Sunday, January 31, 2016

Not What I Expected

MondaySnow walking 5.19 miles (1:39:43)
Tuesday Cycling 7.10 mi (33:50)
 66 min. upper body training
WednesdayCycling 13.60 mi (1:08:24) stretching
ThursdayWalking 5.64 miles (1:32:16)
SaturdayBiking in the park 24.07 miles (2:11:56)
Sunday Cycling 4.00 miles (19:39)
 80 min. leg and core work

Last week was big snowfalls, a few missed days at work, extra sleep, crazily cramming to get everything done at work after a few missed days, and vacillating mood changes. 
I confess I had more dark chocolate meltdowns than normal. I was not feeling motivated, but I feel like I salvaged the week okay. 
What can I say, adjusting to not running is tough stuff. 23 days now...
I lost my work out partner too. Hubby is sick with some kind of super plague, he's been coughing enough to hack up a lung.  

I am not sure if walking is the best thing for my foot, however it does lift my mood immensely.  I forgot how much I enjoy walking. I can still enjoy sunsets and a little solitude.           

Saturday, the weather was decent enough to get outside, so I took my bike to the state park. A few roads were still snow covered, so my ride was a little limited, but I was able to accomplish my two hour goal.  My feet were numb by the end.  It was so chilly, but I intend to try to get outside and get a longer work out in when weather permits.  

The state park is much hillier than my neighborhood, so it is a better workout than I get biking around my neighborhood. I was afraid to ride on the streets anyway, with the snow still piled everywhere.

I am grateful that my gym cycle has lots of different courses and difficulty levels, but there is nothing like being outside. 

         I just can't stay on it much more than an hour.

Now, if I can just hang on for about 98 more days this way...

Right now it is dragging, and even though this year is not starting out like I expected, I am trying to adapt and hang in there. 

Did January go like you expected?
When is the last time you laced up and just took a walk? 

I hope you have a great week!

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Optimism Bias and the Injured Runner

I love this Ted Talk. It is 17 minutes about the optimism bias most of us have, it very interesting, as are most Ted Talks.
Optimism  - being able to believe or envision a different reality.

However, being overly optimistic can be harmful, because you ignore the obvious warning signs or risk, and you could end up in a worse place; too much too soon.

SO, as I try to wrap my mind around my current situation of a tender foot, crooked toes, no running, and my goals slipping away...
Do I remain optimistic?

Yes, but I have come to place where running  is not the most urgent matter.
The runners paradigm has changed. 

It is not that I am being negative or giving up, I just want to be healthy. I do not envision a future where I am just getting by....

Trust me, I am already tired of hearing myself talk about this stupid foot. 

If you read my diagnosis post you know the Doc wasn't optimistic with me at all. Well, I ain't got time for that...
SO, on to the next doc (Feb. 18th)
I hope my sports guy is more optimistic...but even if he isn't,  I am completely optimistic I will heal up and move on. 
My real problem is, can I stay sane and how loooong it will all take. From most accounts (thank you people that share their lives on the internet) I am looking at four months. 

In true Karen style, I am posting the Wednesday word on Thursday...that is how I roll. 

Stop by Deb Runs, the link up host and check out some other posts! 

Is it possible for realistic and optimism to co-exist?
Have you ever been through something that took way longer to heal than anticipated?
If you watched the Ted Talk - thoughts??

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

"Lazy" Dog Story

 What a beauty!

News source:

Race organisers credit the hound with putting the inaugural race "on the map", as photos of its exploits went viral.
19:42, UK,Monday 25 January 2016

