Saturday, November 14, 2015

Finally, Half Marathon Time!

Overall during this training cycle I had more setbacks than successes, but I was still excited to get to race day. I was trying to be optimistic and believe ❤

Friday, I was super anxious! Like a kid waiting for Christmas morning.

I rested my aching left foot, calf and tight hamstring all week...

I got a massage, 60 minutes of pure awesomeness, seriously, why haven't I been doing this all along?!

Dick's blew up a huge wall banner of all the marathon and half participants. I found my name on the wall at the expo.

Thursday, I ate and didn't worry about the calorie count. This meal was so good! Quesadillas with spinach and tomato with grilled asparagus.

I even had some Raisinettes. I love the dark chocolate ones.

Thanks Nestle for trying to keep me honest about my serving size!

I actually tried really hard during this training cycle to lose 2 or 3 lbs. About 6 weeks in, I started to see lower numbers and I was all excited, but last week I had a 4 lb. gain...

I am not sure why, but this happens every time I get near my goal weight, without changing what I am doing, I just spring back up.

It is such a mental boost with those few pounds gone, but they won't stay gone.

The past few weeks in Richmond it has been very rainy, humid, and warm. Two days ago the weather took a nice turn (thankfully) and I woke up to crisp, clear skies, and a dew point of 20! Pure heaven.

I checked off my list and went out the door at 5:50 a.m.

Then I ran...

Harder than I've ever run in a race.

The awesome weather gave me a boost of confidence...
...and at mile 8 my foot started to hurt, but nothing really tightened up, so I tried to work my toes back and forth in my shoe, breathe deep, and keep pushing.

2015 - 45 ❤ degrees (my new PR day)

half marathon #6 will stand as my best  - a 7 minute PR!

I nailed a time I didn't think possible.
I am so sore, so happy, and wishing for another massage.

Stay tuned...
I have some blanks to fill in about race day!

What do you think, massage before or after the race?
Are you a Hunger Games fan? I can't wait!
If you could pick your favorite race temperature what would it be?


  1. AWESOME! So happy for you & can't wait to have you "fill in details". I don't race but I am all about massage. I get at least one per week (last week I had two). They are part of my "stay healthy" plan. Enjoy your day and great job, Karen.

    1. Thank you so much :)
      I had a lot of anxiety about a massage, so I never did it. My lady was so awesome, very easy to be comfortable with, and I really benefited from it race day :)
      That is awesome you go every week. I think a weekly massage and a hot tub may be two recovery tools I lack. I like a stay healthy plan! I need to be on that.

    2. Hot tub is on my wish list. For now I use the one at the rec center on the days I swim and I take at least one bath per week. Oh yes, everyone needs a stay healthy plan and the thing to remember is that is it YOUR plan. Congrats again. You ROCK!!

    3. This week it will be to take a few days off :)
      Thanks Susan :)

  2. Awesome job, Karen! I am so glad you had a good race- it is crazy how your training season can be sub-bar but all the stars align on race day. You just never know! Enjoy it:) And I am all about that massage thing, too...I may need one bad this week!

    1. Thank you Robyn, I just read your awesome recap. Sub 4 is so huge :) I am so happy race day turned out so well!
      I have my feet up between loads of laundry right now lol
      A massage would be perfect, check out the Group ons :)

  3. I think you've proven that resting before a half won't hurt your performance. (I had a sore ankle once and didn't run 5 days before a half and it was one of my best.) It's just so hard! 7 minutes is truly an accomplishment! Wow. You must tell me how to do that. That Dick's banner is a nice touch. I've never had a massage before a race, but I do like them. Please recap the race in detail too!

    1. It is funny how we think we will forgot how to run taking a week or two off lol but it really is good for us. Robyn, the comment above you, ( I work with her ) got so sick last year for a week before her marathon and couldn't run and ended up doing great race day.
      I will write a post about it, but honestly, I really do credit the weather, it makes a huge difference for me...and my good luck skirt :) Thank you so much!!

  4. AWESOME! a 7 minute PR?? Wahoo!!! My favorite running temps are in the 40's and 30's. It is a little harder to get going out the door, but perfect once I get going!

    1. Thank you Cheryl :)
      I feel the same way about the temps! I was worried I needed more clothes, but I had a throwaway jacket and gloves and it was perfect!

  5. CONGRATUFREAKINGLATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Speed work and great weather sure helped you PR!!!! You better got take a victory lap around that bus loop on Monday!!!

    Great work, Karen!!! :) Can't wait to hear more about the race!

    Maybe those 4 lbs gave you some more POWER??

    1. Thank you Megan!! Yaaa, for bus loop speed work lol The weather really made the difference though, I swear 10 degrees warmer and I don't think I could have done it!
      Ha! feels like more to carry. Sometimes, I wonder why I keep trying.
      Thanks again :) I love my buds that get what the heck 7 minutes mean.

    2. 7 minutes is a lot in a marathon let alone a half marathon!

  6. CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS!!!!! I was so so so happy for you when I saw your Insta ... and I am still so happy for you! This PR was well earned and well deserved. I cannot wait to read about every single one of the details! Be very descriptive :)

    Today was half marathon #6 for me as well. My race was the opposite of yours - hot and really hard. Oh well, you win some and you lose some. I am hoping that this bad half marathon means I have a really good one in my future :)

    1. Awwwww, sweet Kristina!! I saw that tweet this morning and thought oh no...that heat is hard! You know I have had some very different outcomes in hot, I have been sick, walked, the list goes on...
      I love that we both did number 6 the same weekend though :) You do have that next PR coming!!
      Thanks for the happy wishes, I appreciate it!
      I am working on writing out that post :)


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