Monday, November 24, 2014

About Last Week

Ran two miles on the treadmill, my legs were still feeling fatigued from my half on Saturday, so I did some legs lifts, stretching, and sit ups and headed home to be lazy.

I never sit alone
When I move, they look aggravated with me

The close of Fall - sent it out with pumpkin beer

 My boots were hard to zip over my calves #runnerproblems

 Deformed carrots frighten me

 My first real run after my half Thursday after work- nine easy paced miles 10:13 average pace

Tweeky looking despondent at the empty bowls

And we had a missing kitty for a little over 24 hours...

Junior, who has not been outside since he was four weeks old, popped the screen out in my son's room and jumped/fell from the second story window. We knew he would be too afraid to do anything but hide, so Kenny was searching for him close to the house. He discovered Junior in a tire in the neighbor's yard balled up. Overnight it was about 29 degrees...poor Junior. His right paw is sprained and swollen, and he is limping, but seems to be improving and otherwise okay. 

Junior recovering

Junior eating Saturday regaining his strength

Junior about four weeks old when my hubby rescued him the first time

Luckily the hubs spotted a piece of fur sticking out of the tire, or we may have never found him. He didn't make a peep. 

and finally Tweeky the toothless wonder had a meltdown over the weekend...

I discovered there is a path behind my gym that cuts through a neighborhood, it's a little hilly and pretty quiet. That means less treadmill, runs can be outside before my weight workouts :) 

Saturday ran three miles 9:45 average pace - went the gym and lifted upper body
Sunday ran three miles 9:55 average pace - went to gym and worked on core and legs.

How was your weekend? Are you cooking for Thanksgiving? 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Eats before the Race

I promise I will stop talking about my half after would think I ran a marathon :)

Seriously, I think this is some kind of posting record for me...I usually am lucky to get a post a week up lol

Two days before a race I tend to make an effort to be picky and eat things I think will benefit me. In taper mode, I am not worried about my protein numbers, fat grams, etc...I just eat.
I make an extra effort to drink lots of water two days before also.

I try to not to eat frozen food often, but I do love Mrs. T's Pierogies, one of my favorite go to's.  A super quick, easy to digest meal, I can boil in 6 minutes. They never make my tummy feel bad.
Fact: I ate them for breakfast before my 10K and 15K runs last winter.

I love Pierogies: boiled, completely plain, with cheese, sauteed, tossed with onions, often I toss brussels sprouts with them, any way you make them, they taste great.

Before my half marathon: 
6: 30 a.m. Gluten free waffle with peanut butter and pollaner (fiber) jelly

10:30 a.m. 6 pierogies (boiled completely plain)
11:30 a.m. cantaloupe and honey dew pieces, surprise smoothie visit by hubby ") at work 
1:30 p.m. baby carrots

6:00 p.m. my favorite yummy lo mein and squash dish with sunflower seeds. I had sesame flat bread and rice with it. 


Before my half marathon: 
I woke up and ran 15 minutes and did about 35 push ups and stretched.
7:00 a.m. Gluten free waffle with peanut butter and pollaner (fiber) jelly
10:44 a.m. flour tortilla with pepper jack and american cheese. a scoop of guacamole and salsa
1:00 p.m. a few baby carrots
4:30 p.m. an early Linguine dinner
tomato and onions cooked-in wine with a little bit of sunflower oil, asparagus and squash added just long enough to get tender, poured over green Linguine. Topped it with Parmesan cheese, so yummy. 
I actually cooked Marnie

Saturday I ran and felt great! I ate a peanut-butter and jelly waffle for breakfast. 

What foods do you love? What are your favorite go to's? Do you plan out what you eat a few days before a race? 
Anyone get on peanut butter and jelly kicks like me? 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Megan's Liebster Nomination

These posts really are fun to do :) and I have another to follow very soon that Marie Alessandra nominated me for. 

Thank you Megan for nominating me. 
Check our her Liebster post. 
1. What is your current health related goal?
To not be 48 years old. 
To see the Mockingjay movie...
Okay seriously,
I gained about 25 lbs. in 2010 and even though I've changed my eating habits, log all my food and exercise, took up running, and recently (May) started doing more than just "toning" stuff...I can't get the weight off due to my slowing thyroid. I've lost about 14 - 15 lbs. I try to keep my focus on getting stronger, but I will admit, some days the scale still gets to me, especially when its current trend is up. I just need a few more pounds off. 

get out of the red is always my motto :) 

2. What is your biggest irrational fear?
I usually think about a spider crawling in my mouth when I am sleeping. That could happen, right? 

3. Do you enjoy wrapping presents?
Oh no...I am not good with presents at all. I don't mind wrapping, but I am not too fancy about it. 

4. What's your favorite cross training activity?
Lifting and upper body for sure. I also really love biking with my hubby, but we haven't been going enough lately.

5. If I came to visit you, what would we do? 
Run my favorite four mile trail loop, or ride to Farmville and run the High Bridge Trail I have been dying to get back to.

