Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Let Go

Throughout my life, I've had a love hate relationship with food.

As a very young person, I bounced between two extremes. 
  • Drink Tab all day and eat crackers.
  • Eat four Dunkin' Donuts, the cheeseburger, the fries, the box of Entenmann's chocolate donuts, and the cheesecake because you blew it for the day anyway.

I remember feeling miserable with the reflection in the mirror, and being aware I was overweight, as young as 8 years old. The bad habits I learned from a very young age, were knit into the fibers of my being.

Bad habits turned into addictive behaviors. They are hard to break. Addictive behaviors increase when one is under stress. Stress can lead to chronic issues, and always impairs your ability to make decent decisions.

As a young adult, I worked so hard to break these patterns deeply ingrained in me.  What a painful process it can be...crush a bad habit, see some improvement, stumble, fail miserably, get up, dust off, repeat times infinity...

I had to learn to look at food differently. I needed new principles to live by. I had to learn concepts completely new to me. 

Being hungry is great thing! Food tastes a lot better when you are hungry. Most of us have am ample supply of food around, so never be afraid to hear your belly growl. That growl is a normal human response, it doesn't mean you will die, if you don't fill it instantly. 

Try to chew slowly. I am guilty of getting really hungry after a work out, and grubbing it down, I still have to work at this. 

Do not be a member of the clean your plate club if you are full. This is big! 
Try to practice stopping when you are full. It's freeing! If you think what you are eating is super fabulous, save it, even if it's just a few bites.

Stop the love affair with the food...yes, cheesecake does taste frickin' good, so I enjoy it occasionally, but it's just a treat. 

Ask yourself important questions...
What does this choice do for me? Is it fuel?  Does it help me rebuild muscle? Does it provide many nutrients? 

Food needs to be put in its proper place
Make associations that make sense...

If you have a bad day, don't beat your self up! Always remember you can start over each meal ;-)

Over indulgence = unhappiness

It feels amazing to not over-stuff your belly :) 

Work on making new associations with a little self talk.
When you eat something yummy and healthy, remember to tell yourself how awesome you feel.

Example: I made pierogies, and I added spinach and lima beans. I rock!

Never, ever let anyone tell you can't get better.  

I was losing miserably on a regular basis, and therapy helped me to develop some great strategies to gain some control. It's a process. I was grateful for the help, however, I had a changing moment where I knew I would be okay. The day my therapist tried to tell me eating disorders were life long conditions, I resisted. That thinking didn't fly with me. 

I wanted to get better, I knew I could be better. I wanted to put it behind me and feel free.

When you are sick with the flu, you don't wish you were just fevery right?! You want to be healed

I was set free from that day forward.
Not that it has always been easy, but I was never that trapped, all consumed, person again. 

You always had the power
It just took belief and faith to unlock it

What obstacles have you overcome?

Ever experience the love hate relationship with food?

Ever had to break a bad habit or cycle you felt stuck in

Monday, July 27, 2015

Be Good To Your Body

I have been slacking a little lately. Being at work later, doing my weight work outs later, and lack of time when I get home, has led to some skimping. It's time to stop making excuses. I need to be good to my body.

I am not getting the maximum benefit from running in the morning and lifting at night, if I don't refuel properly. I am pretty consistent about having a small protein rich meal, or protein shake after I run because I am home, but my good habits tend to fall apart more at work, because I haven't been as prepared as I should be.

It's right about the same time, I just get a hankering about 10ish a.m. or 3ish p.m. One of the most important things to me is to have a snack that adds value to my health.

I try to avoid junk, empty calories, and I want to feeel good after I eat.

Last week I was unprepared for snack time and I had a rice krispie treat out of the vending machine. Now, don't get me wrong I love them, but I never want that to become a habit, so I decided I would stock up on snacks for work next week.

While doing a quick stop and shop, I realized I have not had a pumpkin seed in almost a month. That is a crime! Pumpkin seeds are one the best things in the world to have on hand to refuel from a tough work. Potassium, protein, and magnesium just to name a few reasons. 

