Sunday, May 22, 2016

Darling and Drizzles

I started the week off with a good Galloway run and a beautiful sunrise. 
I need more of this in my life! 

Here is my week at a glance...

Galloway Four 4.60 mi

Cool Down 0.14 mi
Warm Up Mile 1.03 mi

Arms and Shoulders
0.87 mi

Buddy Run 5.01 mi

1.55 mi

More Walking 0.50 mi

Stationary Bike 6.00 mi

Upper Body Work
Mostly Walking 5.01 mi

Cool Down 0.23 mi
Pizza eating!
Stair Climber

Leg Work 57:05

Tuesday the rain came and so did my knee pain. 

Have I seriously turned into the person that can predict the weather by their arthritis flare ups?!
Truthfully, I can not find any real pattern to the trouble, but I have noticed when the weather stays in rainy, stormy mode I seem to have more issues. I have felt pain and tenderness on and off  now for the past three weeks.  
Tuesday night I was in pain. 

There have been more rain days (article) than clear ones here for May, and it is doing a little number on my motivation.

Wednesday evening the rain had taken a break. I ran five miles with run buddy and this morning runner felt surprisingly good. It was short lived, the next afternoon I was hurting again.  I was up and down all week. 

Thursday my knee was really wonky and I couldn't bend it easily. It seemed to spark my foot into a flare up, which has never happened in the past ten years, since I started dealing with this. (insert me, pulling hair out). I slept with ice packs.

Friday when I woke up it was cool and beautifully foggy...

I couldn't run because my knee was still hurting...
I was so irritated the aches were keeping me from being able to capitalize on a cool, non-rainy morning. 
I ended up taking an evening walk with some very short bursts of running, and it ended up being a great mood adjuster  :) Friday was the the prettiest day of the whole week.

Can you tell that is my thumb?!
I was worried and posted the pic below instead.

Saturday the race 13.1 series was holding a half marathon in my area. If I would have felt better this week, I probably would have went and run it in the rain, but given my challenges, I decided another untrained long run was not the best choice.

Hubby and I decided to do a little foster care for the weekend. Sorry, for the repeat info, IG and FB friends :) It is so easy to fall in love with this face...

George was a perfect little weekend guest. This little darling helped us through the dreary drizzles. Having a baby around perked everyone up!

There are so many sweet, wonderful animals sitting in shelters waiting for a forever home. It makes me sad to think they may never get to experience being part of a family. 

I added a tab for Tweek this week, if you would like to read his story.

I am linking up with my favorite gals to say hi to ya'll this week! Join in with Holly @ hohoruns and Tricia@ MissSippiPiddlin  
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While I am still not doing exactly what I want, or what I hoped I would be doing at this point of recovery, I am still pushing on! 

I am trying to stay active, trying to let go of what I wish I was doing, and trying to be optimistic and make some future plans to keep me motivated.

and hey, look at the current conditions...clearing :)
This qualifies as sunny! 

The forecast after Monday is temps nearing 90's everyday...darn, crazy weather.

Share a favorite pet moment with me! I love to hear pet stories...
Cat or dog person?
Ever foster any animals?
Anyone else notice the aches flare up in certain weather conditions?


  1. Ok Karen, here's a story for you, this week I had to play DHS (Dept of Human Services) and deem one of my chickens an unfit mom! Yup she hatched out at least 5 if not more chicks. The day prior with my dogs help I found one lonely baby chick wondering around. I quickly put in in the brooder with some other chicks and a mama. Then the next day I hear baby chicks and go and check and sure enough they could not have been more than 2 days old and the moma was way to far away from them to keep up. I stepped in issued a citation in the form of a good scolding and took the babies. Geeeze, chickens are as bad as some people. If you can't take care of your babies, don't have them! Enjoy your week Karen, I hope things are better and the sun comes out!

    1. Ha! Funny lol...we have the baby chicks at work too!Someone took one home to nurture because the others were pecking at him, his little neck is crooked :(
      Poor chicky, at least you found him!