A two-year-old hound with an apparent nose for competitive running has finished seventh in a half-marathon in Alabama.
The dog, named Ludivine, was a last-minute entry into the inaugural Elkmont Half Marathon last week after her owner let her outside to relieve herself.
Ludivine, said to have a penchant for solo walks through the woods, apparently heard the sound of runners gathering at the nearby starting line and went to investigate.
Ludivine received a medal for her efforts
When the starting gun fired Ludivine took off with the pack, witnesses told Runner's World.
She stopped several times throughout the 13.1-mile trek to inspect other dogs and animals, including a dead rabbit around the two-mile mark, race competitors told the magazine.
Jim Clemens, who eventually finished fourth, said: "Every time I thought she had dropped off to go back home, I would hear her coming back up to me, and she would race past me up to the two leaders."
Ludivine eventually crossed the finish line in a time of 1:32:56 - good enough for seventh out of some 165 runners. Race volunteers put a medal on the dog, who took time to pose for a picture after the race.
As Ludivine's accomplishment began to go viral, race organisers noted on Facebook that the dog was helping put the inaugural race "on the map".
Her owner, April Hamlin, said she learned of the dog's exploits after receiving photos via text messages.
"All I did was open the door, and she ran the race on her own accord," Ms Hamlin told Runner's World.
She added that Ludivine is "laid back and friendly, so I can't believe she ran the whole half marathon because she's actually really lazy".

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Being Sore Makes Me Happy

MondayCycling 9 mi (42:06)
53 min. kettle bell/core
Tuesday Rest!
WednesdayCycling 13.60 mi (1:07:38) 15 min. stretching
ThursdayCycling 7.30 mi (35:55)
40 min. upper body
FridayCycling 9.70 mi (51:55)
40 min. leg work
SaturdaySnow day lazy
Sunday Snow walk 5.5 miles ;)

       run buddy and I decided to get out and walk today

       we were thrilled the sun came out - it has looked like this since Friday
We don't get much plowing here.  The roads are packed. A little melt happened in the sun today, and now as night falls they are like a sheet of ice. The over night is supposed to be 15 degrees. 
It felt so good to get out in the sun. My foot doesn't love it, but it doesn't seem to make it worse. 

It is still all about two wheels and a sore tush! Seriously, I am going to need to wear my padded shorts to ride the gym cycle, I just don't want to. 

I made my quads sore last week! Why, am I so excited that I said ouch and ooompf, as I was going up and down my steps, because it is progress. 

My leg work outs have been so limited because my inner knee area is tricky. I have been trying to figure out what I can do for a long time. I tried body pump class a few times and was out for days. I even went back and tried to do the lunges and squats with no weight and my knees still throbbed. Eventually, I started trying to do one leg exercise after my upper body  work out, to see what I could get away with. Lunges put me out, but squats are in. 
It seems like every time I say I am going to work legs though, some other issue pops up, and I would skip the leg work to preserve my running
  • I am training, I don't want to miss or hinder runs
  • too sore from speed work 
  • too close to the race now
  • my knees are already achy
  • my hamstring is tight...

you know how it is??

The past few weeks though
  • no running 
  • no excuses
I had to cut all my calf work, which makes me sad, because I have managed to keep my calf muscles pretty healthy since my stress fracture, but right now my foot can not tolerate it.

So for now my leg work includes: 
leg press
squats with hand weights
glute machine
kettle bell squats
quad lift machine

being able to add this quad work in is a little victory for me :) 

I hit Boom! 

I am quite the lightweight when it comes to leg workouts, but I am starting to feel stronger. 
I will try to work on inching the weight up soon...

Do you have a favorite leg exercise? 

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Friday, January 22, 2016

Plantar Plates

Snowmageddon gave me some time to do some reading.

I feel very certain  now the diagnosis of a plantar plate injury is correct.
I had some symptoms that could fit Plantar Fasciitis or a stress fracture, but when I read through plantar plate tears/injuries, I can check off my symptoms text book. 

My symptoms leading up to my last run were confusing because different areas of my foot were flaring up. Possibly, if I was educated about plantar plate injuries I may have realized what was going on...I don't know. 

Reflecting back on the questions the doctor asked, I may have missed some progression that was taking place over the past few years, because so often I just adapt to my current. 
It is like losing day you see yourself and! I look skinny!  A month later you are used to how you look, and you start thinking you need to take a few more pounds off...
or like when  a kitten or puppy grows, you look at pictures and forget how small they were! 

I have mentioned before I have been dealing with heel spurs for years,  so I just wrote off some initial issues as a spur flare up. 

Looking back through my run notes, I noted in April and May I had some burning on longer runs. It comes and goes...
When it got hot here, I discovered flat sandals would kill my feet. The sides of my feet would ache.  I went and got Sketchers and felt better. It did not really dawn on me until now the tenderness was getting worse. 

