Sunday, May 1, 2016

Meeting Some Blog Buds!

Linking up with my gals, Holly @ hohoruns and Tricia@ MissSippiPiddlin for the weekly wrap up.

Join in the fun and share something from your week! 

Last week started off strong. A few days in, I was kind of in a funk, but, I still had some high moments. 

Meeting Deb and
Meagan was a high note :) My first real life meeting with virtual friends. These ladies are both so sweet, and I really enjoyed chatting with them. 

They were in town to run Ragnar at "my park" where I often run and bike. It was a rainy mess the day before and the drizzle persisted all Friday morning, so the ladies did not have the most favorable trail conditions, but they are tough gals! 
They should have some fun recaps coming soon. 

A lot of tents at Ragnar

This week not the norm for me. No longer work out, no biking, and no rest...just a little something each day. 

Morning 4 4.01 mi 39:30

Cool Down 0.14 mi
Warm Up
0.10 mi

Wake Up Run  2.01 mi 21:26

0.13 mi
Circuit Training

Core Work

My First 225 Activity
1.60 mi 21:54
Treadmill Warm Up 1.01 mi

Upper Body Weights
3 Miler
3.01 mi 30:32

Cool Down 0.29 mi
Warm Up 0.58 mi

Four Will Do 4.01 mi 38:51

1.06 mi 14:21
Elliptical 1.00 mi

Leg and Core Work 59:03

I woke up Monday and ran at 5:15 a.m. It was a good run, the kind that keep you coming back for more. I chose to go the hillier route and took the climbs and stayed pretty steady. 

The last mile home was fairly flat, and I cranked it up and felt pretty awesome, just one little stabbing protest from my foot. 
Why can't they all go like this?! My legs felt so good :) 
9:42, 10:15, 10:21 9:05

Tuesday I knew I was going to the Doc after work, so I got up and just did a short run. I can't even tell you how much I was feeling the hills and the speed from the day before. It was an easy does it two miles, 10:36 and 10:44. I couldn't have gone faster if you dangled money in front of me. 
At my doctor appointment that afternoon, he made an adjustment to my orthotics. 

I try not to judge the change immediately, but by the next day I was worried we had taken a swing in the wrong direction. 

 I did the circuit at the gym for 35 minutes 
and got in 20 minutes of core work. 

I got home and my new Garmin had arrived, so I wanted to take it for a test spin and try to figure out the buttons.
 I had just eaten dinner. Ugh, made it 18 minutes lol  ...See my amazing, "Oh, my tummy is toooo full pace!" 

The cool thing about the new watch is how it breaks down how much time was spent in each heart rate training zone. 

I was really bugged by the adjustment to my orthotics during this very short venture. I was still hoping I just needed to get used to the feel.  The rolling out I was experiencing did improve, but the pressure to my toes changed, and my heels are slipping in my shoes now...

I woke up to run and it was pouring rain...ummm, nope...I am not training, I am not going out there! 
Kenny and I went to the gym later and got our upper body work done.

The drizzle was happening, but it didn't keep me from running. My feet were not happy the first two miles. That adjustment continued to mess with me! I got three miles done and all of it felt really challenging. 

My watch gives me cadence.  Cool stuff! I love charts...the more stats the merrier LOL 

I woke up (after 10 hours of sleep) and headed out to run with a different cut sock and my Nike's. My heels were still slipping a little and when I started mile three, my feet felt fatigued. The burning started under the ball of my foot and I called it a day at four miles. I am trying to be patient with the adjustment to my orthtics, but this really isn't working. While my feet do not roll out, the bottom of my feet burn again and it seems there is too much padding. The Nike's I ran the half marathon in, now feel cramped. 

I was so annoyed with the whole situation, I went grocery shopping in my Clark's, which are really comfy, and left my inserts home. 

I am 100 plus days into this recovery process, with two months completely off running, and it took about 15 minutes before my left foot felt like bone was scraping the pavement. The tissue under foot, still isn't healed...maybe it will never be, I don't know what to think. 
This is the first week in the injury/recovery journey I can not mark progress. The set back came with the adjustment and I just need time to navigate through it. My budget is busted, too many shoes, too many doctor visits, the orthotics alone were, $340. Insurance denied covering them. I really want to be done with all this. 

After my shopping trip, a new pair of shoes arrived I had ordered. I actually ordered two pairs, so I could compare them. I still really need something more supportive than the Nike I was using. The sole seems just right on these, and my inserts fit in them just fine, but I can't decide until the New Balance arrive (and get the orthotics fixed).

More rain! Ugh...Honey and I went to the gym and knocked out a quick work out :) Leg day - check! and home to watch the race. 

Next week may be a very low key week, I need a break (again!) from wrestling with all this. I am hoping the rain will go away so, I can get back on my bike. 
I have not given up, but I am tired of this mess! 

