Sunday, July 24, 2016

I Get To Run!

This past week was a lot of weirdness.

  • I had the delayed feet DOMS (from hiking)
  • I was fighting off/had  a cold from Sunday till Thursday
  • I slept ridiculous amounts most nights all week
  • I still felt sluggish!
  • I posted blogs 3 times
  • My jeans felt super tight Thursday even though, I have been eating better
  • I didn't do any push ups, core or weight work until Sunday. I am turning to mush. 
  • I was in a funk all week because of my Tues/Thurs run schedule
  • Wednesday all I could think was, I have only run once all week and it was a rough one at that (STOP brain!) and the week is almost over...blah, blah, blah...
  • As soon as I ran Thursday my anxiety lifted ")

I really prefer Mon/Wednes as my running days.
I did ride my bike Monday morning, a nice easy recovery ride, but it just doesn't hold the same impact for me.

Morning Recovery Ride 6.03 mi
Fretful Five  5.01 mi

0.20 mi 0:07:08
Struggle to Sufficient :) 6.50 mi

0.19 mi
Eleven Making Me Question 11.02 mi 2:13:01

0.38 mi
Treadmill Mile 1.00 mi 0:10:57

Mish Mash Weights 1:35:07

I had to ice the feet quite a bit early in the week, but by Thursday they were close to being in their normal state.

Tuesday when I ran it was super sticky and hot. I knew when I opened the door, I needed to start preaching to myself, I GET TO run! I get to run!
I could still feel my fatigued glutes from hiking and running down the mountain (((which I love))) so my mindset was just get 5 and be done, and I really didn't feel well.

Oh, let me tell you this...
I wore my Hoka trail shoes to hike. Hokas are hard for me, I like that bottom of my feet feel SO protected, that works for me, but the model I have are probably just a tick too narrow and even the slightest pressure on my feet anywhere, sides, toes, seems to send my feet spiraling. While the Hoka sole has its advantages, the upper material doesn't really give. They start off feeling great, but as the day progresses and my feet get puffier, the shoes feel a bit restrictive, so I  have decided to retire them. I am sticking with Merrell's .
My Hokas - that is a lot of sole peeps! 

Tuesday morning I made the critical error to run in older pair of shoes that have a thicker sole, because my feet were still hurting a bit, again I could feel just a slight pressure on the sides of my feet and I struggled. Hot, sticky, sore feet, and I had to stop for the first time in a veerry long time and just stand still (mile 3) and let my feet calm down. I still got 5 miles done though, I was too far from home to walk.

Thursday when I headed out I had my Reebok's on and went very easy. I was feeling kind of stiff all over, I guess from sitting all those hours during the day and sleeping so much!
I was sluggish the first mile, and by mile two I dropped the pace even more just trying to hang on. I thought about stopping, I wondered if I should just do loops by house in case things got worse, and then I said "No". Today is the day I get to run!  I said it on repeat.
I headed toward my sprinkler stops and my first few weren't on - uh oh! Luckily, about mile 3, I spotted one and doused my back and head. I got rolling again, and that was all I needed. I ran strong all the way back home.

As I rounded  the corner to my "favorite stretch" I could see the orange/pinkish hues strong behind the trees, my endorphins flowing, I heard Adele singing ♪  I Set Fire to The Rain,  ♪ and I thought to myself, "I feel amazing!"  I hit repeat on the song and pushed the pace that last half mile, and ended with a big smile on my face. ㋡ 

A good lesson in never give up, because sometimes things can really can flip for the good!

After I rested Friday, I felt fine and wanted to tackle a long run, but I am going to post more about my 11 miler in my next post. That crazy run needs its own space. 

Overall, I feel a little lackluster about last week, I guess because I didn't feel well for so much of it, but looking back, it really wasn't that bad. I am glad the weekly wrap makes me think that through. 

I am linking up with my awesome running gal pals for the Weekly Wrap

Join in with Holly @ hohoruns and Tricia@ MissSippiPiddlin  

When is the last time you had a good endorphin fix? 
Had a "bad" run gone good? 
Do you have a summer mantra?! 
I get to run! I get to run! I get to run! ****that is mine!
The heat waves continues, I am really going to need that mantra this week. 


  1. "Let's create some stink!" "Sweating is good for you!" "Embrace the sweat!" I have a little section of tough uphill road in my normal route. There is a little pothole in the pavement that looks like the letter B. Every time I go by, I make it my *itch. Take that, *itch!! OH, the silly little diversion games we play! Do you run into peoples yards to get your sprinkler fix? Or are they spraying the street? Just curious. I hope you feel better this week and have happy feet too! Thanks for linking, Karen!

    1. Ha! love all those, I make some serious sweat.
      I need those diversions right now lol
      Typically there are a few sprinklers close to the street and I can get wet easily on the curb. I never go into yards. Sometimes the spray isn't high enough to hit my back, so I just have to cup my hands and dump lol I have considered hosing off before I start tomorrow and see how i do...

