Monday, June 13, 2016

Here's What!

So here's what...

Doing a little foster care (cats) is rewarding, but challenging. 

This cat...
I love this little face! 

I am happy to report, George got adopted. 
He has a forever home where he is the only baby :) 

Little Bagheera (below) did not get adopted. 

(our last day of school is the 17th) 
Any kittens not adopted were supposed to be picked up by animal control. hubby didn't want her going with animal control, so guess what he got for Father's Day?!
It is hard to foster because you end up keeping them!

Ugh.. but she sure is sweet.  

And here's what... 
happens when kittens play in your office. 

Here's what...
Chart or no chart...I couldn't decide 


Biking Round My Hood :)
12.12 mi 0:59:45
Morning Five 5.01 mi 0:54:35

Cool Down
0.67 mi 0:11:32
Push Ups - 0:06:21
Arc Machine - 0:11:04
Leg Work - 0:38:06
7.45 mi 0:42:27
Push Ups  0:05:32
Warm Up
0.21 mi 0:03:31
Morning 10K  6.23 mi

Stretching  0:18:08
Sunset Ride 18.58 mi

Push ups/
Stretching 0:07:06
3 X 1 run
4.06 mi 0:43:40
1.07 mi

Push-ups/ Stretching

I started doing push ups on Monday and so far I have done some everyday almost everyday! 

Monday evening bike ride and push ups

Here's what! When you do them everyday, your arms get tired. Go
I would love to be able to do sets of 20 consistently. Is it weird that planking really hurts my toes, but I can do push ups, even though I am on my toes. I guess the weight shifting as I move, helps?? weird, huh? 

I got up to run and it was so flipping humid. I am so thankful for sprinklers! I need to remember to put my phone in a ziploc this time of year! 

Early morning biking was fun ツ I made my own breeze! 

It wasn't a long ride, but I felt good and got my push ups done before I took my shower.  

I went into work late so I had extra run time! Woooot woot!  

It was cool out for this run. A 10K and push ups done - booommm!
55 degrees you make my  heart sing! 

Robyn , fellow work runner, turned 30! 
Her birthday was a good reason to eat cake for breakfast :) 

After work, I went for a sunset bike ride and ended up staying out longer than expected. I could see the wonderful colors of sunset peeking through the houses, it was peaceful, relaxing, ...well minus the squeaking nose my bike but, after a long break from my bike, I think I have found a happy place with it again. 

I took the day off, got my hair done, and went for a late lunch with my Honey to Texas De Brazil...yummy. 
I really thought I would workout at some point, but when I got home,  I was in veg mode. 
I blew my push up streak...  
I can feel a little niggle in the shoulder, so push ups maybe 5 or 6 days a week until June ends! 
I am fragile, I guess. LOL I require some rest. 

I slept in and went for a full sun run, which is always challenging for me. I tried out 3 x 1 intervals and I liked! 
I am going to have to get up earlier if I want to last longer though. 

Heat is tough on my heart rate

I feel like one run is not enough to draw conclusions, so I will try too use this ratio the next few weeks and go (hopefully) for some longer distances and see how I feel. 
I am just playing around, trying to see if I can find something that will enable me to try to begin training in late July. 

Here's what...
Recaps remind me it was an okay week. 
It is too easy to think about what I didn't do and where I upper body lifting all week! In fact, I have been slacking the past two weeks, but I was still active. 
I can not remember Monday by the time Friday rolls around, anyone?? 

Here's what...
Three running days this week (15 miles) and I seem to be back at my "normal level" with my feet. I always have discomfort, but last week they were really not behaving. Ummm feet, I really need you to tolerate a little more than 15 miles soon. 

Here's what...I feel like I still have not regained any endurance as far as running. 

Here's what...
it is the last week of school here! 

I hope you have a wonderful week! 

Anyone share my love of sprinklers on a run?
Ever try out an early morning bike ride?
What is your sweet spot mileage? 
Don't forget your body glide!

...and one more cute little Bagheera picture.

I almost forgot to join the link up! Whew! Sometimes, I wonder about my brain...
Linking up with my gals, Holly @ hohoruns and Tricia@ MissSippiPiddlin for the weekly wrap up.


  1. Oh yea, it is definitely phone-in-ziploc-bag season! :) Welcome summer?! I love doing push-ups too but yes, they definitely get tiring. My husband was in the Army so we are a push-up loving family. ;) -C

    1. I bet the hubby can do push ups forever :) I keep hoping they will feel easier one of these days lol
      Last week, I was letting my water hit my back and then I realized my phone in my running belt and panicked for a minute lol luckily, the phone was fine.

  2. YAY for George getting adopted, and I seriously can't think of a better Father's Day gift than Bagheera joining the family!!! Thank you for all that you do for these adorable kittens, it truly means everything to them! Their pictures are so cute I want to cry.