My post about the Galloway method is coming soon. I am having trouble weeding through my thoughts.

Do you feel your weeks are pretty routine, week after week, or do you mix up how much rest you take? 

Anyone running with the Garmin 225? 
What was your best run of the week?! 
Do you love stats and charts? 

Thanks for reading! I hope you have a wonderful week ❤  


  1. I can just feel your frustration. If it were me, I'd probably just tear the orthotics out of my shoes and call it a day. But of course, that wouldn't be the right thing to do. I sure hope your foot stops hurting. Enough is enough!

    1. I have thought about it! I would be done with running though, my foot wouldn't be able to withstand the impact. It would be hard to just give that up.
      I would be a walker...I am not quite ready to say that yet.

  2. I hope things work out with your foot. I got orthotics when I hurt my achilles. Then after I broke my ankle, they were no longer comfortable. I went back and the doc said they were fine. Guess what? I no longer wear the orthotics .

    In December, I predict another blogger meet up and it will be a blast!!

    1. I will get back in there this week and try to go back to what I had. I still may go ahead and decide to take some more time off to let the tissue heal. I am ready to throw the inserts out, but I couldn't run for sure, so I am trying to hang in there.
      I can't wait for December and I really hope to be running with you all!

  3. Oh, I hope you get your orthotics figured out! I'm intrigued by the elevation profile on your Friday run! And my HR is usually in the red zone on my runs.

    1. A lot of runs look like that, a little hilly...I just have a few bigger climbs, but most are very small, 20 or 30 feet. I have a few flat runs here I head to when I do a longer run so I won't burn out :)
      I stayed in the red when I ran Saturday morning, like 98 % of the run lol

  4. Don't you just love the little charts and graphs we get with the 225? And, it syncs right up with our phones! Hallelujah. I'm perplexed about the cadence # though. I can't wait to hear your thoughts after you've used it a while. It was so cool you went to visit Deb and Megan at Ragnar. If the orthotics don't feel right, can they be re-adjusted again? I'd be the biggest pest ever! Hope you have a good week, Karen. Thanks for linking.

    1. I do love the zone charts and the cadence. I have manually counted my cadence before, but I had no idea if it was close to being right. DO you feel like yours is accurate?
      I had so much being able to meet some virtual buds.
      I am hoping I can get in to the Doc early in the week, he should be able to rework these, or I will have to say start over...
      I am still considering more time off though, my pain level without any orthotic reminds me I am not really healed yet. I am not in decision making mode yet though,I feel like May or June off is an option I am holding out there.

  5. It was fabulous meeting you, and I wish we'd had more time to just chat. Next time, dinner!

    When I first went into my orthotics, the doctor had me start by wearing my orthotics only one hour the first day, two hours the second day, three the third and so on. Perhaps that might help you as you transition into a new orthotics. He explained that if I suddenly went into the new orthotics, I could open up a whole new set of problems. Hope you figure it out, and quickly!

    1. Dinner would be great :) I SOOO enjoyed getting to chat with you.
      That is what I did also, a few hours each day. This last change was so much, it felt like starting over. I go back in today, I hope I can get back to where I was.

  6. I just stopped wearing molded inserts in my shoes after my IT band problem during the WDW Marathon in January. I almost hate to write this, but I have been doing fine with the inserts provided in my purchased Brooks running shoes. Hopefully you figure out your problem soon.

    1. That is great the shoes are working for you!
      I took mine out in hopes my feet would feel a lot better with nothing. I was surprised how much mine were hurting without anything...I am going back in today, hopefully it will get fixed :)

  7. That is all so frustrating! I hope you get the orthotics adjusted right and one of your new shoes work good for you!
    Fun to get to meet blog world friends in real life!

    1. So fun to meet blog friends! I hope one of these days I will meet you when I am in Montana :)
      I go back today, so I hope to get the orthotic problem remedied!

  8. Wow! 10 hours of sleep must have felt amazing. I wish I could do that. Hopefully those shoes will work out for you. I am sick if this rain too. It is suppose to rain all wk here too.

    1. I love sleep :) I need to do that on weekends!
      It is all about the rain all week here, I don't think I will get on my bike like I hoped! I will be ready for some sunshine after this :)

  9. Aww, I am so sorry that things aren't moving in the right direction. Does it help at all when I say that even when you think you're running really slow, it's at my race pace and that's only for the shorter races? I told you, I'm the turtle!

    I really wish I had some words of wisdom for you, but all I can send is virtual hugs. And that hope that somehow, some way, you come out of this stronger than you think. Because you are definitely one strong, determined woman!

