Friday, September 11, 2015

Catching Up

Does anyone ever really catch up?!

Laundry, work, shopping, cooking, running, pets, cleaning... the list of things to do every day sometimes overwhelms me, as I am sure it does some of you.

The lists of what I WANT to do and HAVE to do are often in conflict.
I want to wake up, run, eat, blog read, clean, run some more...
The reality is, school started, and this week passed by in a blur. Things are settling in now though :)

Hubby and I went to Tennessee for Labor Day weekend for four days, and enjoyed every moment...well, except the traffic.  Traffic was insane there, it took about 40 minutes to get two miles one night. Pigeon Forge, TN, who knew?!
Miles of cars not moving more than 8 miles an hour

No alarms, lots of fun, and lots of eating...did you know everything you order in TN comes with two biscuits and butter :)

We hung out at Dollywood and did what we do...roller-coasters :)

Accidental gun show :)

The Eagle roller coaster was the best ride in the park. 
We rode several times :) 

A storm did blow in the second day we were at the park, no worries, we just went and ate more :) Then we visited the Titanic museum.

and still saw a pretty sunset on our stormy day :)

Two days I was completely lazy on vacation, but I did run two mornings and it was so much fun to run someplace new!

I ran up and down this path. I am not used to having a paved area with no traffic, it was relaxing! One of my runs was speedier than anything I have come close to in awhile. It was humid, but for some reason, I did not experience the heaviness I normally feel at home.

My mileage for last week was okay, but I did not get any strength training accomplished...

 Count: 5 running activities
 Distance: 19.06 mi
 Time: 3:13:45
 Elevation Gain: 925 ft
 Avg Speed: 5.9 mph
 Avg HR: 156 bpm

and this week so far...honestly, I felt a little challenged, but I will run this weekend, so it's all good. 
So far this week:
 Count: 5 running activities
 Distance: 12.72 mi
 Time: 2:03:40
 Elevation Gain: 637 ft
 Avg Speed: 6.2 mph
 Avg HR: 155 bpm

I only ran 1.5 miles Tuesday and Wednesday morning before work. I admit the hot and humid got to me, and I just couldn't make myself do it. Summer isn't over yet! It is a good thing I am only half marathon training right now. 

Thursday I got my attitude in check and sucked it up for a whopping 3.5 miles. I entertained myself trying to decide if the planet under the moon was Mars or Venus...I looked it up at work, it was Venus.  It was really bright. 

Here are a few more fun scenes from last weekend :) 
 Stopped by Bristol Motor Speedway on the way by
 had a pretty little room at the resort

 Saw lots of Dolly Parton Dolly stuff...of course

 We enjoyed the Eagle show at Dollywood
Oh, and I loved the dinner mystery theater
...very fun! 

I miss you all, I will make the rounds as I am able :) 
Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you have a great weekend! 

Have you ever visited Dollywood? 

Do you love to run in a new place? 
Have any fun weekend plans?
If I missed a must read post, leave me a link in the comments! 


  1. What a fun holiday weekend! I'm so done with heat and humidity too. They've really taken a toll this year. I've not been to Dollywood but it looks fun!

    1. It was a lot of fun Marcia :) I love not being on a schedule...even if it was just a few days!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend. I have never been to Dolly wood. We went to va beach this weekend. And luckily we didn't hit as much traffic as we usually do.

    1. I hope you had a great weekend :) I need to read about the race! That is always good when you can escape traffic at the beach!

  3. What an awesome weekend, Karen! I saw Venus in the sky the other morning, too. Thanks for sharing what it was. I wondered but clearly was not motivated to look it up. And, yes, I love to run in new places. I got to run in Winter Park, CO for Labor Day weekend and we are headed to Mexico in October and I can't wait to check out the resort while running along the paths!

    1. It was nice to get away Susan :) I had to look up where Winter Park is, it looks beautiful :) But seriously, is there any part of CO that isn't amazing?! I bet Mexico will be great in October. Always fun to log some miles in a new place, I hope you have a great time.
      Venus was so bright here I kept thinking it was a plane light, it took me a bit to realize it was planet :)

  4. That looks like a fun trip! I have never been to Dollywood but I heard Dolly interviewed on Fresh Air and saw her on Oprah so I know she is a WONDERFUL, KIND woman. I don't listen to her music but I really like HER as a person. :)

    1. I listened to Dolly's music as a kid all the time. She always had such a sweet personality. It is nice she accomplished so much but still seems like a sweet ol' country gal. I agree I think she has a true genuine heart that is very kind :)

  5. It's always fun to run some place new! My sister and I are going to Seattle in a few weeks, and I've already mapped out my runs. Priorities!

  6. Looks like you two had a great time! It is so hard to get it all in isn't it? I want to get up run, eat, and blog too, but all that laundry and kids of course :) The bigger they get the less time I have to blog it seems!

  7. That looks like a super fun area to visit! I know what you mean about paved's so nice to not worry about traffic. We have a few in our area, but unfortunately the longest one is about a mile, so we never really get to run too long on them unless we repeat the same trail a few times. Glad you had such a fun getaway w/ your hubby!

  8. Oh wow, what a fun week!
    I have been to Pigeon Forge, and I agree the traffic there was awful, though I didn't stop at Dollyworld, I need to go there someday, I had just headed to the Smokey's:)
    I don't think anyone ever catches up, well maybe a little, but some things just end up getting dropped so the more important can be finished:) Good luck!!!

  9. You two are the cutest!

    I severely need to catch up! I feel like I am behind on all parts of life, but I'm try to complete one thing at a time.


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