Sunday, April 24, 2016

Capturing Race Moments

Race, I have some bad ones!
In all my races, I only have a few that are okay. These are from my Petersburg Half.
I like to have at least one photo from an event...

This one cracks me up- I look like I am in lala land...a second sooner or later and it may have been a good pic LOL see the soldiers in the back ground!

I may buy this one..idk...maybe not, I don't love it

These three were all finish line approach. I smiled when I saw the camera, then I tried to get back to business...that is a gritty face lol

My feet were sore after my race for sure, but Sunday they felt improved, and seemed no worse for the wear, but I know I pushed them a bit past what I should. 
Monday morning this was all I could handle! Good thing, it was Boston Monday :) It was my little way of paying homage to the race. 

Tuesday I walked some our students to take water samples. It was a beautiful day, and it is just a mile and half round trip, but it was nice to get out.

I got a new bike helmet, with a good reflector on it! This one is really nice has a wheel adjuster, and fits much better than my old one. Now, if I could just get motivated to get on my bike!

Wednesday I ran again, and did that Galloway thing :)  That method helps me get further before my feet really hurt. Up to this point, I did most of my short runs regualr, but after using this method for both of the races the past few weeks, I thought I should try it for my shorter runs. That minute walk really helps reduce the impact. A post will come later this week about my feelings on this method. 

I like to walk the track on my break at work. I won't be able to do this much longer, it is getting tooo flipping hot now :( I do not like going back to work feeling sweaty. 
I have only run one lap on this track. Every time I walk it, I wish I was running...but they lock it after school hours. 

I got new glasses, bifocals...ugh! I can't see close up anymore either, and I felt like Mr. Moogoo all week, now everything is blurry! I am not sure I am going to get use to this. I may have to go with two pairs, one for distance and one for close up. 

Someone I work with turned the big 5-0 this week, I will be there soon enough...

I was excited to get out Saturday and run. The weather wasn't so great though, it had been raining all night and it felt really sticky. I was wiped out from the humidity. Hello summer running, I didn't miss you. 

I thought waiting until almost 8 a.m. was late enough to let the fog burn off, but that didn't happen until my walk home...of course Sunday when I woke up it was gorgeous out, but these feet are not ready to handle two days in a row. My feet were pretty tender on the bottom after 7 miles. I probably should have just stopped at 6, but I was feeling over confident at mile 5, and decided to do an extra loop. I ended up with a half hour walk home. I went from okay to burning, like a flipped switch. 

Once I get out there, I can't seem to find the discipline to keep it short. This week I will try to handle it a little better. 

Check out my yummy refueling after my 7 miles. Tastes even better when you are rungry! 

Sunday, I discovered my heart rate monitor is dead...big sigh...
My Honey and I worked hard, but I have no chart evidence LOL Ugh...I still tracked my time though lol ...hopelessly addicted to my tracking. I ordered a new one, problem should be remedied this week. 

Boston Day :) - 2.62 mi 0:26:50

Cool Down  0.18 mi 0:07:10
Galloway 5 5.01 mi 0:52:07

Cool Down 0.11 mi 0:07:39

Stationary Bike  2.75 mi

Upper Body Weight Training
0.00 mi 1:02:06
Stationary Bike - 7.00 mi 0:36:00

Core Work
0.00 mi 0:20:00
Warm Up 0.62 mi 0:10:50

Galloway 7  7.01 mi 1:13:53

Walking  1.56 mi 0:26:37
Treadmill Mile
1.00 mi

Leg and Chest Work 0.00 mi 1:14:06

I've always had a hard time "waiting" until Sunday to run, even when the weather is bad. I just want to get up Saturday and get that longer work out done. 
Do you prefer one day over the other? 

Any progressive or bifocal wearers out? How long did it take to get used to it?  
Did you watch any of the Boston race? or have someone you tracked? 
Do you get excited to see your race pics? 

Linking up with my gals, Holly @ hohoruns and Tricia@ MissSippiPiddlin for the weekly wrap up.

Join in the fun and share something from your week! 


