Sunday, January 31, 2016

Not What I Expected

MondaySnow walking 5.19 miles (1:39:43)
Tuesday Cycling 7.10 mi (33:50)
 66 min. upper body training
WednesdayCycling 13.60 mi (1:08:24) stretching
ThursdayWalking 5.64 miles (1:32:16)
SaturdayBiking in the park 24.07 miles (2:11:56)
Sunday Cycling 4.00 miles (19:39)
 80 min. leg and core work

Last week was big snowfalls, a few missed days at work, extra sleep, crazily cramming to get everything done at work after a few missed days, and vacillating mood changes. 
I confess I had more dark chocolate meltdowns than normal. I was not feeling motivated, but I feel like I salvaged the week okay. 
What can I say, adjusting to not running is tough stuff. 23 days now...
I lost my work out partner too. Hubby is sick with some kind of super plague, he's been coughing enough to hack up a lung.  

I am not sure if walking is the best thing for my foot, however it does lift my mood immensely.  I forgot how much I enjoy walking. I can still enjoy sunsets and a little solitude.           

Saturday, the weather was decent enough to get outside, so I took my bike to the state park. A few roads were still snow covered, so my ride was a little limited, but I was able to accomplish my two hour goal.  My feet were numb by the end.  It was so chilly, but I intend to try to get outside and get a longer work out in when weather permits.  

The state park is much hillier than my neighborhood, so it is a better workout than I get biking around my neighborhood. I was afraid to ride on the streets anyway, with the snow still piled everywhere.

I am grateful that my gym cycle has lots of different courses and difficulty levels, but there is nothing like being outside. 

         I just can't stay on it much more than an hour.

Now, if I can just hang on for about 98 more days this way...

Right now it is dragging, and even though this year is not starting out like I expected, I am trying to adapt and hang in there. 

Did January go like you expected?
When is the last time you laced up and just took a walk? 

I hope you have a great week!

I am linking up today with my friends, Holly @ hohoruns and Tricia@ MissSippiPiddlin you know, those marathon running gals! 

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  1. So, to answer your question, no January did not go like I expected. In fact, it sucked. I'm so glad to see February around the corner. Life just has to get better, right?

    Try riding with some YouTube videos. I've been loving them!

  2. Hope your hubby feels better soon. That's awesome you were able to get outside for a ride. I was so happy to be back outdoors this weekend. It killed me to do my long ride indoors last weekend. Sounds like your walks are good, too. I've found I love walking around with my camera. I can slow it down and explore the things I may not normally stop to appreciate. Have a great week!

  3. I hope we can get a ride in this weekend. I am a chicken on the bike and want clear, dry paths!

  4. It's been 23 days already? I'm sure it feels like more than that to you. You had a huge week cycling. I'm excited you were able to get outside and ride for over 2 hours. I hope to be able to do that soon. I don't think I was outside this week during daylight. That's awful and I'm feeling a little blue because of it. You are doing awesome with doing what you can. I'm proud of you, my friend! Thanks for linking with us Karen!

  5. I cannot believe it's February! January entailed quite a few illnesses that rolled through our house so I'm hoping this month is better. And yes, my husband and I actually did a 4 mile walk on our favorite trail on Saturday. It was beautiful and we both looked at each other and said "let's get outside." Also the perfect way to tire out our dog! Have a great week! -C

  6. January went pretty good for me but ended less than great as I got sick :( overall though I give it a thumbs up. Great job getting out and biking for two hours, there really is nothing like being outside when getting your sweat on is there?

  7. That's a long time to not be able to run. It sounds like you're really doing the best you can though. And you've still been able to enjoy the outdoors with walking and biking. Keep it up!

  8. Good for you trying to make the best out of a bad situation.

    I can just see me trying to bike on that snow covered road. Someone film me - I'll be an internet sensation :)

  9. I take the dogs for a walk every day--It is one of the better parts of most days!!
    Kudos to you for biking--I don't like dealing with the cold (or really the bike for that matter... :/)
    You will get through this...

  10. You are pretty active for an injured lady.

    I like walking too and since I run, I always forget to do it.

    Ugh...98 days.

    Hope it passes quickly.

  11. You had an OUTSTANDING week of training. I am sorry to hear your husband is under the weather - I wish him a speedy recovery! And walking is no joke as a workout. I find I can be more fatigued from walking for an hour than from running for an hour! Isn't it funny how the muscles work like that?


  12. I do love walking. Every time I have to take a break from running, I replace it with walking and I do thoroughly enjoy it! Also, it helps to keep SOME sort of routine.

  13. You are doing a GREAT job hanging in there! And changing up the variety of your rides and walks will help!

    You can get booties to cover your feet when you cycle outside :) I have a pair to use when it's cold :)

  14. I'm sorry your husband isn't feeling well :( I hope he's better soon! And I agree outdoors is so much more fun but with the piles of snow, it doesn't feel as safe. The trails that are plowed really help.

  15. Well, I walk almost daily. Or lately should I say Lola walks me? Lately it feels that way.

    You are doing great & way to stay positive (even if it takes a little dark chocolate).

  16. Karen when I would run in the afternoons I had 5 days a week to walk in the mornings. Now that I run several of those days, I find myself missing my walks I don't have time to do both. And running is not like walking. Walking I was more incline to think more deeply about things while running I would think then, concentrate on keeping my legs moving. Weird, I know. No it may not be what you planned but I can tell you there is a plan. Hope the hubby feels better too! I know it's no fun when they are sick for anyone! Have a good week friend!

  17. I can't believe it is February. January went way to fast. I have been sick the last week and I can't rid of this cough either. Thankfully it has not prohibited me from working out. Hope you get your partner back soon:)

  18. Awww, chin UP ;-) You are doing well with all that walking and biking ;-) Keep pumping that dark does wonders ;-) I'll be thinking of you and sending you some healing karma.

  19. The snow looks beautiful and to be able to cycle in the park on a nice clear road sound great.

    I walk everyday as I have a dog but I tend to stick to the same areas. About once a month I'll decide to take one a longer walk in a different area and it's always very enjoyable.

    I hope your foot continues to heal.

  20. It looks like January was a rough training month for many of us. Here's to a better February!

  21. Glad to see you out and getting in those workouts. I love casual walks the week before a race during my taper. It makes me feel like I'm stretching my legs but also keeps me from worrying about my legs getting tired.

  22. I love to walk. After almost every run I take my dog for a 1 - 1.5 mile walk for her exercise and my cool down. I am glad you are able to get out and do things outside. I really hope the walking is OK on your foot, Karen. I want you to be able to lace up to run again in 98 days!! Please be careful (sorry, to have a little "mom" moment...)

  23. My husband had the crud this past week too. Hope your hubby is feeling better! I love your pictures of the snow. Great job on your biking miles. I'm glad you were able to get out and enjoy a long walk.

  24. Days are getting longer and warmer.... by the time the really nice weather comes around you will be back to your old self. Hang in there.


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