  2. Aw Georgie is so cute I want to eat him! I don't think I could foster a pet because I would become too attached and want to keep it! I will tell you a story about how I found a stray cat a home. Several years ago, one of my teacher friends was talking about a stray cat that would hang out in the alley behind her garage. The cat would meow and want to come inside. Somehow, I got roped into coming out and taking this cat home in efforts to find it a forever home. I couldn't have another cat. At the time, I lived in a 1 bedroom apartment with Christmas and Jelly. There was no room for another cat and I was actually not even supposed to have cats in my apartment but it was all hush hush. :) So this little grey cat was soooooo cute but very tiny and rough around the edges. Paul came over that night (we were dating at the time) and he loved little grey cat too. We started calling him Little Grey. I fed Little Grey food and oh he loved the food soooooo much.... except he must not have been used to food because while he was laying on my lap watching TV that night (he was so lovey) he just suddenly stood up and pooped on me. Runny poop. Then he pooped in the bed twice that night. The poor cat!!! I took him to the vet and while he was really thin, he was healthy and the vet thought the pooping would go away. Paul's mom worked to find Little Grey a home and in the meantime he lived at my apartment. Every day I would come home from work and find poop in all the corners. He wouldn't go in the litterbox. I ended up putting newspaper down in all the corners so at least he would go on that! I fell in love with that little guy but Paul's mom ended up finding him a home after about a week. A woman she worked with who lived in Hershey wanted him. "You are movin' on up, LG!" I told kitty. "From a back ally in Enola to swanky Hershey!!!" I remember driving to Hershey with Little Grey and I cried the whole way there. I didn't want to say goodbye to him. And he still wasn't always going in the litterbox so I was worried he would mess up the carpets in his new home and that the family would get rid of him. The woman and her husband were really nice. They tried to pay me for the vet bill (because I gave them the documentation of his health report) but I wouldn't let them. I just made them promise (through tears!) that if for some reason it didn't work out to please not give Little Grey away to a shelter because I would take him back.

    Wow, that was a long kitty cat story!!!

    It is going to be super hot here next week, too.

    I am sorry you can't do what you WANT to do. :( I have been there. It sucks, and I can feel your frustration. Keep doing what you CAN do. I know things will get brighter. They ALWAYS get brighter!

    1. Awwww, I hope LG has his family still! It is very hard when they don't get the social rules, i always worry about their their well-being in that case! I have a crazy one, we just do the best we can with her.
      It is sad LG couldn't figure out the litter, I guess he was too old??
      We have a few strays we have faithfully fed for a long time, I feel like I just can not take anther animal in right now and work full time, but I always want too.
      I am feeling attached to George already! I know someone at work is interested in him, i am going to try to talk then into it lol so I can resist the temptation, he acclimated very easy here.
      I am coming to terms with maybe I will never be able to do what I want, but I am going down swinging.
      I hope things get brighter :) but not 90 LOL

    2. i think it was because he was sick that he didn't use the box! I was thinking once he wasn't in dahrhea stress he would do better.

  3. Boo to the knee pain! Yep, I get some aches and pains with the change of weather. Not too bad yet, but I can tell when it's going to rain...

    1. These knees have been pretty good for a long time, but I guess the pressure when it rains does something. It is strange! I hope they start to cooperate when it dries out next week!

  4. I love that pizza has it's own slot on your chart! Well, as you know we fostered ducks at our house for about 10 days. I could fill books with my nutty dog stories. I haven't had a cat since I was about 10. My husband is allergic to them too. George is adorable. I love your lighted run pic. I seriously need one of those vests, even though it's not dark when I run. But...still. Keep on doing what you can! I do think the weather causes more problems than we are award of. Thanks for linking with us Karen!

    1. Oh, yes the ducks! How are they?
      I miss having a dog, but I just can not handle anything else to clean up behind right now lol
      Noxgear is great for biking, I use it when it grey out. I don't bike on super busy roads, but I worry even in the neighborhoods.
      I am trying to do what I can, but I am tired of hurting...I hope the sunshine helps me to bike more next week, maybe that will help!

  5. Bummer on the knee! Hope nicer weather helps relieve the pain. I'm so over this rainy spring that we are having. The kitty is adorable. Our current cat is an older cat that we fostered for a few weeks and couldn't give back.

    1. I miss George stilll!! I am worried I may end may end up with another kitty lol

  6. Ugh I feel you on the aches and pains. And the dreary weather. I was a total cat person until I became allergic. Now I have dogs but I'm an animal person all the way. What cuties!

  7. Ugh on the knee pain. Mine were a bit achy after sitting outside in the rain today for my son's graduation. That fog photo is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks, Coco, I really like does have its own beauty.
      I am feeling better, now that the rain has stopped ;) Congrats on your son's graduation.

  8. When I had knee pain I could feel during the rainy weather too! I hope as the weather clears up your pain Does too!

    As far as pet stories, you know I have far too many of my sweet Labrador to tell. In fact I am writing an article about her for a magazine which you would think would be easy for me to do but it turns out it is the hardest thing I ever had to write!
    I'm not generally a cat person but George really is a cutie. Maybe I could be a cat person!

