Wednesday, January 14, 2015

It's a Wrap

I am home having a snow day! 
Technically it's an ice day...
see the lovely sheet covering everything.

I didn't get to race much last year, but I did run 1,058 miles and set a few new PR's. I can spend 2015 making myself crazy trying to match or beat them now. 

My running schedule for 2014: 
Jan. 19th - 15K 
Feb. 9th - 8K
March 29th - 10K
April 6th - 5K  Team Soup Run (Campbell's run) 
April 12th - 15K 
May 10th - Glow Run-canceled due to weather
Nov. 15th - Richmond Half 

yep, that was all it...

2014 started off with the Frostbite 15K 
 a 15K, I am sad I am not running it this year. 

February - The sweetheart 8K 


Monument Ave 10K - rained the whole race 
I was smiling when I got home, but I got very sick that night

My PR 10K finish - I had run it faster in training, but I was happy with my finish, it was humid and raining the whole race

Team Soup 5K - it was very cool this day, I felt like I was flying lol 
My PR 5K - but the course was short :/

The weekend after my 5K I ran another 15K

I was about 40 seconds slower than in January, but I didn't care I had fun


In May, run buddy and I were supposed to run a fun event together, but a storm blew in and damaged a bunch of equipment so...
we put on our own glow gear and ran our own race 

June and July - I had a few great hiking days 

I never plan races in summer

Over the summer I cheered for run buddy running in the heat...

and did cross training at the shooting range 

was entertained by my cats - see Junior's hiding spot lol genius...

had a fun beach - biking getaway weekend with my love :) 

and finally November rolled around...

November - 25th anniversary 

November - the Richmond Half 

It seems impossible, but my 2015 race schedule may be even skimpier, but as long as I can keep running it will be a good year. 

Do you run a lot of the same events year after year? 
Would you get bored with running if you could't race a lot? 


  1. I used to run a lot of the same races. In 2014, i tried to run new ones which I will probably repeat since I liked most of them. Yes, if I didn't race, I probably wouldn't run.

  2. Congrats on a wonderful year!! My racing varies year to year depending what I can fit in the schedule (and budget). It really just depends on life. Without racing, I look for other challenges like new trails or new buddies.

  3. You had a great year! I love Junior's hiding place. If I like a race, I will often repeat it. I'm afraid I would be bored without racing, unless it was summer and I could water ski instead. I would be very OK with that!

  4. I don't like to run a lot of the same races year to year. I'm making an exception this year for the Chicago marathon (if I get in) and the CARA 10 miler, which I just love. Small and fast, it's a race for runners!

  5. You've had a greaw running year. I don't think I will be running as many races as I did last yr either and that's ok. I feel as long as you run and keep up your fitness that's all that matter. As much as I love the races I do yr after yr it starts to become very expensive. -L

  6. I used to do every local race that I could, but I have really cut back. There are a few I try to do every year, but I try for new ones too now. Looks like you had a great year! I love your pretty hair and congrats on 25 years.

  7. That is a great year, a ton of milestones. I still love the glow run, those vests were awesome. I say as long as your running at the beginning if the year and running at the end of the year, that's a success. We typically enter the same races, we try new ones or finds are running and if they stink we mark them of our list.

  8. What a year! I remember a lot of these events. :) That picture of your cat is hilarious! Demon cat...

  9. What an awesome year! I'm especially jealous of the photo where you look like you're on top of the world...

  10. Looks like you had a pretty amazing year! :D
    My first race was in 2014, so I can't really say I run the same races year after year, BUT I have signed up for all the races I ran in 2014 this year aswell hahahah! :D So yes xD
    No, I don't think I'd get bored. I just love to run :)


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