Monday, August 29, 2016

A Little Bit of Speed

I am sorry I took so long to respond to comments this past week. I always feel guilty! If I seemed AWOL last week, I promise I am not ignoring your posts, I will be back :)

Work is always like this for the first few weeks of school pre-opening and opening. I struggle to keep up and go home mentally exhausted. We had orientations and have another this week and it was Karen set up, Karen make copies, Karen I need numbers, Karen log this, Karen make these calls, Karen give a tour, meetings, training, etc...this too shall pass. I shut down when I get home...literally.
Even when I tried to escape and run to the ladies room, I heard my name being called! LOL

Thursday when I came home, I ate dinner my wonderful hubs cooked, cleaned up, and fell asleep within an hour. I woke up at 1 a.m. and wrote my runfession post LOL I kid not when I say I struggle. I will always be back though!

Part of my issue was running 26 miles by Thursday LOL
No wonder I was tired.

Spry Six
6.26 mi
Stretching -
Accelerated 7 7.01 mi
Stretching - 0:05:30

No excuse - just lazy
Half Time
13.11 mi
Stretching - 0:08:03

Warm Up/Leg Lifts -
Upper Body Work -
Biking -
10.45 mi

Not feeling

I have developed a new fear...I thought it was a bit irrational,but then  about a trail with an aggressive owlLast week on my morning runs the owl started really getting loud when I am running by. Monday he scared me, the "who" sounded like it was getting closer. I kept thinking about those massive claws and ran faster. I was like can't outrun the owl, he can flow about 40 MPH, I couldn't even out bike him. I goggled owl attacks and found out they typically go completely silent, so I guess the owl is just trying to warn me to move along?? Scary!

I couldn't find the lid to my hand held so I ran w/o hydration and I not use to it! Thank goodness, it was a good morning. Sunday night we had a storm, and for once it took the dew point below 75. It truly felt amazing out! 68 degrees is still pretty warm, but so much better since the humidity was lower. I found a sprinkler about half way and got a handful of water and got my back very wet. It felt so good I was singing out loud! Literally :)  I even tried to run a few fast steps. These legs didn't have much zip, but I felt inspired for the first time in months.

It was more humid, but still cooler so I decided to try a little faster running and I found my lid! I had hydration :)
Ran .25 mile pick ups. I did them at the end of each mile.
I was so nervous about how fatigued I would feel picking up the pace, so I took it really easy in the beginning and toward the end I really started finding a good rhythm. My muscles felt pretty spent after this - picking it up really challenged me, but my head felt amazing! I was filled with a sense of hope that better things are coming if I can just hang on.

If you saw my August Runfession post you know I ran 13.1 miles before work.

Jetting in the door to get ready for work! 

I felt great after this run. My feet did fairly well and I was super busy when I got to work running around, it was nice I didn't have to sit all day. Running a half and not feeling wiped out was a win! I thought I was home free. Oddly, the next day I had some very intense deep pains in my right toes. It passed after a few hours, but it concerns me. I wonder how far past 13 miles I can make it without causing any harm. I won't find out for a few weeks, until I cross that distance again. 

I did rub a raw spot on this run, other than that it was a happy 13. I was grateful to get this done before the crazy heat came back...and back it is! Full force.

What a week. I will be spacing out my runs out this week LOL

Kudos to all you doing speed-work in the heat. I will put that on hold until the heat and humidity take leave.

Fear of owls? 
How was your week? 

I am linking up with my awesome running gal pals for the Weekly Wrap

Join in with Holly @ hohoruns and Tricia@ MissSippiPiddlin  

I hope you have a wonderful week!


  1. OUCHHHHH - that raw spot. that's the worst about summer & all the skin rubbing.
    What's happening with all the owls? I'm going to start looking out for crazy birds

    1. The owl is still in his spot lol I may have to change my route in the morning!

  2. I am so sorry! I totally missed that! you got up extra early to run 13.1 miles? WWOW just wow!! that's amazing!

    1. A few degrees cooler was all the motivation I needed to get up early LOL It really wasn't "cool" it just wasn't 75 degrees when I started, so I'll take it :)

  3. Chaffing is so not fun! I don't really have a fear of owls, but my husband is not a fan if bats and we had one in the house once! So funny..was we got rid of it.
    Yay for running 13.1 miles!!

