Sunday, April 17, 2016

Bling! Yes, Please :)

I got new shoes last week and I couldn't wait to run in them!
They are light and flexible, but feel supportive enough. 

I ran Monday, 3.66 miles morning, two days after my trail race. I made it further than I expected!

Tuesday I cross trained with my honey. 

Wednesday I rode until my butt hurt. 
Why can't bike seats be more comfy? 
I spent a lot of time stretching when I was done. 

Thursday I went and picked up my bib for Saturday. 
They had the medal on the table...
I decided I really wanted one, even if I had to walk a lot. 

The race shirt is really nice :) I thought about wearing it to run in...haha, I remember from the blog talk a few months ago, that is a no-no.

There was a place next door to where I picked up my bib...

It smelled good, the donuts were fresh and warm. 

Friday I wanted to work out, but I really needed to conserve energy. I took a half hour stroll with some of my work peeps. A beautiful day in VA. 

Saturday, I did it! 13.1, well not exactly, but I earned my medal. (recap coming very soon-I already wrote it!)

Sunday, I realized I didn't lift one flipping weight all week! 
I probably should have went to the gym, but I opted for a hilly little ride on my bike. 
It was another beautiful day.  
Besides, Misty likes to come outside 
while I put my bike away and stretch. 

My legs felt pretty darn amazing! It is just these darn feet holding me back. 

Morning Run 3.66 mi 0:37:39

Walking 0.46 mi 0:08:47
Biking Around The Neighborhood 28.22 mi 2:22:51

Stretching/Cool Down
0.16 mi 0:18:41
Wake Up Run 
2.02 mi 

Walking/Stretching 0.09 mi 
Petersburg Half Marathon 12.88 mi 2:10:14

Petersburg Walking 0.35 mi 0:18:35
Biking 11.13 mi 1:02:14

Stretching 0.04 mi 0:06:08

Oh, and hubby found another fun app! 
We are easily entertained folks! 
 #Keanu...we like stupid comedies, what can I say?!

Ever heard of Duck Donuts?
How did your week go?

Tell me anything!

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  1. OMG. The preview for Keanu is SO goofy. What a riot. Aww, look at Misty soaking up the sun!

    Can't wait to hear about the race! Hope your foot did okay! You're not racing again until after the summer after this, right?

    Those shoes are really pretty!

    Did you get bike shorts? Wearing mine, and riding my bike 1-2 times a week (which I know you do!) help my sit bones adjust :)

    1. I have not ordered shorts yet! Rode in my running leggings again LOL
      I need to for those longer rides.
      No more running any long distances now till Dec. I may not even run for awhile, I will try to weed through it the next few weeks. My feet were slightly sore today, the injured foot held up better. My right one has sore toes, it is annoying.
      Thanks, my shoes are the mens version lol but I like them!

  2. So happy that you got some running in ! How are you feeling ?
    Isn't it great to have the summer like weather ? LOVE it !

    1. I am up and down with running, I actually am surprised my feet improved so much with one nights rest but I don't want to push them anymore. I am going easy now and see what happens. I get a short window here of fabulous low humidity days! I love it right now, I wish it would last longer!

  3. If that race shirt didn't say "finisher" than you should have totally wore it :)

    1. ha! That is funny! It didn't, I should take a pic of it!

  4. Love those shoes! Too bad I don't wear Nikes...

    Boo to the feet. I feel you on that one. But congrats on finishing your race. That had to feel great!

    1. Thank you! I have really not been a Nike fan, but they fit my inserts and feel pretty good :)
      I was ecstatic with my finish! It really was a great day :)

  5. I have heard of Duck Donuts, but I have not been. I have been to Sugar Shack though! This weekend was so gorgeous - that medal is fantastic!!

    1. The donuts were so good! I thought all donuts were the same, but these had a different flavor from Krispy Kreme.
      I was impressed with the medal this year :)and I was thrilled I got to the end!

  6. That is one fancy medal! I really like the design of it, too. Congrats on your race! I look forward to reading your recap :)

    I feel like I have heard of Duck Donuts for some reason, but I have never been to one as far as I know. It's just very familiar sounding...

    1. Thank you Meagan :)
      They told there are Dick Donuts in Corolla, if you are a beach person. I do not remember seeing the shop, but I will look for it now next time I go lol

    2. Ugh, I am so bad with typos...they told me there are Duck Donuts in Corolla

  7. Great job on finishing and getting your awesome medal! I say if you want to wear a race shirt do it! People get so worked up about details like that, but I say do what makes you happy :)

  8. I've never heard of Duck Donuts but that looks pretty darn tasty! I hope your race was enjoyable and yea, I do skip wearing the race shirt until after the race. It can be tempting, but I am very superstitious.

    1. I had not had a donut in along time, and this thing was delicious :) I am so glad I ran it! I am feeling great today :)

  9. Awesome that you did a half! And nice bling, too!

    That donut reminds me strongly of the donuts they used to serve -- fresh & warm! -- at my college dining hall. Almost 35 yrs later and I still remember those!

    Not lifting when you're running (or running/walking) a half is probably a good thing.

    My week was good, but tiring.

    1. The race medal is very cool, and once I saw it at packet up I was motivated lol
      Probably skipping all the lifting was good, I'll get to it sometime this week :)

  10. Those donuts look amazing! I think we have one of those near us. I may need to pay it a visit.

  11. haha - that app. I so laughed.
    You are just UNSTOPPPABLE!!!!
    I am with you - there has to be a way to make bike seats better.
    Cant wait for your recap

    1. I wish I was unstoppable, that worked out for me because it wasn't hot lol the heat does awful things to me.
      My seat is gel and pretty comfy until you pass that two hour mark :)
      Posting soon!

  12. Awww Misty is a beauty!!! :) Can't wait to hear how your half marathon went!

  13. Oh no what happened with that race - was the course short? Anyway, looking forward to hearing about it and congrats on that purdy lookin' medal!!

    OMG those Keanu pics...priceless! Especially the one of your hubby LOL!

    1. We have a load of Keanu pics now LOL
      yes, very short! Good thing I was just out for the fun of run.

  14. I think I got a medal equally as honking big as yours! Believe it or not. I'm so glad you were able to participate. Do you think you're going to like those shoes? And, how are those feet a couple of days later? Good I hope! Ducks and Donuts odd combo. I had a sour cream donut at the local shack this weekend. YUM.MEE. December is going to be more fun than we can take. Can't wait. Thanks for linking with us, Karen!

    1. Your medal was quite amazing! It may need its own holder lol
      I was so happy with the way the day turned out. I do like the shoes, they are comfy, just very different from what I am use to. I would still like to find something that feels more supportive in general, but right now this kind of lighter flexible thing seems to work.
      I have never tried a sour cream donut, yum!
      I look forward to December!

  15. Congrats on your race! I look forward to reading the recap!

  16. Look at those fabulous new shoes!!! That doughnut looks too delicious to be real. LOL at the adorable pictures! Awww, Misty is adorable - what a sweet companion!

    1. I like the shoes, they are canvas like material on top, so no seams. They feel pretty good, carried me almost 13 miles :) darn short race lol
      Misty is a sweet little cat :)

  17. Ha! Oh apps are so crazy. I appreciate you and your husband's sense of humor :) Nice job on the race - that's a whopping medal! Never heard of Duck Doughnuts but I would sure try them. I don't discriminate against any doughnuts :)
    Amy @

    1. Thank you! It is the biggest medal I have now- it is a whopper lol
      Hubby and I like to goof around.
      Yea, it's hard to dislike a donut right lol thanks for stopping by!


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