I also picked up two of my other favorites, sunflower seeds and pistachios. 

Ate yummy pistachios Saturday after my a.m. recovery run

The great thing about pumpkin, pistachios, and sunflower seeds, is that a very small handful is satisfying while providing benefits to your health. We all need the fat, minerals, and amino acids so our bodies can utilize the protein we consume to rebuild our muscles and I always feel good after I eat them. 

I love fruit and veggies as well, but some of it is more convenient than others.

I recently picked up this nifty little cutting board.

So much easier now to cut melon, and catch the drip, but for work, nuts and seeds are the ultimate in convenienceBaby carrots and cucumbers are also easy options, but alone they aren't best for refueling. I need my pumpkin seeds. 

I feel better already knowing I have a plan, so I can be good to my body this week. 

Tell me about your favorite power snack ❤  
Do you have a certain time of day you feel like you need something?
Is it important to you a snack provide protein?

You can read some great info about healthy-snacks here...and no, I wasn't provided any compensation to plug
Just throwing a convenient option out there (•◡•)

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hurry Up and Wait :)

I decided to go back to my PT and see what he thinks of my hamstrings before I book an appointment for a massage. My co-pay is more affordable than the massage, so it makes sense. 

However, when I called and talked to Devin, my PT,  he didn't think my original prescription from the Sports Medicine Doc would allow him to work my hamstrings.
So Devin emailed my Doc and I am waiting to hear from him. I have a bunch of stuff to do at work next week, so I can't take off till next Thursday. Boooo!  It seems I always have to put off what I want to do. It makes me a little crazy.

Option A  - my Doc will write a script so I can go directly to Devin.
Option B - my Doc will decide he wants to evaluate me before he sends me to Devin...

Who knows, it may be a few weeks for option B to happen, if that is what they decide...

If that's the case, I will probably just go ahead and book a massage next week. I need to experience it. 

I did a treadmill 5K last night and I felt pretty good. This morning I ran two miles and did some static stretches. I only static stretch if I am good and warmed up :)  Just one quick pinch in my leg this morning, and it was gone as quick as it came. I feel like I am making progress with healing finally. My legs are feeling looser for sure and not as achy, but the flexibility in in right hamstring is still really limited, yet it's my left one that hurts, makes sense, right!?

I went digging around in the PT room in search of a foam roller. (I work in a HS tech center)

 All this and no foam, roller :(

I snagged the hula hoop though - it will help me combat sitting for 10 hours. A few times a day it will get my blood moving a little. Usually, I just take the long way to the water machine to get a few extra steps in, but I thought this might be fun. 

I felt ridiculous taking a pic hula hooping, but I still did it!
Oops! Too low - that happens every few seconds (•◡•)
Maybe I will get a new skill...NOT! 

Don't you hate when you decide to "do" something and you have to wait? 
Do you hula hoop? 
Any suggestions on how to combat sitting? 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Theme of the Week ~ Down Time

This morning my alarm went off and my outdoor temp read 76, I rolled over and went back to snooze land. My legs are sore anyway, I did a little leg work at the gym. Excuses, excuses...

Sunday I was entertained at the gym by dancing/boxing guy and count out loud guy.  Sometimes I am awed by how confident some folks are. As long as I have been at my gym, I still have a hard time when I am trying something new, or lifting a heavy weight I know I can hardly get up. I feel self conscious...dancing gym guy just pranced all over the gym (about 25 minutes worth) doing his thang...I need a little dose of that. 
I confess I posted it on IG, maybe I shouldn't have, but it was entertaining. 

Count out loud guy was really messing with me. Sometimes he would count down, sometimes count up, but he always waited till I started my set and would mess me up. I have no idea how many reps I did yesterday...

I need the number of a good exterminator - and yes, my hair is a few shades darker than it was on Friday

Last week I wrote two posts that are still sitting in my drafts. Do you ever do this? I have more drafts than posts lately. 