    1. It is so strange how the pressure associated with rain will make us ache! I am feeling better now that things have cleared some :)
      You should share your link in your blog! You have a very sweet Lab, she always looks like she is smiling to me. Sometimes it is hard to put into words what they mean to us...the words will come :)

  9. Ugh, so sorry about your knee pain. Is your foot a little better ? With all the run / walking you are doing I figured things were quite a bit better.
    I pulled a calf muscle last week and it has thrown my gait off, so I am really careful because I know it can cause injury. I am trying to take it easy until my next training cycle starts.
    Not sure I could foster, but it would be fun to have a kitten around for a while.
    Hope your weather and knee are better this week.

    1. My knees are feeling better, the rain has finally cleared and should for several days!
      The feet are tricky, while they are better, I am never pain free for long. I still feel the left orthotic could fit better, I have a pressure point on that foot, I don't feel on the right at all. I am afraid to mess with things too much though because last time it made things worse.
      Be careful with that calf, hopefully it will feel better in a few weeks.
      I miss George, it was harder to give him back than I thought!

  10. I am hoping the rain clears up so your knee will quit hurting! I just feel generally more achy in the colder, winter months. I hope this week can bring you some nice runs.

    George is so cute! I like to think I could foster but I think if I did any longer than a few days, I would be completely devastated when they left. Rick is so good w/ dogs, I have told him he should foster for service dogs but he says it would be too hard to let them go.

    I have so many cute pet stories but one that stands out always is when we had our yellow lab, Cuervo. She was by Rick's side 24x7 (she even went to work with him). We were camping one time and Rick went out to ride on the jetski. Cuervo just stared at him so he stopped and whistled to her and she swam out and jumped on and they took off. A guy w/ a dog on a jetski is not a sight you see everyday.

    1. I love that! Riding the jet ski lol that would be a sight!! It is nice Rick is an animal lover too. I have to say I agree now, letting them go and worrying if they will have a nice family is hard. I am not sure if I will be able to handle this on a regualr basis, I feel like they get used to you and start to adopt you. Always being in a cage isn't fun feels complicated lol and I can't keep them all!
      I feel better, it has cleared up finally. Yesterday when it was raining I gave up and drank wine, but I do feel better now lol

  11. George is so adorable!!!!! What a sweet little boy! It breaks my heart that some animals never get to experience what it's like to have a family too.

    I love that you added pizza eating to your workout schedule! :D That sounds like a good recovery day to me!

    1. I can't keep all the animals, but it does make me crazy....that is why I have so many.
      There is ALWAYS room for pizza and it one of my favorite treats!

  12. George is cute! I'm totally a dog person, but mainly because I'm really allergic to cats. My little sister has been doing some fostering for her local animal shelter. They just had a big adoption event and 50 dogs got adopted!

    I know you're not where you wanted to be this week, and those pain flare ups are frustrating, but don't forget about that tough and hilly half you ran the week prior! It takes some recovery from stuff like that, especially going into it undertrained. Don't beat yourself up too much, okay? :)

    1. That is great your sister helps the shelter! I am always glad to hear about dogs or any animals getting adopted.
      You have some great dogs lol I like dogs as well, but the cats have been a little easier, it has been about 14 years since I had a dog.
      I guess the half could have contributed to my blah week. I had felt pretty good by Monday and thought I was recovering from it fairly well, but they sure can impact you for awhile. I am not good at being patient i guess lol

  13. Those kitty photos are so adorable! That is so great that you guys foster. We adopted both our cats from the shelter. Shelby was 2 when we got her and the poor girl had been at the shelter a whole year when we adopted her.

    I'm sorry about your knee :( My husband was saying that his joints have been ache-y with the rain too. Hopefully it clears up and you feel better!

    1. Awww, Shelby is so pretty. I am so glad you took her home. A year is a long time in a cage :( My mom's cat was in a shelter a long time like that and she was so Mom took her home and spoiled her for several years until she passed away. My mom misses her, but I tell her all the time she made her life so much better while she was here.
      I am so glad the sun came out today!! and I do feel better, hopefully your hubby does too :)

  14. haha - I had to laugh about the thumb pic :) Good to be safe than sorry - & then post it on your blog with a story :) haha
    Knee pain... oh girl, you know I feel you.
    & I've been predicting weather with aches & pains since I was 16 years old. Greeeaattt

    1. I just wasn't sure after I looked at that pic LOL
      I know you are tired of the knee pain! It is so weird how weather makes things ache.
      I hope you can keep on with your workouts!