    Look at your arm muscle definition in your push-up picture! ROCK IT OUT, KAREN!!!

    Yay for 3x1 intervals and beautiful sunset bike rides!

    1. I was happy for sweet little George! I may have to rethink fostering though lol I can not keep collecting pets lol My little girl is very sweet though!
      Thanks Emily, I have been working on that muscle, but it is usually hidden by a protective layer that I just can not shed.
      I do think 3 x 1 may help me survive summer :)

  3. The kitties are so cute! That's so great that you guys adopted Bagheera :)

    1. Thanks Chaitali, what is one more, right!? LOL

  4. Oh, yeah...your training last week was awesome! Colorado has not gotten hot enough pre dawn for sprinklers to be a must take detour. It was 57 degrees today! I love my dark bike rides. I have a bike light and make sure to be extra careful. My sweet spot for running is 3-4 x per week with cycling and swimming the other days. My total mileage for running and walking Macy is about 12-20 and that feels pretty darn good. No desire to go any more than that.

    1. Thanks Susan :)
      I wish it wasn't that hot here, but it is. My Thursday run was the first one in a few weeks where I really felt good. I tried to savor it :)
      You know I love the early morning ride more than I thought!Traffic is quiet and i can see a car long before they are close to me, so I just turn down a different street, it was peaceful.
      Your mileage sounds perfect :) 20 miles was my sweet spot for a long time, I hope i can get back there...trying to be patient.
      Do you have a pool at your gym?

    2. You will get back there! I know you will. I have a punch card at the rec center and that is where I swim. I recently joined a gym 2 blocks from my house but no pool :( just love going and using the weights 4-5 x per week! It might be excessive that I have the membership and also a punch pass but Rick and I feel strongly to support any healthy habits. He has a golf pass for summer and golfs 1-2 x per week and a ski pass in the winter. Gets pricey but it is that important to us! I so wish you lived closer so we could work out together!

  5. Those pushups count for upper body work! Don't sell yourself short.

    I need to get back on my bike again. My foot has been acting up. I don't think it's ever going to get better.

    1. I feel your foot pain...for real. I hope there is still some healing coming for you. I was glad to be on my bike last week, it is easier to enjoy it, now that it is hot.
      The push ups wore me out for sure lol

  6. Your kitten is too cute. Hope your feet stay cooperative, I will be anxious to read how the run/walk intervals go. I am going to start training again soon, but am unsure what I am going to use.

    1. Thanks Karen :)
      3 x 1 in the heat was much more manageable as far as my nausea issue in the heat. I am hopeful there will be a benefit for my feet too!
      You could mix it up a little too! It keeps it interesting to use a different ratio :) I still may try a few different things...really long runs won't need to happen until September. I am trying to not rush the mileage right now, so my feet can heal if there is anymore to be had!

  7. Awwwwww knew Kenny wouldn't let little kitty go to animal rescue!!!! What a great Father's Day present!!

    1. His heart is so soft lol Yep, he is a daddy again, and she truly adores him :)

  8. Love those little kitties! So cute! And of course I do early AM bike rides. This time of year is nice because lots of daylight, although we ride in the winter as well, it just requires headlamps and blinky taillights.

    1. Thanks Kelli! I wish the kitten would stay small, she is co cute.
      I use that vest, it has a big bright light on my back. I tried a few winter rides, but man, was it cold!! I am loving it more now for sure :)

  9. Replies
    1. Oh, she is an angel :) I like having a baby in the house again, I wish she would stay small.

  10. Welcome to the family Bagheera! I'm sure it's not going to surprise you that I think she is just the sweetest, cutest little thing! I remember when Cecil was that tiny <3.

    I have never been to Texas de Brazil but I've heard such good things about it. I'm surprised that you like it though. Isn't it really...meaty?

    1. Ha! It was all about the hubby getting to eat great meat :) I enjoyed the salad bar and delicious cocktails lol
      Bagheera reminds me of Cecil :) She is lighter than my Otto was. She is quite the queen already lol

  11. I actually think dogs might be easier to adopt out than cats, but we're still waiting to be called for a foster dog. I like to be about 15 miles, sometimes a bit less, when I'm not training for anything. About 25 miles peak is good for a half for me.

    I'd like it to be more but I'm slow and I'm fragile like you!

    1. I hope you get a dog soon :) and I hope they are easier to adopt out, I like to see animals going to a home.
      Yep, gotta keep it light for now, that darn fragile thing is annoying me lol but no sense in fighting it, it will win.

  12. That Kitty is adorable! I know this is not a good excuse at all, but that is why I can't foster puppies or kittens, I would want to keep them ALL!

    Great week on work outs!

    I have wanted to bike to work before, but I'm scared of the traffic in a few sections of the road.

