Wednesday, June 22, 2016

About Last Week

I am linking up with Holly and Tricia for the weekly wrap up. 
Join in and share something from your week.
It is Hump Day and I am just jumping in this week! 

Scenes from the week...
From pink skies to pounding rain in a hour...

Quiet mornings :) 

Oppressive humidity will make you get over body image issues.
There is really too much of me to run around like this, 
but I don't pass many people in the mornings.

I was overloaded last week as the school year ended. I went home exhausted a few nights from all the hustle and bustle and crashed by 9 p.m. ...and still felt tired somehow, but I did my best to stay active, because it helps me to deal with everything else.

I ran a lot this week! For me that is...

22 miles is the biggest week I've had since December, that feels like a really long time ago.

Running/Treadmill 1.50 mi 0:15:16
Upper Body Weights 1:02:16
Morning Five
5.02 mi 0:51:27
Walking - 0.38 mi 0:07:32
Treadmill 5K
3.11 mi 0:31:56
TM Walking 
0.50 mi 0:09:26
Treadmill Mile 1.01 mi 0:10:22
Stretching/Core 0:29:19
Tropical 3
3.01 mi 0:31:09
Walking - 0.27 mi 0:06:40
Morning Bike Ride
8.22 mi 0:46:21
Trail 3 x 1 Run
8.51 mi 1:33:41
Walking - 0.68 mi 0:12:20

...and I closed the week with a short bike ride - it is not about the speed for me, it is about the hills :)

Over the past four months, I have been able to log foot improvement week by week, but that has changed the past few weeks. I feel like I have leveled out now, but I still have quite a bit of tenderness. I am trying to let go of the annoyance I feel, and focus on figuring out how to work within my limits. Last week I only logged 16 miles, and this week I increased the time on the feet, with about the same pain level day to day. I am not in any big rush to try to increase the lengths of my runs right now, I just want to rebuild some of my lost endurance and make sure my feet can handle it. 

When you run at 5:30 a.m. on Tuesday, it feels like you've had a day off  by the time Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. rolls around. My feet felt recovered enough, so I hopped on the TM. I feel like I need to start giving the TM a shot and see how it impacts my feet. I won't know, unless I try!

My other motivation...the humidity was banging Wednesday and Thursday, and I have been very snooze button challenged lately. Much easier to get up for 3 miles as opposed to 6.

Saturday I tried the 3 x 1 interval ratio again on the trails near me, and I think I have found my happy place for now. My feet held up fairly well for about 8 miles, and I didn't feel fatigued when I finished, (other than my feet)
but I must runfess that I picked the smoothest elevation trails in the area to run lol There are some very technical, hilly @s$ trails near me, and I not ready to try to run them yet.

Trails this time of year are a little challenging, I had an aggressive giant fly (?) who had no problem pacing me for a few miles, continually zapping me. I was like a cow, shaking my pony tail trying to make it go away. I have some welts from that thing or mosquitoes...I am not sure. 
I also had a big spike in my heart rate, as a brown bundle bounced off my right shoe. Passing by tall grass, I apparently startled a bunny, and he couldn't decide the best path to get away from me and ran right into me. It happened so fast, I didn't realize what he was. I let out quite a loud yelp and his little white cotton tail hauling down the trail made me laugh. I was looking all around to see if anyone had witnessed this sideshow... 
I think this may be my closest wildlife encounter to date. I am thankful if I had to collide with something, it wasn't a snake, or the bear I saw a few weeks ago! Poor little guy. I am not sure which one of us was more scared.  

This is one of the only spots I have to run without worrying about traffic. 
I like being able to zone out a bit. 
I saw a bunch of deer, but they were way too fast for pictures. 

soaked shoes and dirty legs lol

I have also come to the realization I am not a streaker...these old muscles just can't do it. I am still trying to do work on increasing my push up numbers (just not daily). My shoulders started rebelling, so I am treading carefully.

That is how I roll these days...I tread carefully.

Are you good with streaks? 
Ever had wildlife actually touch you? 
Do bugs find you yummy too? 


  1. Too bad we don't live near each other. We could run our 6 miles together and commiserate about our feet. And the heat!

    Right there with you on everything you wrote about. Sigh.

    1. I am sorry you are not feeling better yet! I feel pretty good while on the move, it is later...all kind of pings and twinges...sigh...
      I hope I can keep up with you for a few steps when we finally get to run together :)

  2. Those trails look amazing. I believe trails fix everything lol.

    So glad it was a bunny that you encountered. Those are much easier to deal with than other wildlife I'm sure lol.

    1. haha, I thought it was funny I had screamed SO loud and it was just a bunny.
      Trails do fix a lot! If I could get to beloved Blue Ridge Mountains they would fix everything :)

  3. Congratulations on running 22 miles this week! Glad to hear your foot seems to be improving! Good call to take things cautiously on the outset with the trails. I've experienced the buzzing flies that keep nagging you, too. It is the worst. OMG on the collision with the bunny! I would have been terrified, too! YES on how it's much easier to get up early for 3 miles versus 6. It's like a night and day difference!