I would probably try to convince you to have some wine with me after a run :)

6. You have 2 weeks off of work and 2 round trip plane tickets to ANYWHERE. Where would you go and who would you take?
Kenny and I are going on a cruise in Alaska! 

7.  What's the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you during a run or race?
I was rather embarrassed about how I just fell out in the grass, after a 3 mile run at Maymont park last July. "The feeling of fuzziness and light headedness persisted and I really thought I might drop. I hate to not finish something so I was determined to keep going to cross the start/finish, but when I crossed I was down. I plopped on the grass praying I wouldn't get sick. Kasey got me water, but I had a hard time getting it down because I was so nauseous. I had to sit there quite a while to recover."

My blurry finish line picture - not sure if you can tell, but I was pretty red, I was way overheated

This is one of the reasons I took a break and ran on the treadmill a lot this summer. I couldn't see the point in pushing myself that much for any reason.

8. Tell me the 3 best days of your life. Or at least the first 3 that pop into your mind.

Getting married - No digital pictures (cause it was so long ago) and I couldn't get my scanner to work :( 

Andrew being born - also a long time ago (24 yrs.) 

Andrew's high school graduation in 2008. I had a few moments where I thought it would never happen lol

He was a cute baby...

...and a cute little cowboy 

and cute all grown up (2011 Christmas pic) I am not sure if you tell, but his hair is very brown and his beard is red like my hair :) 

9. Okay, you HAVE to eat a fast food meal. What restaurant would you choose and what would you order?
Taco Bell - Mexican pizza no meat, and a seven layer burrito. I love both those fast food items, you don't have to force me :)

10. Have you ever met a celebrity?
Tony Stewart - and some other NASCAR drivers
Carlos Mencia - Birthday post
Members of dcTalk, Casting Crowns, Stephen Curtis Chapman

I did not get to meet Jay Leno, but we saw him live in Vegas and I love Leno :) 
Kenny met Ollie North, but I couldn't get the scanner to work. 

11. Share a picture of yourself in non workout clothes!
Love my honey xoxoxo

25th Anniversary photo 

Happy Hump Day!!! 
Tell me anything ;) Taco Bell lover? Want to go to Alaska

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


My half marathon pace break down. 
Since I don't get to race often, I always have too much to say about races. 
The obsessive part of me can't help thinking about each mile and what it felt like. 

A few thoughts about pace: 
I have always felt 2:10 would my dream finish time. My typical pace hovers around a ten minute mile, but to hold that pace for 13.1 hasn't happened for me...till last Saturday :) My Richmond Half Post

I do not feel I could ever just go out and run a steady ten minute mile pace. I tend to vary my pace on all my runs. It doesn't come natural to me to just pick a rhythm and stay there no matter what...just doesn't happen.  

My strongest 15K run last winter was a 9:42 avg pace. It took me quite awhile to get strong enough to start shaving some seconds of my pace at that distance. I am not sure how long it would take to get strong enough to push for a half at that pace. 

Glancing at my splits it may look like I left a little on the table, but I really feel if I ever beat this time it will be in seconds only.   

My training runs were all very easy paced, averaging closer to a 10:30ish pace, and they all felt fairly challenging,  I was really worried about matching my 2:13:03 from last year. 

Last winter, after several months of training, I was at a point I could run a sub 60 10K pretty consistently, but I am no where near that currently. I had to pick a realistic 10K time to shoot for, so I wouldn't completely burn out. In the present, an hour 10K feels pretty challenging to me.

and doesn't come natural to me to pick it up at the end. A few training runs I was able to end with a few strong miles, but I am glad I made the decision standing at the line to just push until I felt like I needed to slow up. 

So breaking it down-

Avg Pace
Summary  2:10:10.9           13.22        avg. 9:51















My official time was 2:10:06 - my Garmin was on it ") 

Mile 1: 8:59 
looks like, uh-oh overdoing it, but honestly, it didn't feel difficult, I was consciously trying to stay at a pace that felt manageable. I was just that cold, trying to get warmed up. 

Mile 2, 3, 4: 9:34, 9:36, 9:48,  mile three was my first peek at my Garmin, and I realized I had just run a pretty good 5K time for me. I was feeling fairly relaxed and happy.

Mile 5: 10:06
I couldn't tell you why I slowed a bit, there is only one real hill and a lot was downhill, who knows, that's the mystery of running. 

This course actually had a little less elevation gain than I am used to running, but I still didn't feel I should I push it on the hills.  Powering up a hill can wipe me out. 

Mile 6, 7: 9:59, 9:48 I knew I made my hour 10K goal, just plugging long enjoying the park

Mile 8: 10:42

Still feeling pretty good, but I walked (maybe too slow) the hydration stop so I could swallow

Mile 9: 10:27
I was worried about getting a cramp so I easy paced it, too easy?? First glance I would say yes, but honestly I felt so tired mile twelve, maybe this was okay.