One last memory from a few years ago...
I took a run when I was at the beach. After, I wore flat sandals to go get food. I remember my feet being so tender I could hardly stand it, I was thankful I was able to go back and put my running shoes on. I walked all day and felt fine, but maybe I have been slowly getting worse and because I was adapting to my current, I just did not see what was happening. 

I spent all of last week with my left foot so swollen, I was hobbling. After I was off of it a few days, the pain actually got worse. I couldn't push off the ball of my foot at all. 
The swelling cleared up right before my Doctor visit, but puffed right back up that day just from the manipulating he did during the examination. 

Today (Friday), I am on my 14th day of no running.  Finally, I can go on bare feet and not feel burning in the ball of my foot, even though the swelling is still present. 
I was getting worried, because it seemed there was no progress, but finally, I can note my first little improvement. 

Have I missed running? Yes! 
Have I been tempted to run? No, not even once, I was hurting that much. 
Am I tempted to run now? Honestly, this may surprise you, but no. 
I have been so slow to heal, I think the seriousness of it is sinking in. 

Tissue is slow to heal. Most of what I am reading says three or four months is optimum, although symptoms usually do clear up in about six weeks. 

The Podiatrist who diagnosed me  Sunshine and Rainbows (in case you missed that joyous day) 
said to re - evaluate every four weeks. Running was not in the mix (EVER) for him, only to try walking and elliptical and see how my foot reacted. If I felt anything, wait four more weeks and try again...
Of course in my head, running is not out of the mix yet, but I am not sure when it will fit in again.  

So that is just a few more thoughts about how I got here, and what is happening...

I will do a post about Plantar plate injuries soon. 
Thank you for all the sweet thoughts, wishes, and prayers. I deeply appreciate all of you :) 

I'll be here hanging in my awesome new slippers. 

How is your snow situation today? 
How was your last run? I still love to hear about it! 
Do you love or dislike bare feet? 
Slippers or socks in the house? 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Sunshine and Rainbows

Sunshine and Rainbows
Sadly, not in this post. 
I have a little cloud following me today. 

I am still feeling a bit bewildered from my Doctor visit today. I was not prepared to hear how absolute he was.  Basically, I was told I was at the end of the road with running.

After x-rays and tapping some vibrating thing all over my foot, he was shaking his head and asked,

"What other activities do you like?"

I told him I really just wanted to know long I needed to be off of it...I was already cycling a lot right now, I have a race in February, blah, blah, blah...

His next statement:
Take up swimming.

Me: No, thanks, I will just cycle till I can get back to running.

You really need to take up swimming.
Tissue just does not magically repair when you are older.
Your toe ligaments are damaged.
This may never get much better than this.

Wait, what?!

I started with but, but, but, but

and he stopped me every time...

That is nice you have friends who run and are in their 60's, that is not going to be realistic for you.
Your plantar plate is damaged. 
Take up swimming.
Do you enjoy walking, because if you keep trying to run,  you won't even enjoy walking one day.

but, but, but

You would have been lucky if it was a stress fracture. 
This isn't as easy to fix. 

My brain started picturing the little old folks who face a 20 minute journey just trying to cross a parking lot; you know, the poor folks who can barely shuffle to the mailbox. They always hurt my heart, it just pierces me a bit when I see them.  

Are you telling me that is where I am headed?!
Ummm, Doc this isn't going like I planned at all. 

He kept talking about how adapting my activities is "my best course of action"
These bodies are not made to last forever.
Are you sure you don't like swimming? (he must love swimming!)

No Doc.  Swimming is really not my thing...

He said I need orthodics to off set the weight and it will help.
I told him I tried that years ago when my heel spurs were diagnosed, and it didn't work. He said inserts are better now, and they would keep thinning and molding, until they feel good in my shoes.
According to him, orthodics will eventually make me feel like I can run short distances, but if I do it will cause more damage, so stick to walking.
Orthodics are not covered by insurance. They are $300
I am so torn. That is a lot of expense to find out it doesn't work or change the situation for me.