  1. I generally do not feel excited to see race pics because I tell you the truth when I say 98% of them I look HORRIBLE in. I don't know why!!?? I don't think I am photogenic when I'm running. :) I love your LA LA LA picture!!!!!! It is funny. But the next several is good so at least you got more good ones! :)

    1. I am not running photogenic 99% of the time. These pics came out better than a lot of other races, but I was't wowed LOL
      How do the photographers manage to catch such goofy moments?

  2. I love your pictures!!! I feel like they all capture your joy of running! :) I have been trying to search footage or live streaming of the boston marathon but everytime I search it I usually only get the men's finish or boston bombing videos, which is actually pretty sad.

    Love your white flowers!!!!!

    1. Thanks heather
      Awwww, you haven't found any feed of your event? :(
      I had such fun tracking you! You really amaze me, your strength is inspiring!

  3. I am always apprehensively excited to see my race pics. I always HOPE that there will be one or two worth purchasing/sharing but that's very rarely the case! :D I love your gritty face picture, you look badass!

    I don't like going back to work sweaty either. It amazes me that some people can run/workout hard during their lunch break and then go back to work. I've only done it once and I felt like a hot mess the rest of the day. I definitely couldn't imagine attending meetings in that state!

    1. I do the same thing with pics! I always hope LOL hmmm, badass, I'll take that, I thought it was awful they caught that!
      I walked last summer a few times and felt so gross, I went home and straight in the shower. I can only do it if I know I don't have anything happening at work. I can't understand how anyone works out at lunch, my hair gets so yuck...

  4. Too bad they lock the track. That makes me so sad!!
    I love your race photos.. even the gritty ones :)
    Bifocals... I am holding out with contacts as long as possible!!

    1. Thank you Raina :)
      I would keep the contacts! The bifocals are a pain LOL

  5. Ooooh love that gritty face. You are working hard! Fantastic hair too! The warming temps remind me I'm going to have to revert to the 5:30am runs. So great when they're done but not fun to get in the habit of doing. I have bifocal glasses which I hate and never wear. I wear contacts to see far then put on reading glasses over my contacts to see close. Ugh. There's a progressive contact out there now I'm going to try.

    1. Thanks Marcia, I wasn't that happy with gritty face lol
      I am so use to leaving my loose, it gets crazy, but I get headache when I pony tail it. I keep thinking, if my hair gets a little longer I can try a loose pony tail.
      Those fun early runs! That is my usual hour to go, but it is easy to hit the snooze button lol
      Seeing should be easier right LOL

    2. +Teamarica--I just started the multi focal lenses by Bausch and Lomb because I am also far sighted and will soon be needing reading glasses over contacts. So far so good....

  6. I think you look good in your race photos! Even the gritty faced one.

    Obviously, I am now a fan of Galloway. Until I change my mind. I'm always trying stuff, but for now, after almost a year, it's working well for me. You just have to get over that feeling you're not a real runner . . .

    I very, very rarely run more than my plan calls for.

    I wear contacts mostly. One eye is bifocal, my glasses are bifocal, I seriously don't find it helps much and my optometrist & I have had a lot of discussions about this. I can read just fine without glasses or readers (although she wants me to wear readers, but I just don't), but I'm very near sighted so definitely need my contacts/glasses. But I've been wearing glasses since I was 12.

    1. Thanks Judy, I wasn't a fan of the gritty face lol
      The Galloway methods works, but I do have my moments where I just don't love it...I am trying to be patient.
      I am totally just winging it, my Doc said to try to run every other day, and see what happens after a few weeks lol
      This not being to see up close and read, is a new thing for me! I don't like it. That s good you can read okay. I have ever been able to see far way...

  7. Your race pics are awesome!!!!! My husband recently switched to progressive lenses, and it took him a couple weeks to get used to them. I prefer to wear contacts when I am out (purely vanity reasons) but normally wear glasses around the house.

