Tuesday, July 19, 2016

How One Week Bleeds to Another

Last week was a pretty good week overall

Fiery Five
5.01 mi 0:51:37
Walking - 0.35 mi 0:09:10
Recovery Ride 5.66 mi 0:36:36
Soaker Six 6.51 mi 1:11:46

0.21 mi 0:07:52
Warm Up/Leg Lifts

Upper Body Work
4 X 1 For 9 9.01 mi 1:40:49

2.91 mi 1:02:22
Humpback Rocks Hiking
6.68 mi 2:53:00

I did skip the gym on Sunday because I decided to hike, so no leg work all week!  

I crammed all my upper body into one session but, honestly I am not that worried about it.

I do try to be consistent from week to week, but sometimes you just have to ditch the “schedule” and live. Hiking was great and I don’t regret going a bit. My Honey was sick with a cold, so he just planned to rest, so Sunday at home wouldn’t have been productive for me. I did wonder if sneaking an extra day on my feet would have some consequences, but my feet felt great when I got done.

It hurts me not to run on Monday morning, it really does, however being on my feet Saturday and Sunday I knew I should chill for a day. 

I felt some slight muscle soreness when I woke (Monday) and my feet just a bit sore, so I made decision to hop on my bike and pedal really easy and I had a nice view :) 

After work, I started feeling like I was getting the cold UGH! 
After a super yummy dinner my Honey cooked...
over noodles :) 

I went to bed really early. I woke up Tuesday super early ready to get my 6 mile run done.
My head was cloudy feeling, I was drippy and sneezy, and I realized it may be better to focus on 5 miles. 
Yes, it it hot, it is always hot LOL but it feels more cruel when you don't feel 100%  ¯\_()_/¯

5 a.m. - suck it up buttercup lol 

My feet started to really hurt close to mile 3, and I actually paused for the first time in a long time and just stood still. I let the burning sensation subside and then I got rolling again. Too far from home to walk, so I just did it. 
I have been icing my feet on and off since I arrived at work, and they are feeling much better already.

I think it is strange my feet are like DOMS – showing up late to the party, but that is how one week bleeds into another… 
I guess all my fun from last week is coming to haunt me a little. 

 I am going to try to ice it away and look at the things that make me smile, like this...

Bagheera, thinking please leave me alone! 

Or this! Look how freaking dirty I was after running 
down the mountain - awesome, huh!?

Misty trying to delay me from leaving :D

And maybe I could/should get my tush to the gym more this week, but it probably won't happen! LOL I am not motivated after working 10 hours. 

Oh and HAAYYYY, JT 's song just came on the radio for the 18th time today LOL please make it stop. ( I promise will like it a year from now) 

How's your week going? 


  1. I continue to adore all the pictures of Bagheera and Misty. They are too cute for words! I completely agree with you on ditching the training schedule sometimes to just live and breathe the way we feel like at the moment. I think it was smart of you to not run on Monday - you don't want to push things too hard. Beautiful sunrise picture. Sorry your husband was under the weather - hopefully he is feeling better now! He looks like a great cook, too. =) I'm glad you were able to get through your distance on Tuesday. Again, it was smart to do 5 instead of 6 based on how you were feeling. That extra mile wouldn't have made that much of a difference over the long term, so it's not worth the risk. And I totally understand the lack of motivation after working 10 hours. Sigh. LOL at the same songs being played on the radio over and over and over again. It's like all the stations have a list of about 25 songs that they just share, yes?

    1. Hubby is a good cook, always tastes SO much better than anything I can turn out lol
      That motivation thing is fleeting LOL but I try to rally when I can.
      I can only get one station at work, everything else is static. I go crazy some days.

  2. It looks like you had a pretty good week! It is weird how sometimes out of nowhere aches and pains start to show up. Sometimes I think my feet start to hurt if it's really humid out, like they tense up more when the humidity is high.

    That picture of Misty is SO cute!! She looks confused about how she got herself stuck in that handle!

    1. hahaha,you nailed it! Misty is always confused :) but I still love her.
      I have felt my feet hurt more a few times on those really humid days, and wondered if I was imagining it...it makes me feel so much better you said that!

  3. It's tough to get motivated here and it's not even as warm as where you live. I get pooped after 2 miles.

    And yes, someone get me to the gym!!

    1. Some morning are better than others lol
      You made it to the gym last week! I'll probably get there...over the weekend lol

  4. Way to go on your training. I often will have one workout planned and ditch it for another. I never used to do that and now that I go with what I really want to do, it's so much better and really more fun. I am glad your feet are allowing you to do what you want. That is such good news! P.S. don't you love when you get dinner cooked for you? It really does taste better!

