Friday, October 30, 2015

This Training Thang...

I am 14 days out from race day. I have one long run left (12 miles) and then taper...
It is time for my runfessions to come out. 

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You know that this point in training, you can't do anything else to improve your performance...(hear my big sigh)
That statement was mentioned in a training team email. It kind of bugs me; it isn't much of a comfort to hear, when you feel you had a less than stellar training cycle. 

I began to wonder, what would make me feel I had a successful training cycle? 

Should I really feel the training blues about the past 11 weeks? Are my feelings justified? 

I only had one really good "longer run" - my 8 miler. I was so excited, I posted about it.
My speed work has been OKAY, no sessions where I felt super amazing, but I tried to wake up my fast twitch muscle fibers and work on my breathing. DO fast twitch fibers really exist in everyone? I am not feeling super confident about it right now...

I have had several set backs through out training. 
August. Enough said. I don't do heat well and I started in August.
I had some heat exhaustion symptoms that forced a few days off, more than once. 
My left hamstring gave me trouble tightening up and I went to PT several times early on in training. I thought it was better, but later in training when my left foot acted up, and I had that stone under the ball of foot sensation, my hamstring started aching...darn kinetic chain. 
I have been stretching and stringing together rest days from running, trying to give my legs a break, but I didn't want to miss a bunch of runs. 
Oh, and I also took a chunk out of my right heel and missed several days. It took forever to heal and I limped through a week of runs. Thank goodness, it is better now. 
My tibia has this ghost pain. I feel a pulse in there on and off and it makes me nervous. Every time I have a few runs where I feel strong and I start to get excited it is gone...I feel that darn pulse. It is a very quick pinch, I feel it as I am typing right now. It is just enough to make me wonder if I am hurting myself, or just experiencing the "awareness" many people describe long after a fracture. It is so annoying not knowing...
Overall, it seems a lot time was spent not feeling 100%. I haven't been able to push myself, because I am too focused on trying to not make something worse. 

Dang, I wish that wasn't so, but that is how it has been. 

I wish I had some more good runs. You know the runs where your breathing stays smooth, and you feel in the zone...
The runs you finish and you are POSITIVE you could have run longer. 
Runs where you feel energetic after wards, and you are twitching to go again.  
I just want a few more of those. I need it!

According to my training plan I have eight more runs before the race. 

I am really hoping I can still make some magic in my next eight runs. 
(Knocking on wood) My hamstrings are feeling better, my foot has finally improved, and I am hoping that trend continues. 
Visualization. I am trying to keep that image of myself running strong, crossing the finish line, and doing a mic drop :)  on scroll - in my mind.

I don't want to believe my chances to improve my performance are over yet. 

At this point in training you can't do anything else to improve your performance...
At what point during training do you believe that is true? 
What makes you feel a training cycle is successful? 
Do you have a runfession you would like to share? 

Hope you have a great weekend
Karen ❤  


  1. Every training cycle is a journey. Maybe not the one we'd like but it is what it is. When I know my training hasn't be the best, that's the time I focus the most on bringing it mentally. Give it your best shot, Karen, I think you'll surprise yourself. Thanks so much for linking up! xoxo

    1. I am not sure why my comment posted below...I guess because I was on my phone lol Thanks for letting me runfess ")

  2. I am working on that mental training now :) doing a runfession sure helped. You know the drill I have plan A and plan B, but mostly I just want to feel good and be able to smile about whatever happens. Thanks Marcia, I needed the pep talk!

  3. The best thing you can do right now is focus on the positive. Maybe your long runs weren't stellar but you did them! You've done the work, and you're going to run your race! Have fun and enjoy the gift that running is!

    1. As I sit here with my very tired legs, it is a gift I kept them moving for two hours this morning :) At one point during my run, I thought I am not sure I even like this, but I really do lol Plan A should be smile and run :)

  4. I find I tend to have the best races when I've had difficult training cycles. The ones that went great? Boom! Taper injury.

    Remember you don't want to train great and race poorly.

    Taper is very, very important. And they're right -- you will not gain anything by pushing things in your taper.

    So here's a fantastic race!

    1. That's is true Judy, if I ran great training runs it may too much of a let down to have a rough race. I pushed myself today for the 12 miler and I would love to do it race day, but I can't I will be okay. It was very tough. I am going to embrace this taper and try to sty healthy, if I can just keep my eating under

  5. Difficult training = stellar performance. That's what I'm saying! Seriously, don't get caught up with the it's too late to make improvements thing. You had a great 8 mile run. Focus on that. Maybe you will get another one this week? Just make sure you get plenty of rest that final week - 10 days. You'll have a great race. I know it!

    1. I am going to try to rest and eat well! I hope I can do it lol
      This last long run felt very tough, I really had to dig, if I can't pull it off race day, I think I will be okay with it now. When you have a long break from distance you forget how deep you really have to dig! I swore I was not going to get all hung up on a time goal since I had such a long break, but it is harder than I expected. Funny, how I was so thrilled to run Disney and could not stop smiling with a 2 1/2 hour + time lol
      I am going to do my best and that is all I can do :)

  6. I think any training cycle that we make it to the end of is a success in itself! Then, of course, those tough hot summer runs make us mentally and physically stronger.

    I always wish for more good runs where my breathing stays steady and I feel smooth, but those honestly come once in a blue moon for me. I think pushing yourself and not feeling steady and smooth means you are challenging yourself and progress is taking place. That's what you want to feel during a training cycle! Comfortable, smooth runs don't get you a PR! :D

    1. I have been trying to push my self, but I guess I expected to be stronger from running outside all summer. Most of my runs are not in that zone...I miss the zone lol I can get in the zone at a slower pace, but I guess I will save that for after the race.
      I am almost to the end of this!

  7. Oh I know what you mean! When I got really sick before the Chicago marathon and missed my last 20 miler, my friends all told me (when I was recovered) that "nothing else you do will improve your performance, just rest." GRRR! All I wanted to do was run and make up missed miles, but that didn't happen since I was totally scared of injurin myself, lol. A friend of Matt's told me that he worries if everything goes great during training, since those tend to be the worst races for him. I never forgot that during Chicago and it really helped!

    1. That statement is always hard to hear when you feel like you missed runs.
      Chicago was a great race for you, so I will think about that for sure :) Rest is good for me, I always seem to need more. I hope I can find that sweet spot for my race :)

  8. You can do it!! As runners we are trained to push through our doubts even when they slam the door in our faces sometimes! You've trained and your strong! Wishing you the best of luck!!


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