    1. Thank you! I didn't love the pics, but I have had much worse lol
      Changing lenses is a challenge for sure! I am trying to ride it out another week before I decide, I guess a few weeks may be the norm :)

  8. UGHHH - I tried bifocuals for awhile & couldnt get used to them. I'm so sensitive with eye stuff anyways.
    You look SO HAPPPYYYYYY in your race pics :)

    1. It is a big adjustment!
      I was feeling very happy, especially at the finish line! I was thinking I can stop soon, I can stop soon! LOL

  9. That area where you walked with the students looks beautiful! And I love your smile in the race photos :)

    1. Thank you :) I was happy at least in my pics LOL
      It is a pretty little path, we use it often.

  10. I love your photos! They are great. I switched to Galloway method about 4 years ago. I am actually a faster run/walk/run person than straight up run. It always blows my mind. But keeps me out there doing what I love and I have actually grown to love it!! Keep up the good work, Karen.

    1. Thank you Susan :)
      I still have not purchased a pic, I have my own I took and I just don't love them...
      I am having a hard time making the jump to all Galloway. I have read that a lot of folks get faster. I have experienced that in a test winter run, but for now I guess I lost all my speed being out so long. My runs are feeling pretty tough. I hope I can grow to love it! It does keep me out there longer and soon it will be so hot, I need it for survival.
      Have you managed to stay injury free for 4 years?

    2. Not completely injury free but that is because I am still recovering from exercise addiction and I would always push too much, try to go further, try to go longer. I didn't give my body enough respect to rest and cross train. I have gotten much better and finally connected w/ a PT in the clinic that totally gets me and has taught me so much about the root causes of many of my injuries. It's been a process but I think Galloway method has really helped me and I have just grown to love it.

    3. Oh wow, well I have been there with the purging issue. I would cardio myself to death when I was younger, so I totally get it. I didn't realize that was an issuer for you. I would say the issues I have now are probably in part from years of over use but who knows, I didn't inherit great is so many factors colliding when it comes to injury.
      I love hearing the Galloway method gave you some healing :) we have to find what we love to carve a new path in life. Bless you Susan :) you are really strong!

    4. Thank you, Karen! Yes, I have always loved exercise (was raised in a very active house) and never had issue until my 30's. A combination of my type A personality coupled w/ my mom getting cancer. Working out just made me feel better. But soon, I was doing 2x per day, not loving it, going for way too long, battling illness and injury all the time. I spent a good 5-6 years in it and then the last 8 years recovering (the first 3-4 years of recovery were very hit and miss but I never gave up). I still have tendencies towards it because I do love exercise, I do use it to calm anxiety and I like how I feel and look when I am working out. But my body has responded so well to less, it's amazing. I am always here as a sounding board for you. Not saying you have this issue but you just trying to figure out your new running plan. Maybe your feet will recover and you don't even need a new plan. That would be awesome!

    5. That is a journey you have been through for sure. I do have quite a history with purging, but I for like I got over it several years ago... Of course I always worry it could creep back in. During my injury period though that has not happened and I was surprised I almost felt the opposite - I feel like o am getting lazy which I would thought 10 years ago not possible!
      I appreciate you sharing and I surely will remember that I can always talk to you and you will understand.

  11. I agree with you walking some really does help. I was not always a firm believer in this until recently but I am now! Better late than never right? I can't wait to hear more about your thoughts on it as well.
    I so like getting my weekend run and or race in on a Saturday vs a Sunday. It just throws off my whole week afterwards. Luckily this Nashville race is Sat so I can really enjoy my weekend afterwards cause you know we get Rungry and want to eat everything in sight! Thanks Karen for linking up with us!

    1. Waling does make a big difference in how I feel. I am guilty of running and not stopping no matter what for a longtime!I need to get over it lol
      I feel that way about Sat. verses feels like, you have more of a weekend if you run Saturday.
      Girl, I love to eat! LOL

  12. I much prefer Saturday long runs or races but they don't seem to happen that way. Had one again yesterday.

    I think all your pics are great!!

    I wear contacts. One is for near and one for far. It works out great.