    1. bats are out all the time around here but so far they haven't messed with me! They do not belong in the house though.
      The owl gets really loud when I pass - I just don't want to tick it off.

  4. It sounds like you and I were both having the same kind of week last week! I tried to vlog this weekend and realized when I watched the footage back that I have bags under my eyes! This is the first time this has EVER happened to me.... stress + turning 30 is not treating me well! hah!

    I can't believe you ran a half marathon before work! That's so crazy! But I've run 14 miles after work before so I guess I am crazy too! :D

    1. 30 will get ya! I am sure your Vlog was fine.
      I really liked having my long run done before the weekend but I am not sure how more times that will happen.

  5. Oops, I didn't mean to scare you about the owl! Hopefully it settles down or moves on soon and you don't have to worry about him any more. I'm holding off on the speedwork until it gets cooler too.

    1. You made me aware I should respect the owls space LOL He really does get loud when I go by. I hope I can get a little speedier run in this weekend :) the weather man promised a nice drop!!

  6. I can't believe you ran 13.1 miles before work!!!!! I am impressed. The most I have ever run before work was 10 miles. Stupid effing Hansons plan.

    1. 10 is a long run too! I could never get to work on time, I would have to take a personal hour or two. I really liked having my run done before the weekend especially when the blaze was so bad over the weekend.

  7. Eek, the chafing looks painful!!

    I LOVE owls! I love all birds, though. I'm biased.

    Your paces looks really nice on that long run!! I could never do 13 miles before work...maybe if I ever get to the point where a sub-2 half is EASY hahaha!

    1. I love owls too! I am just scared this one feels I am invading its personal space in the morning, hoping it doesn't get too ticked. I think I may try a new route in the a.m.
      I felt painfully slow but I did feel good when I was done my long run.
      I dream about a sub 2 - my PR is 3 minutes too slow for that and I feel I may never run close to that pace again.

  8. Glad you found your lid for the next day since it was more humid out. I am so bad at carrying water. Kudos to you for running 13 miles before work. I have done that once and and felt awful the rest of the day.

    1. I used to run w/o water all the time but I can't do it in summer. I hated my hand held at first but I am used to it now :)
      That stinks when a long run wipes you out, I have been there many times. I got lucky last week.

  9. Nice pick ups!!!

    I saw all your miles on Connect and wondered why so many in the beginning of the week - did you have a lot going on this weekend? I see you weren't feeling well Sunday and hope you're feeling better by now! :)

    1. Thanks Kim :) I felt really good about the pick ups! It has been so long since I ran like that. I think I am going to do that for my weekend run since it is a drop back week :) and the weather man promised cooler mornings!
      No the forecast was blazing hot and I really was feeling fragile. I ran as much as I could before the heat came back Friday. Friday is was 104 here - Saturday when I woke up at 6 a.m. it was 76 degrees and I was so thankful I didn't have to run.
      My cold is on the mend :)

  10. Sorry about the chafing, I have had many incidents of chafing myself and they are never fun. The worst part is when you get into the shower and then the water washes the salt from your perspiration into the chafes... ARGH!!!!!!!!! I wish you a speedy recovery!!! And great job pushing through all your training this week!!! Running 13.1 BEFORE work, WOW. Just wow.

    1. My shower was full of little outbursts of ouches!! I was chafed on my back a bit too from my hydration pack.
      I was trying to avoid the weekend heat by running Thursday and I am glad I did, it as an awful weekend.

  11. Wow Karen! Nice training week. That mileage would make me want to head to bed early too. Great work.

  12. I can't say that I've ever encountered an owl. I've gotten to where I have to lube the back/underneath part of my arm when I run long. {Sigh} You did great with picking up the pace on your long run. AND with doing that long run. Period. I agree some weeks I don't have the time for much blogging or reading and it gets tough. Hope things are more settled at work this week. Thanks for linking, Karen!

    1. Thanks Holly :)
      It will calm down in a few weeks, right now it is still hopping.

  13. I don't hear too many owls but I've never been scared of them, humm maybe I should think twice. Now hearing coyotes that will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck for sure!
    I too am playing catch up from last week so no apology needed at all!


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