Mile 10: 9:52
My happy boost seeing Kenny")

Mile 11: 10:01

Wasn't I feeling great a few minutes ago?? I really did try to push, my body just said no. Also, the course really narrowed here and after feeling like it had been pretty roomy, I felt a little too crowded in. 

Mile 12: 10:15
How can I be this tired? 
I did try some self talk at this point.
Run hard, you will feel upset later if you don't...
Pick it up, you are almost done...
It's hard to put together 11 good miles, take full advantage if it, but nothing really worked...

Mile twelve felt rough. Even being that close to the end it was hard to make anything other than just plugging along happen.  This is why I get nervous thinking about 26.2 - I went from really smiley and feeling great, to not being able to really dig deep that quick. Oh, and one other small issue, I've never ran farther than a half and when I finished I really wanted to be done! 
See how I talk myself out of 26.2? 

Mile 13: 9:27 Thank goodness for downhill ")

After I  arrived home, I was not looking quite as fresh as the morning lol I was dying to shower at this point.

 It didn't take long before everyone was enjoying a turn on my new blanket.

Even when I have a really good run going, I always have a few moments (or more) where I feel worn out. Anyone relate? 
or does that get better the longer you've been running?
Do you analyze your races after you are done? Have you ever experienced very tired moments in the middle, or at the end of a great run? 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

American Family Fitness Half Marathon

Like my outfit? lol My sweet hubby rode me downtown, and gave up an old pair of jammies so I wouldn't freeze. 

I did shed a layer right before the start of the race.

Waiting at the start line, I panicked that twice wasn't enough trips to the port of potties, so I darted over to see about a third trip. The line was huge and I had about 4 minutes till my wave left, so I hopped back in the group and tried to tell myself I was being ridiculous, I was fine. 

It was about 34 degrees at the start. I did some skipping, stretching, and walking, but no real run before the start, but I could tell my legs were feeling pretty spunky. 

Waiting at the start line, I was thinking about Elisabeth's recent post about her PR marathon, and how she adjusted her plan during her run, and about how nothing earth shattering happened when she picked up the pace, so she kept going. Her post about her sub 4 marathon is great :) Give it a click, it is sure to make you smile. 

So, while standing at the line, inspired by EB's post, I plotted a race strategy (always the best time) and decided just go with the flow. Get it while you feel fresh, and recover when needed. I haven't run a sub 60 10K since last May, but I felt like I could reasonably be at the 10K point in an hour, it wouldn't burn me out, and it would help my overall time.

I took off and it was cold, so I went quick enough to try to get my blood flowing.  Mile one was my fastest mile lol Freezing helped me shave a minute off my typical pace. 

About a mile and a half in, I heard my name...which surprised me, it was the friend I ran with at the beach for one of my training runs. She snapped this :) She said it was blurry because I was running so fast lol

Mile two, three, four, five, I felt pretty good, just cruising along. Mile six a clock was set up at the 10K point, I checked my Garmin and knew I had made my hour goal, 1:00:25. I was in a good mood.

Bryan Park till about mile nine is the hilly section of the course, so I knew I would slow down some, but even if I ran a 63 minute 10K I knew I could come in under 2:13:03, my time I wanted to beat. 

All the hydration action happened at mile eight. I didn't want to drink too early and I didn't want to wait till I was totally spent (usually mile 10 or 11 for me) so I picked mile eight. 

I actually walked through the stop so I could get my powerade down. I took a swish of water, and to my delight a family had a beer table set up a few steps away, so I enjoyed a good swig of  beer. So tasty! 
I took off easy pace for the next mile because I didn't want to get a cramp. I don't hydrate often while running, so I am not used to it. 

Mile ten 

I saw Kenny hanging out at mile ten and it gave me a serious happy boost.  I also knew I was close to mile twelve, which is all downhill and I was really looking forward to that. 
Santa was hanging out at mile eleven and I remember running by him thinking, I should pick it up now, but my body just wouldn't respond. I tried not to worry about it and just pushed on, downhill is coming...downhill is coming...I kept telling myself. Finishing any race course downhill is a fantastic idea :) 

The downhill section was the boost I needed, I kicked it up a notch and went, and I have the awful race photos to prove it. The faces I make when I am serious running are horrendous lol I can not decide if I am going to purchase them. 

I crossed the line and called Kenny, and he was only a few minutes away. The city had closed roads all over, and when he left mile ten to try to get the finish, he never made it. Stuck in traffic. I ran up the hill and hopped in his car, no post race food or anything lol The island where the post race party was happening was packed, and the finish line area was packed, and honestly I was glad to get out of the crowd. 

With my blanket and medal post race

That's my, "I am freezing, snap the picture face!"

Guess where I went for lunch - Waffle House
Super healthy and delicious (Yea, right)!
Seriously best eggs and hash-browns ever.

Oh, my finish time 2:10:06  ♥ ♥ 

My official 10K split was 1:00:22 
That means I can run easy  paced  happy  all winter now! 
I beat my best half time from last winter.

How was your weekend? How much do you hydrate for 13.1? Ever tried a swig of beer during a run :)