Monday, November 3, 2014


So Halloween happened and no run on Saturday morning, yep I flaked out and slept, and it felt great. 
Come and get some candy kids lol 

Saturday, hubby and I headed up to Baltimore for an overnight. A surprise party for a friend's 25th wedding anniversary.

Mike and Sandy's 25th surprise party
It was really fun, but no time for running. 

I had not seen these girls since the late 80's
L to R: Kelly, Sandy (anniversary gal), me, Michele, Gail 

Brenda in the red planned the whole party :) She is awesome 
Lots of bad dancing late into the night  - so many laughs 

I did get an ab work out in from laughing

This tray had some kind of awesome chocolate truffles and 

petits fours

 ~ wish I knew who ate them all

Last night when we got home I wasn't really ready for running, so hubby and biked a bit before dark. 

I needed to work on getting hydrated for some reason...

Guess who else is celebrating 25 years soon - Nov. 8th ")
It was kind of crazy timing right at the end of my training cycle to be skipping days, but sometimes life happens. The rest actually felt good, even though I ate atrociously, well actually I ate pretty healthy food, I just indulged in truffles, cake, and some kind of delightful cheesecake brownie over the course of a few days, but hey, maybe that will turn into good fuel for tonight's run :/

I am itching to get my run in tonight, I hope my legs remember how. 

I live fairly disciplined most of the time, but sometimes I just need a break from it all. 

How strict are you when training? have you ever missed a big celebration or life event because of running? 

edit update: We used Uber for our ride to and from the party and it was awesome! 


  1. Awesome awesome weekend. Agree 100% that life happens and we have to enjoy it as much as possible. Wow 25 years, how you two have something special planned.

  2. The bad dancing looks like so much fun! We celebrated the 25th a couple of years ago. I'm fairly flexible with my training. I don't think I've missed anything important due to running.

  3. Looks like you had a great weekend. I would chose that over running as well. A run will always be there, it's just finding the motivation to do it. I haven't ran since MCM last Sunday. My excuse is still recovering. But I think I am going to have to find another excuse soon or just start admitting that I've been lazy...haha. -L

  4. I think it is good to take a break from running sometimes, I think maybe I should do it more often! Looks like you had a fun weekend and made the most of it. Congrats on 25 years soon! I am almost to 9! Time flies doesn't it!

  5. Wow! congrats on almost 25 years! (I am right behind you...22!) I wouldn't miss an event like that for a run, life happens--enjoy! Besides dancing and laughing should count as cross training!

  6. Congrats on your upcoming anniversary!! That's so awesome. I hope you two have something super romantic planned!

    Whenever I skip training runs I just remind myself that I'm not an elite runner and having balance in life is good. Plus you can usually make up the missed miles later in the week by tacking on a couple extra here and there! :)

    That party looks like a blast - laughing is my kind of ab workout!

  7. I'm never strict with my training plans. If something comes up and life happens, ah well! It will all work out in the end!

  8. Sounds like you had a pretty great weekend even though you didn't have time for running :)
    Congrats on the (very soon) 25th anniverdary :D

    I try being strict, but it's not always so easy haha :) Don't think I've ever missed anything important because of running.

  9. Congrats on the big anniversary this coming weekend! Looks like you all had tons of fun at the party! ;)

    I've been having trouble hitting workouts at the end of my current training cycle too. I keep trying to remind myself that the hay is in the barn, the hard work is all done. Hopefully it works!

  10. You and your hubby are so freaking cute! 25 years soon!!?? You will have to share with us your happy marriage tips. :)

  11. Sounds like it was a great weekend with friends. And such a good reason to skip the running. I don't think I've ever missed a big celebration or life event because of running. I love running but it didn't rule my life (when I was running regularly)...


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