    1. It is hard to not keep them, especially when faced with the situation they may go somewhere and not live long :(
      I am scared of traffic too! I bike mostly on neighborhood roads where people shouldn't be speeding and it isn't heavy. I wish I had a trail near enough to ride too, but I do not.

  13. Wifey and I have talked a out fostering and that was always our concern, we would want to keep all of them lol.

    Still love that vest!!

    I love sprinklers on a run. Had them at the track last night for speedwork. That's why i love running trails, takes me back to a simpler time when we jumped off rocks, climbed trees, ran through sprinklers, etc. The good ol days lol

    1. It is hard when you love animals not to end up with toooo many lol
      I agree :) I would roam for hours wen I was a kid.
      Sprinklers are my saving grace in the heat.

  14. It makes my heart happy that you fail so horribly at fostering ;) haha
    So glad that baby now has a home with you.

    1. We did fail LOL
      I would give more homes if I could!

  15. OMG, love those kittens!!! Adorable!!!

    Great job on the pushups! I've been doing them daily too (modified version) and am up to 25. I started with 5 so yes I've made lots of progress.

    1. That is great progress!! I am going to have to skip a few days and then hopefully I can get back to it.

  16. OMG, love those kittens!!! Adorable!!!

    Great job on the pushups! I've been doing them daily too (modified version) and am up to 25. I started with 5 so yes I've made lots of progress.

  17. I feel like sheltering kitties would be so hard for me! I'd hate to give them up!

    I like working pushups or dips into workouts at the end. It's an easy way to add some strength training. I hope 3x1 intervals keep working out for you!

    1. Oh, I wish I would have done dips yesterday when I did upper body! It is the prefect way to get some strength work in.
      I need to get my butt up early and do a longer run lol

  18. Oh yay I'm so glad you adopted Bagheera! Irresistible. I'm proud of you for rocking those pushups. They do get easier. ;) I'm on my second week of getting out to run at 5:30 and am loving all the daylight before it starts to slip away.

    1. Bagheera is quite content here :) She is getting along with everyone, which is like a little miracle lol
      I do enjoy the light in the morning, I don't miss the need to light up a path!

  19. The kitty is so cute...but I'm horribly allergic to felines ;-( I can't remember if it was you or someone else I told this to...but have you tried doing planks with the top of your feet resting on a foam roller? That would alleviate some of the pressure off your toes (?), and it's even more of a challenge to keep the roller from rolling ;-)

    1. Aww, bummer on allergies. I have bad outdoor ones, it is annoying.
      I have never thought of a foam roller! I will have to give that a try. It really sets my toes in a frenzy even after 5 months of healing. Thanks for the idea :)

  20. I did tons of early morning (pre-dawn) bike rides last fall. You better believe I was blinking brightly. The kitties are cute but my hubs is allergic. Any my just wouldn't be pleasant. My Mini has a tumor on her ribcage (found during boarding) and it hurts for us to pick her up. They say it's nothing, but I don't know. You are rocking those push-ups! I'm not running over 15 miles right now either. I've got a rude awakening coming soon. Thanks for linking Karen!

    1. Oh no :( I hate when the furry babies get something like that, I feel bad for them.
      The push ups are killing me lol it is funny how much harder it got a few days in!
      My legs are so fatigued, i can't imagine going farther right now...scarrrrryyyy.

  21. The kittens are too adorable. Great job being a foster mom. I wish I was strong enough to do it. I would probably keep them all and I am not sure the Monster would be ok with competition.

    Ug, the humidity. Right there with you!

    1. Humidity is kicking butt here! LOL I wish it wasn't.
      Luckily, my cats all seemed pretty chill about the new family members ;) But since Mia has been the ruler for so long, I imagine that would be hard.

  22. Congrats on your new kitty! I guess that's always a risk when fostering animals :) It's so hard when you get into veg. mode to go and do a workout. Once that happens to me I'm done for the day. Good job getting out there on Sunday! It's definitely getting to be the time of year when we have to get up really early on the weekends to get it done.

    1. Thanks!
      I am so tired of getting up all week, I am not doing so hot on weekends lol I need to get on it, summer isn't going away lol

  23. So sweet of y'all to adopt Bagheera! I would have a house full if I started fostering. Great week of workouts! You're doing an amazing job with your pushups!

    1. Thanks Debra :) I think I gave up that I can foster lol

  24. Aww, I am happy the cat came home and not to animal control :(

    What are you training for that you need to increase your mileage? I can't recall. It doesn't seem like you have your feet situation under control yet! :(

    1. Bagheeera is sweet :)
      I do not have the feet under control, I am afraid this may be how it is from now on. I am hoping to still run one marathon, just one...I am not sure if that will be realistic though. I am gradually trying to see what my feet will handle, I don't need to start training until August.


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