    1. I do like a Saturday event. I keep wondering how hard it must be for all those folks who have to wait until Monday to run Boston!
      Thanks, I was okay with the pics, but I just didn't love them. Still have not purchased one.
      I wish I could do contacts! That is good you adjusted to that :)

  13. Great job this week! I feel you on the heat and humidity...ugh. I also do my long runs on Saturdays and can't wait until Sunday! :)

    1. Thanks Karen :)
      It is just nice to have it done on Saturday, I so agree!

  14. I love your race photos! You look so happy and energetic! I am super excited to hear your thoughts on the Galloway method. How cool you took your students out to get water samples - what were you testing? I usually do my long runs on Sundays but when I've got a very long distance planned, it is nice to get it out of the way early so I am not worrying about it all weekend. =D

    1. Thank you Emily :) These aren't my worst pics ever, but I just didn't love one enough yet to buy it...
      I am working on my Galloway thoughts but it isn't flowing as easy as it should! Maybe by Friday lol I am so slow...
      That is the truth, I worry about getting a long run if I have to "wait"
      I just want to do it, so I can "move on" :)

  15. Great job on your runs this wk. But running around 5 am is for the birds.....haha. I'd rather be comfy in bed. That brunch looks delicious you had after your long run.-L

    1. The birds don't even start chirping until about half way through my runs lol I love getting it done before work though :)

  16. I just got my first pair of glasses and I just can't get used to wearing them. so wierd!
    It is hard to stay disciplined while out running once I get started if I have the time and energy I just want to run and run!

    1. I hope you can get used to the glasses - I am having a time for sure, even as I type this LOL
      The time is always the factor in the mornings that keeps me in check. It is awesome to feel like you could go for miles though!

  17. I have bifocals on order. I am really afraid I won't like them--However, it should beat always trying to find my glasses!
    My race photos always look awful--like road kill!

    1. I am sure you don't look like road kill lol
      I hope the glasses work. I was sick of the blur, but so far I just traded it in for a new blur.

  18. Race pics...UGH. Most of the time, I'm able to assume a cheesy smile or wave, but my legs look like I'm on the verge of face-planting. My knees turn inward, and as I get more fatigued (like at mile 12 of a 13.1, for example), my feet slowly start turning outward...attractive NOT. I prefer running on Saturday (and getting it done), Sunday messes with my church routine (unless I go super early), and I'm always paranoid about rain if I wait too long...

    1. Awww, I have not seen a bad pic of you yet!!i haven't noticed your knees at all. Funny though, we all have things we see that make us go hmmmmmmmm...
      I am with you, Sunday isn't my preferred day.

  19. I love running on Saturday morning. I am always excited to get up early and run and get bummed if the weather is crappy.
    I will be excited to know what you think about the Galloway method. I am finalizing my post on the Galloway method and hope to post this week. Will be interesting to compare notes !
    Glad to read you are running..... fingers crossed things are ok with the feet.

    1. That crappy weather on the weekend is so deflating - it's nice to get up after a work week and have a pleasant morning :)
      I have been so busy I am just in draft mode on the post! I can't wait to hear your take on it.

  20. I wear mono vision contacts, one for reading & one for distance. Once you get used to it (takes a long time) it is awesome! I'm right there with you -- once I get out there I just keeping adding miles. Thankfully, I like my rest days too. I love your "lala" pic! Get it! Preferred days? Ummm...I run both weekend days. Oops. I love the little wheel on my helmet. It's the only way I can get my ponytail situated. Thanks for linking with us Karen!

    1. I do like my rest days, I need them right now lol
      My lala pic bothers me!
      I use to run both weekend days, maybe one day I can do it again, but for now the Doc said to try every other day :)
      The wheel is great, my helmet fits so much better.

  21. I LOVE how happy you look in your race photos!! Does it not bother you to run with your hair down? I feel like it would be really freeing and headache-free, but mine would be impossible to run a comb through afterward!

    1. Thank you , I was pretty happy to be running that day!
      Ha! I do get tangled up, especially in summer, but right now it isn't so bad. I have a really sensitive head! and I keeping thinking if I get it a little longer I can try a loose longer pony tail.
      I am so used to running like that is seems normal :)


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