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Last week I was cruising happily along, and Thursday it all fell apart.  I woke up with a sore throat, chest congestion, and fever last Friday. From Friday to Tuesday I slept more than I was awake. Getting sick on a Friday stinks, I had to wait until Monday to see the doctor and start on antibiotics. I actually hoped I would feel better over the weekend, but that didn't happen, so I was off work Monday snoozing away the hours after I saw the Doc. 

I feel like I am just reentering the world this Hump Day.

The previous 5 days were like a black hole. I am so behind on laundry, cleaning, blog reading, work...etc.
So what does one do in between naps when sick? 
I worry about how long it will be before I can work out again...crazy? Yes, but fitness is always on my mind. 
I have this number I try to live by. 
It's been my target number that keeps me motivated week after week. It helps me maintain balance in my life for several years now.
I had to set a goal that is reasonable, and won't make me feel like I am always scrambling to keep up.
I had to set a goal that incorporates rest. My body responds so much better with some rest between workouts.
I had to set a simple goal that allows time for life to happen. 
I guess I should also mention, a week for me always starts fresh on Monday :) It syncs with my Loseit, so it is just my habit now. 

Over the years, I don't stress about what the "four" looks like.  You know I love to run the most, but as long as I've worked up a good sweat and kept my heart rate elevated my for at least 20 minutes I feel like I can check it off. It's been the perfect number to keep me motivated

I have been crushing my "four" goal for the past few months. Mostly because I run in the morning, and do my weight workout in the evenings. In May, I only took 6 days completely off, but I can't hold myself to that standard all the time. It would exhaust me. I have to have a big picture goal that helps me to see each week as a success, not one that leaves me saying...maybe next week I'll hit it. The last time my goal was disrupted and I blew my "streak" was November 2013.  I had a respiratory infection, and I had a few rough weeks where any activity level was fairly limited.

Last week I had worked out Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. My Thursday morning run, just 3.5 miles, left me feeling drained...

I tried wearing my compression socks to work, but by early afternoon I realized I had worse issues. I was aching all over. 

Over the weekend I slept a lot, my fever broke Saturday, and it was on my mind...that little voice nagging me...motivating me...if you move some on Sunday you can keep your "streak" going. 

Sunday afternoon hubby and I did go the gym. I cycled and did a short upper body session. It was actually a fairly productive visit for us both, even though it was a shorter than usual visit.

Tuesday night I ventured out with my run buddy for a walk. We walked 6.5 miles before we even took a breath. We did run 2 miles, that was all I could handle, however my crazy little brain was all excited, it's early in the week and ✓ one down - just three to go :) 

There's something about four, that simple goal, that keeps me motivated and feeling positive about the path I am on. 

I can't wait to catch up with you all soon. I hate feeling like I have missed stuff! 

Do you have a big picture goal that keeps you motivated each week, even when you aren't training? 
Do you worry about working out or running when you are sick? 
Do you typically feel better doing something active, even if if you don't feel 100%?


  1. oh I NEEEED to find that new big picture goal.
    Ill report back :-)

  2. Sorry you've been sick :( Glad you're starting to feel better and getting back on track. Always good to have something that keeps you motivated :)
    I haven't really been too motivated this year, but now I feel like I'm back on track. I haven't set any big goals, but I'm trying to get back to setting a km goal for each week and month etc. I always worry about running when I'm sick. Unless I'm feeling half dead, my whole body hurts and I'm extremely dizzy I always feel better doing something active - even if it's just a slow walk.

  3. Sorry you got sick--NO FUN AT ALL. So glad you are feeling better. I think 4 is a great goal. I am always trying to keep in mind the big picture. It keeps me feeling OK when things take over and I can't workout as much as I would like. But I always tell myself "rest is when your body makes the most gains--you allow it to build and repair". It's as much a part of training and actually working out. I know you had to take the days off due to illness which is different but just something to keep in mind on the weeks you don't quite end up where you wanted to be. It's all part of the process. Take care and ease back into things so you don't fall backwards (easier said than done after a break). Keep up the great work!!

  4. So glad you're starting to feel better. Being sick is no fun at all. How great you know the formula that works for you! For 8 years and counting now, my formula has been to do enough to get me through a marathon. This tri journey I've been on this year has really changed things up. A good thing!

  5. Being sick in summer is the worst! Glad you are on the mend. I like your FOUR philosophy. Working up a sweat is the best feeling, mentally and physically!

  6. Being sick on the weekend is just not fair! I agree that having a concrete goal can be a great motivator.

  7. That is a great goal! I worry about losing fitness when I am sick, but I keep reminding myself that it does come back quickly. I also ask myself, "what can I do to make it towards my goals (of working out)" and it usually helps me on the road to recovery for things like eating when you really don't feel like it, and taking in enough fluids. I am glad you are feeling better!
    I do think that doing something helps--even sitting outside soaking up vitD!!

  8. Strangely I usually feel better after I sweat it out. But that only works for common colds. If I have a fever, forget it, I'm down for the count lol.

  9. Hope you are feeling better and stay healthy.

  10. Oh wow no fun you were sick!! I hope you feel better and get 100% healthy ASAP. My marathon is in 10 days, if I got sick at this time I'd be devastated.

    I'm guessing "four" refers to working out 4 times a week? I think that's a great goal - it incorporates a healthy amount of balance :)

    I don't run when I'm feeling sick. But then again, I hardly ever get sick. I think people get way too freaked out about missing runs when they're sick and try to rush back into it, which can be dangerous. Normally, if I'm well enough to go to work I'm probably well enough to run (easy), but I try to follow the golden rule: symptoms above the neck, you're okay to run, symptoms below the neck, skip it.

  11. OH man... being sick is the WORST! Especially when you feel like you need to keep those workouts going. I tend to make myself work out when I should be resting. The body has a way of making you slow down... I think we need to accept that sometimes.

  12. What a great goal of 4! Never really thought of it like that! I try hard to push through being sick. I feel like I got to get in something cause I know I'll feel better afterwards. :)

  13. I like 4...4 miles always feels good! When I'm sick, I always try to push through. If I can't, then I know it's "real". Rarely happens.

  14. I hope you're feeling back to 100% soon, if not already. Love your "four goal" and just might have to use it with a couple of my clients. I think I'll tell them it's their lucky number! :-)

    Thanks for linking up!

  15. You have such an interesting blog. Thanks for sharing. Reading blogs is my hobby and I randomly found your blog. I enjoyed reading your posts. All the best for your future blogging endeavors. Please keep in touch with me in Twitter, @ipersuade.

  16. What keeps me motivated is knowing that I will regret it if I skip my run or workout. and I will be crabby and have too much energy and be cranky with the kids.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  17. I hope you feel better soon! Sometimes exercising when I am sick does make me feel better, but I don't always. :) I try to workout 6 days a week, but am totally cool with less!

  18. I love the idea of having the four goal each week. Great way to stay motivated! Feel better soon.

  19. Glad you feel better and you can run again. It's wise to have a weekly motivation.
    I don't know why but ... if I am sick it happens on friday!
    I don't have goals but priorities: if I cannot run I swim more and if I cannot run/swim, long walks. If I cannot walk it means that I am sick at home.

  20. When I'm sick I take it day by day. I consider running something fun that I do and not "training" so I don't sweat it if I miss a workout or five. Hope you are feeling back to yourself and 100% soon! Being sick is so is hard enough when you're feeling good!


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