  15. Oh my goodness! I love that little kitten! I used to foster kittens for my local shelter, but I eventually moved on to adult cats. I would get a whole litter of kittens to care for, and you know how much trouble they can be! They always amused me, but adult cats are much more my speed! I'm with you on the rain. Enough already! Hope your knee pain flare ups stop soon.

    1. Omg, that is so cool you have done that! You are right a litter of kittens would be exhausting. They are so adorable, but adult cats are pretty chill usually...
      The sun has cone out today :) I feel better and I should sun for a few days, hopefully you are as well.

  16. OH my gosh, George is adorable!! We've wanted to get a kitty for our home for years and still haven't made the commitment. Fostering is such a great thing. Sorry about your knee issues, hopefully they clear up soon! And I'm so sick of the rain too!

    1. Thanks, I am partial but I do think George is quite precious :-)
      The sun came out today and I started feeling better, I hope you are having sun as well.
      You should do a little field trip on a "rest" day to a shelter and see if you bond with anyone :)

  17. Oh my goodness!! that kitty is so cute!! I would not be able to give him back!

    I hope your knee is feeling better! It sounds all very painful and stressful!

    1. Thanks Ana, I am feeling better today! The sun is shining.
      I still miss George, much harder to give him back than I imagined.

  18. George is the CUTEST!!!! Clearly we are Lola people. ;) She does not like cats, lol.

    I'm sorry your knee is causing you problems. I hope it feels good soon. I could totally tell that was your thumb in your photos. ;) P.s. I love that you make time for "Pizza eatin." I could do the same with tacos.

    1. ha! Lola gets to rule the house because she is so cute! I am sure she gets fired up when cats pass by lol
      The sun came out today and I do feel better!
      hey, taco eating day sound good too lol I should do that this week!

  19. I definitely think the weather affects the joints. My knees bother me during periods of rain and cold. I hope you can enjoy some sunshine soon and your knee feels better. I loved your IG posts of George! He is so cute! I don't think I could foster (I would have a hard time letting go), but your job is so crucial in helping these animals find forever homes. All my pets have come from the shelter. Pound puppies/kitties are the best kind!

    1. The sun has finally come out and I do feel better!
      George was such a little was hard to take him back. I am still mulling that over. It is wonderful you adopted from a shelter! You are so right, pound puppies are the best.

  20. I can tell the weather by my sinuses. My whole head feels like a bowling ball when it gets misty!

    I'm sorry your knee has been bothering you. I guess it's not just an old wives' tale about arthritis and predicting rain. On a major plus side OMG ADORABLE KITTY!!

    1. Arrgh, sinus pressure is the worst.
      The sun came out and I do feel better today! I guess I will just have to roll with the aches in the blah weather. It's strange!
      George is so sweet...I hope he gets a home soon!

  21. I tried posting from my ipod yesterday, but it didn't want to play. How cute is that kitten?

    We might actually get a foster dog next week. Not sure yet.

    You know, sometimes our bodies really suck. But we do have to be grateful we have 2 legs, 2 arms, etc. It's so easy to get sucked into the hyper focus on everything that's wrong -- and I'm talking about myself here!

    1. Awww, fostering a dog will be nice. Hopefully Lola will be okay with it! They all have such different little personalities, you never know until they meet.
      I try to be grateful, but honestly right now I am still dealing with the anger. I just want to do what I want to do...without hurting and being held back.
      It does feel easier (for me) to focus on all the hurting parts lately...
      I try to wipe the slate each week and just start again!
      Hang in there!

  22. Big cheers to you for being a foster mom! George is SO ADORABLE. A lot of folks say they are scared to foster because they worry about getting attached and having to part with their fosteree - but I say that it's better to give an animal a wonderful foster experience than for that animal to stay in the shelter the entire time.

    I am sorry to hear about your knee pain. =( I relate, as my knee got wonky this past week, too. Here's to both of us having quick recoveries!

    YOUR PICTURES! So stunning! The ones of George obviously made my heart melt but I also especially love the fog picture and the light-up pictures!

    1. Thanks Emily! I was happy things finally cleared up last night and I am feeling better. I hope your wonky knee is feeling better too :)
      That is exactly how I felt about fostering, I am considering doing more on weekends. I feel bad the little guys never get out of the cage. I wanted them to have a break. I will say putting him back was so hard, it tore my heart up when he looked at me...I have been debating if I am cut out to do this!

  23. Aww, George is so cute!

    I hope your knee feels better. AND NO MORE UNTRAINED LONG RUNS! LOL! You know better than that!

    1. Ha! I Know I need to chill :) Now I have gone the other way - can't keep myself motivated for 20 min. LoL


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