    1. Thanks Emily :) I am trying to work on getting my mileage consistent over the next few months.
      I don't know how to get rid of the darn flies once they start! I need to look up life hacks for that lol
      I was grateful it was bunny lol

  4. Ah, that trail looks perfect for shady summer runs. Great week! Congrats on building your mileage back up! It's always a big moment in recovery.

    1. Thanks EB ;) I am hoping I can get some consistency with my mileage.
      The shade is so nice! I can sleep just a little later with the tree cover.

  5. I cant believe that bunny ran into you. That's the funniest thing. I didnt even know that was POSSIBLE :) haha

  6. I once had a baby squirrel fall out of a tree and nearly hit me on the head! He landed RIGHT in front of me! We were both very startled.

    1. Oh no! My hubby had that happen a few years ago and we got with a baby squirrel for awhile lol that would startle you for sure!

  7. You are doing great! I would dress like that if I looked as good as you do! Keep it up!!

    1. You are too sweet! I have all the extra rolls hanging over my shorts lol

  8. Awwwwwwwwwwww your encounter with the bunny is so adorable! Cute!!!

    I don't like streaks! I can't keep up with them. I need at least one non-running day per week. I'm sure I could just run 1 mile or something, but mentally knowing I have a non-running day on the sched. helps a lot!

    1. I was humming Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail all afternoon LOL
      We need a chill day right!?

  9. I feel like I am treading carefully these days too, Karen! I'm glad you were able to up your mileage without worsening the foot pain. You are a tough woman. That poor bunny!!! It would have scared the living CRAP out of me, though!! You know about my snake fear....

    1. I do feel bad for the bunny, because I could laugh it off. he is probably still nervous.
      I hope I am tough enough a few months from now... still unknown.
      Hopefully your PF won't be a reoccurring issue, or your PIMA!

  10. I've never even tried a streak. I know they are not for me. I had a frog slap into my leg once. Eeek! Summer running definitely has its challenges but your pics sure are pretty. :D

    1. Frogs are cute but not stuck to ya! I can't decide if I am going to brave the bugs again this weekend lol

  11. So glad you are figuring out a good running schedule that isn't aggravating your foot! LOL at wearing (or not wearing) whatever you want in this weather. I used to run in just a sports bra until the day I ran into a professional colleague. I couldn't not say hello, but didn't really want to be chatting with him in that state!

    1. Oh, that would feel award!! I pass a few people but they barely grunt, so their opinion doesn't matter too me much lol

  12. Oh God, bugs love me. And I hate when they stick with you!

    I am definitely not a streaker, as I've loudly and often. I did run in my bra and running skirt one hot day last week. Inside, on the mill, with no one around to see me. :)

    I know this is all harder than you make it out on the blog, but I just wanted to tell you how much I admire your perseverance. You are one tough cookie!

    1. Why OH why, do bugs love certain people? We must be sweet :)
      Virtual hugs Judy!! Thank you, I don't feel tough often anymore, it has been such a long process. I am tired, but trying to hang on!

  13. Great job on your 22 miles for the wk
    I have been getting up early as well to beat the humidity and I think the same thing. By the time 4 rolls around I feel like I need another run. I would have much rather run into that bunny on the trail than the snake I did last wk.

    1. Thank you!!
      Isn't that something...this morning I felt like I should run and then i remembered I ran yesterday lol it feels so long ago!

  14. You and that rabbit must have had a plan because I don't think people cross paths with them very often! I love seeing your trails Karen, thank you for posting pictures.

    1. I need to go back and visit my little bunny friend lol
      Thanks Raina, I hope I can get enough strength back to start really cruising the tough ones :)

  15. It is easier to get up for less miles for sure! At the campground if you get away from the water you deal with deer flies, they may be smaller but they have a big bite and yes they can pace really well too. I never put my pony tail all the way up so I can try and swat them! I spend way too much energy than needed too!
    I'm streaking but I haven't done more that 3 miles at a time in several weeks and At least 2 days I'm only running 1 mile and stopping and that mile is very slow.

    1. Maybe that is what is tormenting me on the trails - deer flies. They got me again today! The do have quite a bite.
      You are doing a great job streaking. Those short runs are good for you too :)

  16. 22 miles is wonderful. I haven't hit that since May. Yay for the Happy Place! I'm not into any of the streaks, even though I was feeling a little bit of pressure to join in. FOMO and all. I decided to just do me. It's easier. Running into the bunny would have freaked me out. I was stung by a bee once right on my sock line while out on a run. I bet I was a sight slapping and flailing around. But, I never missed a step. LOL. Thanks for linking with us Karen.

    1. 22 will be my peak for the month, I could't knock out a long run today :( Oh well, maybe next month I will get there again. I always want to streak, but my body won't do it, but I am doing more push ups than normal, so I guess that is good. I have to do it at my own pace though.
      Bee stings hurt! I am surprised you could keep running LOL that is commitment :)


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