I have been in need of more rest days, my body was yelling for them. Pinchingpulsingtightness...arghhhh

So, I rested a lot last week

Monday Rest!
Tuesday a.m.5K run 32:39 ~ 1 mile walk
Wednesday a.m.4.5 mile run/ stretching
Wednesday p.m.Arc machine 30 min. ~ 75 min. upper strength training
Friday a.m.10K run 64 min. ~ 1.5 mile walk with run buddy
Sunday a.m.4 mile run 41 min.~ 1.5 mile walk
Sunday p.m.cycled 6.35 miles - 90 minutes whole body strength training 

Sunday things started to improve.  I stretched for a long time Sunday morning after I ran,  and it made me feel much better, but my flexibility is becoming more limited. At the gym in the afternoon, I was able to lift upper body fairly heavy, felt no Tibia pinches or real shoulder disruptions, just those darn tight hamstrings. I stretched my legs again after I cycled, but that little squeeze of tightness is still making itself known. I did a little ice last night too. 

I am not sure what to try next for my hamstrings. Massage or back to PT? Thoughts, what would you do? 

I really have not given my atrophied muscles in my left leg much TLC. I just expected my legs to get back to work. I was running so strong in the Spring, I just assumed they were okay. Maybe not...

I also spent time making cat-shaming pictures for IG because I was avoid cleaning

Last week my Endocrinologist gave me the good news my bones looked healthy. I was ecstatic to hear it, but I have been feeling so challenged I still haven't signed up for my Fall races. My boldness about distance is really flipping into doubt. I could really use a run longer than a 10K, to give me a little boost. 

10K Friday with run buddy 

Do you have faith in massages to break up tightness? Have good results with massage? 
Any experience or wisdom to share about atrophied muscles? 

How's the heatwave treating you? My A/C never turns off - dread. the. bill. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Deb Runs
This Wednesday's word ~ Modesty. 
You can join in and read some great posts  at Debruns  
Enjoy Deb's post...Modesty, Or Lack Thereof

Modesty - the quality or state of being unassuming or moderate in the estimation of one's abilities.

1. freedom from vanity, boastfulness, etc.

2. regard for decency of behavior, speech, dress, etc.

3. simplicity; moderation.

This one is tough for me because I often wonder when I share my about my training, or my goals, if I sound like an @%#, or of it comes across as intended.

I am content with being a middle, to back of the pack, runner.

That doesn't mean I can't strive to improve, but I realize I probably won't be a sub 2 hour half marathon gal ever, and that's okay. I admire those who are, as much as I admire the three hour half marathon gal, it's a challenging venture for us all. 

I share my ups, as well as my downs, because its real life. I can't go out every run and perform. Wouldn't it be nice if it worked that way...running is hard stuff!  I have to continuously work at it and sometimes I get knocked down, but so far, I have been able to rally, and get back up. 

I have developed better coping skills the longer I run, however, that doesn't mean I don't feel discouraged at times.  I feel it's important to share that as well. I am encouraged as I read about how you all adapt and tackle challenging runs. 

I never want to be boastful. My intention is never  to say look at me, I am so awesome!  I think most of my blog buddies get that, but sometimes I wonder if the non-exercising souls on my timeline get it. Maybe, they roll their eyes a lot.

When I think of modesty, I do not go straight to dress and being covered up, apparently, I think about attitude.

I feel proud of my accomplishments, and I feel fortunate when I accomplish them. 

"the quality or state of being unassuming or moderate in the estimation of one's abilities."

...but do I ever feel I am "better" than others because of them...never. It's just how I have chose to live my life and I am thankful others (Y'ALL) understand the obsession, the love, the neurosis, the passion, and the drive that running stirs up in the soul.

“Modesty isn't about hiding ourselves, it’s about revealing our dignity.” – Jessica Rey

How do you feel about modesty? 

Happy trails to you, 

Monday, July 13, 2015


The theme of  last week - humbled.  Running was a struggle last week. 

