Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Tag Your IT!!

I was tagged by Megan of Meg Go Run to share my running favorites with you ❤

Megan has some great posts about running and all around fitness and lifting

I recently did another Tag Your It post, tag-your-it post 1 because Darlene tagged me   soooo, I had to get a little creative with my answers this go round!

One of my favorite posts by Darlene is here...
I will tag Maddie from
Kim from
Stefano fromRun with the Black Knight
if you would like to join in the fun, maybe add your favorite race:) 

Favorite Running Place
I run 98% of the time just because...but I love to run in a race environment:) Anywhere in a race is my favorite running space! I enjoy the atmosphere, the water and Gatorade support, the free running lane in the road, folks who chat with you about their race goals, 
nice people giving me bananas at the end, the little extra adrenaline kick knowing you are being chip timed (or worse clock timed) and the occasional funny signs that make me chuckle! 

My cheek muscles were sore, I smiled so much during my Disney Princess Half. 
I never throw my arms up in exhilaration when I run around the neighborhood, only on a race day lol 

Time of Day
I am not really a morning person, but I run my best in the morning. 
I like how my tummy feels in the morning too, much less stuff sloshing around. 
And it's cooler...
Monday 5-4-15   Booo!
Coming out of work and seeing these temps gives me zero motivation to lace up and run. 

Ideal Weather

Currently, I know my last "good run" for awhile is looming...

When I go out the door and feel some crisp air in the 40's, or very low 50's, it puts a little fire in my belly and extra spunk in my step. At those temperatures, I have the best control over my coping skills. I feel strong, ready, agile, and I can make the most of all the other variables that go into running: like eating, training, sleeping, and hydrating. 
Weather is the one piece of armor I can not choose when it comes to running. Often the culmination of all those things are determined by one the weather was. More specifically, heat. In the past, it has treated me cruel. I have learned I just have to let the pace go, typically I run at least a minute a mile slower, or more. A "good run" is not just about the pace, it's about how you feel doing it. I've had some awesome, not so fast long runs, and I loved every minute of, as well.

Tuesday a.m. it was 65 degrees and 62% humidity. It felt comfortable till I started running. I struggled to maintain a 10:00 min. mile pace. I kept telling myself (for 3 miles) it's not THAT hot yet, but my body just feels heavier, it's perplexing to me how labored I feel as the temperature climbs. Finally, 3 miles into my run, my body started to cooperate and I ran happy for 3 more miles, dripping in sweat, but at least I felt really good.  

Like I said, as the temperatures increase, my last good run is looming...
maybe it was that last 3 miles...who knows?! 

I am going to do my best not to whine all summer. 
I am going to use the Galloway method when necessary, and try to survive the ruthless VA humidity.

I stand outside every morning at work and do bus duty here. I love when it's in the 70's! It feels amazing to me as long as I am not running.


I want a hand held option to work for me, but I am undecided. I tried a little experiment and carried my phone in my hand the past few weeks for my morning runs. Well, when it was cooler, it was fine, I kept switching hands, no problem. Tuesday when I was a bit hotter it drove me crazy, in the belt it went by mile two...
guess I will have to go back to wearing my Nathan pack on my back. 

EB from Running on E got me addicted to nuun

Seriously, just knowing what I accomplished is the best reward!
I try to not think of food as a reward, it's just fuel...okay, if I am honest cheesecake is a reward. After a long run, I've been known to indulge. I don't do it often, but I savor every bite when I eat it. 

An adult beverage is often my chosen reward.


How do you feel about summer running? Are you able to adjust to it? Do you typically lose pace? Do you carry a small or large handheld hydration device ever? 
Have a favorite adult beverage? 


  1. Summer is rough, I definitely see a drop off when we get up above 100*. I always carry my water pack with me. Of course I run more trails but I like being able to take everything with me.

    1. 100! I guess you are used to heat in AZ - maybe I could tolerate it with less humidity but i am not sure, the humidity is thick here a lot of the summer.

  2. OMG your Disney Princess outfit is amazing! I struggle with summer running. I try to get out as early a possible to minimize the heat.

    1. Mee too, even the birds aren't singing that early sometimes lol
      Thank you, I was trying to look Pocahontas like :)

  3. Lately it has been the perfect running weather. Before it gets too hot this summer. However there will be no complaining here. I would rather have it hot then cold. Just run in the morning.

    1. Spring has been wonderful here for running.
      I am the opposite, I love the cold LOL

  4. Haha I can just imagine you running around your neighborhood throwing your hands up and you neighbors thinking... Okay now Karen has just gone crazy! hehe.

    1. I should randomly celebrate when I done a run right lol

  5. Thanks for the tag!! I actually was tagged to do this a few weeks ago, but I'll post a link to my favorites in my next blog post :)

    I've been really wanting to try the nuun tablets... do you use them before or during runs?? Do you feel like you have more energy when you use them?