    1. Food always tastes better that I didn't make!
      I like being able to wing it too Susan. I really think if I can just get my one goal checked off, I will be perfectly to content to just do what I feel like from week to week. I think I will try to skip the longer run this week and give my feet a break :) I hope I can hold to that.

  5. 10 hours is a looooooooong time to work. Do you like the people you work with?

    1. It is long, some days are going faster than others.
      I do like them, we are all pretty different lol but we chat. However after this many days, we ran out of most things to chat about LOL

  6. I agree that sometimes you just have to drop the plan and live! Plus, hiking isn't exactly slacking. It's a great work out. Hope your honey is feeling better.

    1. Hiking is a great work out :) I would like to work it in more often!
      I think Honey is better and gave it to me lol

  7. Hiking is great exercise (and man it looked beautiful where you were -- I want to sneak into your backpack, but that's probably a little too much weight for you, LOL).

    That IS weird about your feet having DOMs, but it's another useful data point for you. Karen, I really admire you for never giving up!

    1. Thank you Judy! It is another good data point. I really am trying to figure out what my "new rules" are. I ordered a new Merrelll trail shoes today, my other are comfy, but the new model is a wider and I really all the toe room I can get!
      I am still icing a little today but feel way better :)

  8. Yes ditching the schedule is really hard and throws some for a loop but Life is Life sometimes it has to be done. How sweet of your hubby to cook dinner, looks wonderful too!
    I've been only running in the mornings and then I take in a few classes at the gym but sometimes it's hard after working all day.

    1. I am always grateful for a cooked meal :)
      It is good to work out indoors while it is hot, I keep trying to convince myself of that lol

  9. I have zero motivation to work out after the work day. I usually work about 9 hours but I just feel like when I get home I need to eat dinner and relax- if I tried to work out I would be getting to bed way too late!
    Looks like you had a great week!

    1. I am exact same way. Even trying to do a load of laundry doesn't work lol I just need to eat, relax, and go to bed. Sleep is too valuable :)

  10. I love how you name your workouts! I'm hearing more and more about these summer colds going around. No thank you. It is crazy how issues flair in a delayed "cumulative" fashion sometimes. Great job soldiering through!

    1. Thanks Marcia :) I try to name the workouts that have some personality to them lol sometimes it is just 5 miler...bu that is okay.
      It is weird how the delay thing is right!

  11. I love how you name your runs! LOL!

    So I get that feet burning sensation too! Not when I'm running, but later, like at night when I'm laying in bed. I talked to my doctor about it and she has no clue what it is. Maybe our feet are rebelling against us?

    1. I told Marcia I do try to name the ones have a personality LOL
      That burning for me is what I am supposed to try to avoid. My Doc says burning is bad.
      I've had a few runners tell they get the burning sensation. Not all are getting damage like i am , but the plantar fascia must be stressed I guess.
      Right before my toe dislodged, I had a lot of burning in the front of my foot. Each time I've had more damage to the ligament capsules on toe two and three, that burning on the ball of the foot has been present. It is the thinning tissue...
      I think it is very annoying, sometimes I am fine and sometimes it will happen hours later. I am trying to learn the triggers.

  12. Man, how are your feet now? I don't like hearing they feel like they are burning!!!

    And running in that heat WITH a cold?! No gracias! Hope this week is WAY better!

    1. Feet are feeling better, they are just so sensitive to pressure and I made a few mistakes. I feel like I need a try, I could still use a bit more support in a road shoe, but testing things...ugh.
      I was right on the edge, drippy and blah, but no fever or anything. This week is going light on work out volume LOL

  13. Lovely sunrise! Mixing up your routine can be a good thing - loved the pics from your hike!

    1. Thanks Coco :) I guess I should get to bed so I can see sunrise tomorrow!

  14. How are your feet feeling now? I hope all the burning sensations are long gone!

    Bagheera and Misty ... so cute!!! <3 Pics of Bagheera remind me of Cecil when he was a kitten (obviously, how could they not? hahaha). Those ears are so adorable! Cecil was all ears for a good 1.5 years I think!

    1. Bagheera does look a lot like Cecil
      :) she is the sweetest little girl, she has given new life to my household.
      Today - 7 pm ish Saturday night my feet are tender, but I ran 11 miles today lol I am unsure how to proceed though...not sure how much more they can handle.


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