after feeling such a loss of stamina. I never worry about pace, I just keep moving. I haven't done any run/walks lately. Last weekend for my 12 miler I slowed to 10:45 mile when I felt like I needed it. I have two more weekends of 2 hour runs. I am going to try to do them both and then the time of the runs shortens up. My half is Nov. 15th

    2. I meant to tell you- the first two hour runs it said you could run an hour and take a 10 min. walk break then run another hour. The last is steady run...I just chose to run for two hours w/o the break because i just need to get used to moving for that long don't have that issue, you can keep moving!!

  2. I am so excited to see Gone Girl! I am going to try to see it on Sun while hubby is watching football. Is it true we see Ben Affleck's penis? And NPH's???

    1. It's not that great of a nude shot LOL NPH's scene...just wait! Did you read the book? I kinda liked not knowing what was coming...I started reading it now :)

    2. Yes I read the book and LOVED IT. Finished it in one day and couldn't put it down. I think Paul and I are going to see it today. CAN'T WAIT FOR NAKED NPH!!!

    3. LOL, I think you will love it!! Have fun :)

  3. The last couple weeks of marathon training, I have been switching around days of my plan, and I took an extra day off each week too. (I need longer to recover these days...) Next spring I hope to incorporate cycling into my plan...It will be too cold this season. I squeeze runs in on the weekends around family life--which has included some VERY early am runs--ugh. You will make this one happen, you told us so! :)

    1. I did get my easy pace run done...but I got sick Friday, so I am popping Ziacam and I guess I will long run Sunday. I am with you on recovery, I have always needed a few full out rest days if I am doing long runs. Life makes it hard to stick to an exact plan!

  4. Great job on your workouts. I never plan any of my workouts bc if I am unable to complete them I get disappointed in myself. I have an idea on what I would like to do for the week. I have heard so many great reviews about Gone Girl. I think I may read the book first then rent it when it comes out. -L

  5. I am so impressed by your 2 hours of strength training! It's a miracle if I make it past 20 min without being bored. I like to plan my workouts ahead of time because there is a much better chance of them getting done. When I am not on a plan, I tend to slack off a bit. It's nice knowing exactly what I need to accomplish that day. I am also a big fan of post-its and lists, so that probably is part of it. :)

    1. Some days I just get on a roll and want to hit my muscles every way possible and do four sets. I have my days where I struggle to get to 30 minutes lol My running has made leg work almost non existent lately and really I am down upper work even...I like checking off a list too :)


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