    1. I love nuun, I started with the lemon lime and used during my long runs when I was marathon training. It made me feel great, think the electrolytes really helped when i did 15 and 15 miles.
      I use nuun energy now in my water bottle at the gym, I think it feels about the same as any caffeine boost, but I have noticed it seems to be helping me with my nauseous feeling when its hot. The real test with that is just beginning!

  6. I love that you smiled so much during the Disney race your cheeks were sore. Best answer about soreness after a run. Haha! Sorry to hear you are not a morning person. I am very much a morning person and HATE running in the afternoon evening.

    1. Disney events are a unique experience :)
      It took me a long time to adjust to a 7 a.m. start time at work. I am handling it better now :)

  7. Summer is hard. I probably won't do as well about the not whining as you will. I am a wimp in the heat. I love how happy you look in all your running pics.

    1. You have to ultra train! You did amazing last summer :)
      Races always make me happy.

  8. We should throw our hands up in celebration when we get back to our house after every run! The neighbors already think I'm nuts. LOL. I have tried several handhelds. My favorite so far, and by far, is Amphipod. I have the 12 oz. I'm not sure I could do a belt, although I admit I haven't tried. My pace suffers about the same in the head/humidity too. You are not alone. This morning wasn't too bad. It's coming...

    1. I know. I am bracing for it lol I am holding out hope this summer will somehow better...we'll see.
      I will have to look at the 12 oz. I tried the big one at the store and thought about how irritable I feel in heat and put it back LOL
      I'll throw my hands up tomorrow!

  9. I am not a warm weather runner...I feel ready to melt! I notice a decrease in pace, most noticeably with the increase of humidity. It is just about time for me to switch up my running to getting up early...
    I typically drop water bottles for long runs, and then pick them up after--one of the benefits of living in the middle of nowhere! I really can't stand carrying things with me when I run.
    I need to learn to smile like you when racing!

    1. I have dropped water off and hid it a few times and it is nice :) I drive and do it.
      Typically, I drink from sprinklers when I pass them and hope no one gets ticked at me.
      Humidity is tough. I think that is what puts me over the edge, it is pretty humid here.

  10. I challenge you and I to make NO MENTION of the weather this summer! Do you think we can do it?

    I also need a fuel belt- any tips? I hope you join me in taking a week off from running next week:):):)

    1. OMG! No whining at all, it'll be a challenge for sure lol
      I have a Nathan Pack - remind me, I will bring and let you try it on. I don't love it, but so far it's been the best option I have tried. I did not like wearing a belt on my hips.
      A whooleeee weeekk (sigh) if I ache this weekend I will.

  11. Goodness, you are so upbeat! I rarely smile in a race, even @ the end!

    1. Bad or good, I am always happy to be done LOL

  12. Your race pictures are amazing!! I'm more of a cold weather runner but I'll always run no matter what!

    1. High five for cold LOL Thank you Courtney :)

  13. Yes, you are absolutely the queen of race pictures :) Yours always make me smile simply because you always look so happy in them. You need to teach me your secret hahah :D

    I'm okay with summer running as long as it's not too warm. Last summer was horrible, I would wake up early to avoid the extreme hot weather but it was pointless.. When you wake up 6 in the morning and it's already 95 degrees fahrenheit you know your run is ruined haha. Most days were like that.. This year I'll be prepared for the treadmill if this summer will be like last year :O I am not one to normally mind warm weather, I always say I was supposed to live somewhere warm because I am normally freezing, but last year.. oh no. I don't like bringing stuff when I run, but I had to throw in the towel and start bringing water just to aviod fainting.

    Adult beverage :'D sorry for being so childish, i found that funny. Uhm, not really.. I don't drink much alcohol anymore. I can't stand beer, i find the taste of it gross - and I constantly have to pee so nah.. I don't like sugary things either, too sweet, ew. Vine is too dry, even when it's not supposed to be hahah. Well, RosΓ© is good some times. Lemon schnapps are okay. Honestly, I like the flavor of vodka. Not like pure vodka (well.. after 3-4 sips my taste buds fall asleep so i guess i don't really mind), but when a drink still has a sharp "hint" of vodka I'm all for it. Drag Queens make the best "adult beverages"! xD And yes, I'm pretty sure I was an alcoholic in a previous life or something. Or maybe I was Russian. Anyway, after I turned 18 I wasn't much of a drinker anymore (considering 18 is the legal drinking age in Norway it was kind of bad timing haha xD). But I'll never say no thanks to a drag queen, seriously, you need to go to a drag show just to try a drink, everything I've tried has been amazing! :)


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