  2. When you run through sprinklers are they sprinklers of your neighbors? I can just imagine people seeing the random runner lady running through the I may have to get off the trail and into the neighborhoods in hoped of finding some myself!

    1. I do run at between 5 and 6 a.m. so it isn't full on light yet. Some of the sprinklers have heads close to the street, so I can go by slow and get my back and arms wet :) I run by construction and the model house usually has the sprinklers on full blast trying to get the grass pretty, but I know once the grass is up, I will lose that one :(

  3. Ha...I have conversations with myself (frequently) if things are going south..."Ok,let's do this!" "Just to the next tree..." "A few more blocks and we'll be at XXXmiles...don't stop now" It's a good thing I say these in my thoughts (and not out loud LOL)

    1. ha! I do the same thing, but lately I talk out loud! I need to hear it lol This morning it was a chat fest the last few miles :)

  4. Sometimes 'I wish I had more neighbors..the sprinklers to run through would be divine!! Great week, and I am glad you are feeling better.

    I don't really have a summer mantra except maybe to get my butt out the door and get most of my run done before the sun comes up, summer is so HOT. and I am such a wuss about it.

    I havent tried Hokas although my little sister swears by them. Right now I seem to be an Asics and Altra girl.

    1. Thanks Christy :)
      I am starting to wuss out on the heat, I tried to keep a positive frame of mind about it, but really I am over it. The last few weeks have been pretty rough here.
      I wish I could Hoka a little softer on the upper. I get tired of returning shoes through the mail though!Such a long process trying to find one that works.

  5. Shoe issues are so hard to figure out and so annoying! Luckily Mizunos work well for me - my feet "at home" in them! It's great when a blah run turns out well.

    1. The shoe saga continues for me lol I need a pair that my feet feel at home in.
      I needed that bright spot! The heat has been cruel.

  6. Way to turn that run around! Totally agree that sluggish breeds more of the same and energy breeds endorphins. Sorry about the Hokas. What a bummer. And the heat wave. It's been a tough summer to run.

    1. I wish I could find a shoe with a little sole under it, the ones I have now work, but I don't think it is enough padding for longer runs.
      I may just take August off, I am done with heat running lol

  7. I'm very glad your week turned around after a good run! Nobody puts sprinklers in my route! that is just not cool!

    Will be looking for the awesome 11 miler post!

    1. Thanks! I need more folks to invest in sprinklers lol

  8. Yes, I often say I GET to run!!! :) Hey, 11 miles! You go girl! I hope it went well... even if it was crazy, like you said!

    1. I am still here to tell about it, so I guess its okay LOL

  9. I'm glad your Thursday run helped to turn the week around! It sounds like it was a perfect end to that run with the sun rise and Adele song.

  10. My jeans are feeling super tight lately too... maybe its swelling from the heat ;) haha

  11. So true that sometimes things get better, so don't give up! I wear the trail version of my regular running shoe for trail running and hikes and am happy they work for me. Good that you are finding what works for you.

    1. Trying to find the right shoes has been a workout itself.

  12. My summer mantra is "thank God it's not snowing". I am super spoiled because morning runs in Colorado are low humidity and 60 degrees! Lovely. I had a tough run on Saturday. We were in Southern Colorado for a getaway and the elevation was 1200 feet higher than what I am used to. I didn't think running at 6200 feet would affect me but it did so I had to just swallow my pride and not look at my paces! Way to get your training done! You are strong!!

    1. haha, that is an interesting mantra, I think I would get sick of snow if we got it a lot. Do you run on a TM?
      I always hear elevation stories, but i have not been anywhere high enough yet to know! Its like heat, if you are moving it is all good!
      I miss 60 degrees, the last time I felt it was early June. That is too long ago.
      (truth I miss 50)

    2. I don't mind the cold or the snow as long as I can find a clear road to run on! Once it's too icy or snowy I get sad. I used to ONLY run on a TM but about 4 years ago I decided (along w/ my PT) it was contributing to many of my injuries. If I need to, I run on an indoor track. The run on Saturday surprised me because it was only 1000 extra feet but wow, my lungs did not lie and told me "this is a lot harder".

  13. I'm a beat in the heat (doesn't always work, but I try!). My run sat was a little tough, mainly because it was solo. But I've definitely had worse, and I had PB Pretzels with me. :)

  14. I love that run, when the right song comes on and you feel triumphant! You deserved one of those. Hopefully you will keep running strong after that...

    1. I did need that moment. I am going to have to savor that one, it could be awhile before the next one rolls around.

  15. I had a really hard long run this week, but the funny part was that my pace wasn't nearly as slow as I felt like it actually was so that's a good thing about my run. It will be easier when the country cools down someday!

    1. Well that is a great thing when you feel like you are going easy, and you are faster than expected. I am awed by my slowness these days - but it is hot, it's all I can do lol

  16. I may have to get off the trail and into the neighborhoods in hoped of finding some myself!. Thank you for post Sakura Beauty


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