Monday a.m.Humble 4 broken up miles running  -  walked 4 miles
Tuesday a.m.REST!
Wednesday a.m.4.5 mile run
Wednesday p.m.Cycled 8.5 miles and stretched
Thursday2 miles treadmill - 20 minutes stretching /leg lifts
Friday a.m.Another humbler 6 mile run - walked 4 miles
Friday p.m.1 mile treadmill - 80 minutes upper body weight training
Sunday a.m.4.5 mile run
Sunday p.m.cycled 5 miles - 80 minutes of leg, core work,  and light upper body weight training

I went out to run and made it two miles before I needed a walk break. I walked a mile and tried to regroup. Ran another mile and started walking again, I did eventually run one more mile, but it was a rough morning. Humbled?! yes completely...
I gave Monday a thumbs down


 That feels really warm in the morning with 98% humidity

I walked a few brief moments during mile two and mile three, but it went better than Monday. 

My new running shoes came - Brooks Glycerin 12 

Yep, another humbler. Almost 80 degrees when we started running at 6:35 a.m. Ran 3 miles and had to take a 5 minute walk break, ran 3 more miles, technically we blew 10K Friday, but we didn't care it was so hot. Humbled, bordering discouraged...

We went on a river cruise to a winery. My running was enough to drive me to drink lol  
It was pouring rain when we started out journey...

We saw Eagles perched in the tree tops
Luckily it stopped raining by the time we got to the winery

It was a little prettier on the boat ride back. 

We saw this cool ancient telephone booth and french fry statue riding home from the winery. 

Sunday morning I felt worn out. We had a little wine on our tour and a few cocktails Saturday night...
My legs felt heavy right along with the haze. It's hard to describe how heavy I felt the entire time I was moving. 

I took these while I was warming up to run. I came home with a mean case of chafe, boy did my shower burn. 

This was my strategy Sunday. I just wanted it to end. I had time to run longer, but I couldn't. Humbled? Very...

I think this may be the extent of my partying this week. 

I did some squats at the gym on Sunday and my right knee is hurting right this morning. My shoulders needed some rest last week, and I timed it so I could rest several days, so at least they feel better.  It seems something is always aching though! 

If I had to describe my running in one word for last week it would be humbled, what would your word be?

Does wine zap your energy? 

Anyone ever run in Brooks Glycerin's? They are feeling pretty cushy :) 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

My Two New Work Out Tools

I hope your week is going well :) 

Here’s what is boggling my brain this week 

 (、ン )☾★

I am having a slacker week! I actually like to think of it as much needed rebuilding period. After pushing through a few fairly active weeks, and trying to lift heavy, my muscles have been screaming for an extended break. I am so close to reaching some goals I can taste it! Hopefully the mini break will give me the boost I need. I just wanted to share a few new things I am loving these days...

When I first started running I used a phone app and it drove me crazy, so I ordered this Garmin. I picked this one because it was an in-between model, it didn't have a lot of bells and whistles to confuse me (or malfunction), but it will hold a charge for hours.

I love 
this watch and sometimes I do drool a little over the newer models coming out, but this one has faithfully served me, so I am not quite ready to trade up...yet.

I recently decided to try some new technology with it and ordered a Mio Link to monitor my hear rate.

Honestly, I got very used to the chest strap, but I know the strap is something that a lot of runners don't like to deal with, just one more thing to chafe you, right.  Well, this is a great option if you've ever wanted to heart rate train, but dreaded wearing the chest strap.

I was worried at first about having something on both arms, but after my second wear I pretty much forgot it was there.

The Mio Link pairs easily with Garmin Forerunner 110 or many other models.

The band needs to be worn a little above your wrist and it does need to be snug, but continues to perform no matter how sweaty I get, and I sweat like a dude! Occasionally, I will tighten it a notch once I get going, because it slips a little on my soaking arm, but it has faithfully captured all my heart rate data. 

I love my heart charts, this one was from our bike ride last week. 

The same technology powers the Basis Peak(tracker) and the Garmin Forerunner 225 (wish list item :)  
News release from Mio Global

Now my hand grips...
The past few weeks I have been having a lot of pain in my left hand when trying to lift. My hands have a little arthritis in them and just ache sometimes. My left hand is particularly sensitive when I grip something and it will cause pain to shoot up to my elbow.