Anyone use these molded delights?

After I left, I had a little moment, I just couldn't get it together. I thought this is ridiculous...he just told me I may never feel a huge improvement from the pain I feel right now.
Is that even possible?
I went and got an Einstein's bagel and cup of coffee. I needed comfort food!  As upset as I was, I didn't cave and have a diet soda. Trust me, I was tempted. 

was so grateful Holly (  thank youchecked on me. I shared my disbelief about my odd experience...I told her felt like I was being given the, you are terminal speech...just so absolute. I know dramatic right! LOL, Seriously. I am not dying, and I'll be okay, but, it was just how it hit me today. 
I don't want you to come here and feel bad, I hate doing these kind of posts! 

I went back to work and started calling all over trying to see another Doctor. 
March was the earliest since I am a "new" patient. That is too long, I tried begging on one call, no luck. SO,  I called my sports medicine clinic to see the same Doc who treated my stress fracture, so I can get a second opinion. I still have to wait weeks to see him. 

So in summary:
I am on a break.
I have plantar plate damage. Doc also used the word, degeneration.
I have dislocated toe ligaments. My bones are all looking fine, but my toes are not on straight.  
The toes being out of line put pressure on the damaged area and hinder healing. 
The doc placed a pad under the arch of the foot area and it seems to help. 

I am trying to decide what to do about the Orthodics.
Please share your experience if you have a set. 

I hate waiting until Feb. 18th to see my Sports Med Doc (so darn long) 

I would much rather be telling you about what I am training for next...

I will be hanging out here Googling remedies and advice.
I have already buddy taped my own toes and they feel delightful. 

Happy Trails, 
Run a mile for me! 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Two Wheels

I am linking up today with my friends, Holly @ hohoruns and Tricia@ MissSippiPiddlin you know, those marathon running gals! 
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Monday I felt off. I thought it was lack of running of course, but I think I was actually coming down with a stomach bug. 

I went to bed at 7:45...I had chills, just so sick. 

Nottaaaa thing.  I actually had a combo of fudge and dark chocolate as a is all that seemed appealing. 
 It took me all week to get myself together. 

MondayCycling 8.50 mi (37:00)
 20 min. stretching/core
Tuesday Rest!
ThursdayCycling 13.60 mi (1:00:00) 15 min. stretching
FridayCycling 5 mi (22:00)
75 min. upper body weight training
SaturdayCycling outside 20.14 mi (1:47:49)
Sunday Cycling 6.40 (26:41)
60 min. leg work

53.6 miles of cycling this week. It is all about two wheels right now...

I went and cycled at the gym on a hilly course, but didn't feel like touching a weight. I wasn't all the way recovered yet. 

I had a massage scheduled, so I left work early. I almost canceled because I felt like, why bother when I am not running, but I am glad I went. It is so relaxing. I really wanted to ball up on the table and sleep when I was done. However, I went and lifted for the first time all week. Kenny and I worked out, and ate dinner by 4:57 lol and I didn't have a diet soda all day :) 

Saturday was very breezy, but sunny in the 50's.
I rode until sunset. It felt great to get outside! So much easier than the gym.
I am trying to get back on track and reign my diet in. I have gained some holiday/pure laziness pounds, that I need to to get off. I actually tried to eat some nutrients after my bean burger, colby jack cheese, tortellini, on a bed of spinach and another diet soda free day :)

Sunday...winter is back! 
I was bummed I missed the Frostbite 15K today. I have been looking forward to this since I missed it last year. It is just not meant to be, but I had another soda free day!   
I let Otto out to feel the snowflakes, he wasn't a fan. 

I thought the kitties had the right idea, but I went to the gym anyway.

I can work my legs, but I can not do any calf raises. :(
It has been nine days since I ran, and my foot is about the same. I don't feel like much healing has happened, which is really concerning me. I have been trying to come to terms with being out for the long haul. I see the Doc on Wednesday and of course, I am hoping some kind of accelerated healing kicks in soon!

When I am sick I seem to really crave sugar. Anyone else like this
Tell me something about your week! 
Thanks for stopping by! 
I hope you have a wonderful week :) 
Karen ❤