    1. I promise in the heat I will "turtle" with you :) It is quite a struggle these days for me to even run a few miles, you are doing great with your endurance and the longer runs.
      I got an appt. to go back in today! I am hopeful I will get back to where I was.
      Thank you for the encouragement, I just feel very whiny lately.I really am tired that this is always consuming what I talk about! Hopefully, soon it'll be behind me :)

  10. I am really on the hunt for a new watch - my Nike is failing me & my Fitbit is dying & my Garmin doesnt have much time left. I really need to make a final decision on what to get.
    I would totally be sitting & watching all the Ragnar activity - I want to do that one time in my life.

    1. My Forerunner 110 was so easy to use and no electronic stuff to go wonky...I still love that watch and it is very affordable. You do have to wear a Mio Link heart rate monitor with it if you want HR data, but I didn't mind the Mio, I wore it on the other wrist.

      My Mio Link is what died and I really like my heart rate data so I decided to try the Garmin 225 because the monitor is built in. So far so good. It is easy to use, connects quickly and it is nice it syncs with my phone and has additional data like cadence and stride info. I always worry though the electronics - the more that can go wrong lol but I have found Garmin to be very reliable :)

  11. I am sorry that you are having difficulty with the orthotics again! I have found that I have certain socks that have more "grip" on the bottom which helps with shoe fit. Have you tried that extra loop hole trick with lacing up your shoe? I think it is called lock lacing.

    1. You are so right about the socks! Some feel way to slippery lol
      I have started lock lacing and it does help, I feel like this last adjustment raised me too much. I am going back in today, so hopefully I can get it fixed. My feet will probably feel better in a few days if I can get them changed back!

  12. I am a numbers person so I LOVE all the charts, graphs etc! My Fitbit gives me instant gratification in that area :) Sounds like you are making some progress with the foot, aggravating I am sure. Happy Monday!

    1. I love the gratification from all the data :) I am starting to feel better today :) I hope this trend continues!

  13. Why did your dr adjust them if they seemed to be working? I'm confused! I would be frustrated after that, too.

    Yay for meeting bloggers, though! :)

    1. I still have a little roll out, I feel like the inserts need to be shaved. (thinned) It is too soon for that though.
      I got them adjusted back yesterday and I think I will just live with it for awhile. I will try to run a little more into May. I can take off in June if things really are not progressing.

  14. I'm sorry to hear about your foot pain! that really really sucks!

    Meeting cyber friends is really awesome! I met a local blogger a few months ago, and she invited me to a running group, which I love!

    1. awww, that is awesome :) I keep hoping I will make a local connection one of these days!
      I hope these feet cooperate better now, I got my orthotic adjusted back :)

  15. Aw, that Monday comic made me feel so bad for Mondays! :(

    I love meeting blogging friends; it's so cool how blogging brings people together!

    I'm sorry your foot is bugging you! I hope it heals up quick!

    1. Thanks!
      It was fun for me to finally get a chance to meet up even if it was a short visit :)

  16. Hang in there w/ your feet, Karen! Sending healing vibes to you. I would love to get the 225--it tracks your HR right? That is what I think I would like to start doing (training by my HR and not care so much about my pace!)

    1. Yes, the heart rate monitor works really well, even loose it has been recording :)
      I live in the red zone! if I try to HR train, I bet I would be running 12 minutes miles :)

  17. So sorry to hear about your foot acting up again, Karen! As always, I wish you a speedy recovery. I am so glad you got to meet some blogging friends in person - that's one of the best perks of blogging! All runners are friends we just haven't met yet, yes?

    1. Yes, it is fun how we feel like we already are friends! I always say I know so much about my blog buddies, more than my real life friends lol

  18. I guess I did not put two and two together that Deb and Meagan were in your town! How very cool is that! I would love to meet each of them so I'm really jealous you got the opportunity. They both are beast!!!
    Yay for the new watch I have the 235 and like it. I do like the breakdown in training zones too. Do you wear yours all the time to track steps or just when you run?
    I sure hope this setback is just that and you'll progress with leaps and bounds in the weeks to come!

    1. You are so right, Deb and Meagan are some awesome running lades! I can't wait for our meet up :)
      I have not been wearing the watch all day, I had not really thought about it, but maybe next week I will!
      Thanks, I am starting to feel better, I got my inserts adjusted and my foot seems to be going down now (it was swollen)

  19. It was so great getting o meet you! I wish we could have hung out longer. Maybe we should have ditched Ragnar and gone out for dinner somewhere. ;-)

    I sure hope you get your foot stuff figured out soon! It's so frustrating when you JUST want to run and your body won't get on board. Even more so now that you've got a cool watch to play with. That's the same one I have and I love it! All of the info is really neat and I love getting the HR data without having to wear a chest strap.

    1. I loved meeting you Meagan :) I hope we get to do dinner one day!
      I am back on a better track this week. The Doc adjusted my inserts and I feel better already.
      The watch is really great. SO funny how "naked" I felt just wearing one device LOL


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