Oh, the perils of working out and trying to be healthy...

My hubby found these awesome grips and they help quite a bit.

Gloves, hand grips, Garmin, Mio Link....I am covered lol 
See these monsters, I want to push them up!! It's been my personal goal for the past year. Important note, that's on the Smith machine, not the bench. My straight bench goal is 25 lbs. and is still a work in progress. The bar digs into my hand with the heavier weight... but once I got the grips on it made a pleasant difference. I feel a lot more confident.

...and I can knock a few out 
(•◡•) I have a long way to go, because my goal is to pound out 12 reps easily, and that's not happening yet, but I am a step closer.
My hands were also killing me when I was pushing down to work triceps, and the grips made it easier to dig in. I am hoping my achy hands and shoulders will cooperate after I give them a little break and I can keep pushing on.

Have you found any accessories that enhance your work out?

Does a wrist strap seem more appealing than a chest strap under your sports bra? Well, unless Schlub reads this...your shirt?

Do you run with a Garmin?  
heart rate monitor?
or a phone app?

Does anyone own the Garmin Forerunner 225?

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Another Week in the Books

Often my weeks will pass in a blur, but last Monday feels a million miles away right now. 
Last week my plan of action was pretty simple, just work whatever hurts the least.  (•◡•)   The past few weeks it seems like as soon as one ache stops, another starts.
It forces me to keep variety in my work outs, and hopefully from ending up injured again.

Monday a.m.7 mile run - 15 min. walk
Monday p.m.indoor cycle 7.75 miles
25 min. triceps, shoulders
Tuesday p.m.elliptical 30 min.
34 min. chest, back
Wednesday a.m.hilly 5K run - 15 min. walk, stretch
Friday a.m.10K run - 4 mile walk
Friday p.m.indoor cycle 5 miles
80 min. upper body weight training
Saturdayafternoon biking 17 hilly miles
Sunday3 mile treadmill run
75 min. core work, leg work

My ten hour work days, mean getting to the gym late. It's so flipping crowded at that time...boooo! At the end of a work day, a crowded gym just drains me:( ...sigh...It's okay though, it won't last forever, in September I go back to my normal schedule, so I can suck it up.

Monday was the longest run I've accomplished since April. It was cooler than usual Monday morning, so I tried to seize the moment and do it, but I admit if felt tough.
I love it when my watch tells me I started at 4:56 a.m. I was in a sleepy haze until mile two. The snooze button has won too many mornings lately, making me go on shorter runs, so Monday was a win :)

Wednesday, right back to not wanting to get out of bed.  When I finally got rolling, I went with a hilly route and pushed...I was exhausted. It was a way to appease my guilt over the snooze button... 

That 10 hour work day that is messing up my gym time, also created a blessing...
10K Friday! I look forward to seeing my run buddy on Friday mornings, and talking distracts us from the super humid, sticky conditions. We usually end up talking and walking a few extra miles after we run. One of these Fridays we are going to run a little farther...just waiting for a kinder day. 

The 4th of July my legs were feeling extremely fatigued from 10K Friday. Hubby and I decided to bike in the park. I wore my compression socks and stretched when I was done, and my legs actually felt a lot better.   Active recovery?

We were both were drenched, it was getting more humid as we rode. A downpour started as soon as we put our bikes back on the car rack. I was so happy we got a good ride in. 

Sunday I tried the treadmill out again, and it didn't hurt :) Progress!

...and I have two little nifty tools that enhanced my work outs last week, I will share with you in my next post. 

I had hoped to accomplish some of kind of cleaning while I had off a few extra days, but it didn't happen. It seems my energy stores these days are limited, if I do well with my work outs, I don't seem to get much past the bare necessities around the house: dishes, cat litter, and vacuuming...

Does anyone still have winter clothes in their closet they need to put away? 
Did you enjoy a long weekend? See fireworks? 
Did you stay home or go away for the fourth?
Have you experienced feeling fatigued when you start a workout, but in the end, you feel a lot better?